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10 Importance of Nafl Prayer (Isyraq Prayer)

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Isyraq prayer, known as Nafl prayer, is one of 2 rakaat sunnah prayer that can be done after the sunrise which is about a quarter size or 15 minutes after the sunrise. Like other prayers, Isyraq prayer also has its own virtue if the basic condition premier fulfilled, which is done the Subuh prayer with congregation continued with zikr until syuruq or the sunrise.


Rasullulah Shallallahu ‘Allaihi Wassalam said, “Whoever prays in Subuh with congregation continued dhikr to Allah until the sunrise, then continued with 2 rakaat prayers, he will rewards as performing Hajj and Umrah fully (repeat 3 times)”. 9HR. Al-Tirmizi no. 9710.

1. Earning reward likewise performing Hajj

People who done Isyraq prayer after the Subuh prayer, he will get rewards likewise performing Hajj or performing Umrah. You may want to read about Importance of Zuhr Prayer.

“Whoever prays in Subuh at the mosque with congregation, and remained stayed until he did the Dhuha prayer, those who done it will get rewards like perform Hajj or Umrah (perfect Hajj or Umrah).” [Ath-Thabrani]

2. Forbidden from Hell

Allah SWT said when a moslem prays in Subuh then continued in his silence dhikr to Allah SWT until the sunrise, Allah SWT will forbidden him from hell.

Rasulullah SAW said, “Whoever prays in Subuh, sit and continued dhikr to Allah SWT until the sunrise, then he done 2 rakaat prayer, Allah SWT forbidden himself licked or eaten by hell.”[Al Baihaqi in Syu’abul Imam Fashl Al-Masyi Ilal Masjid, Chapter Ban SHalla Al-Fajr summa Qa’ada fi Majlisihi Yadzkurullah Hatta Tatlu’as Syams, hadist no 2826].

3. All Angel will recite shalawat

Other privilege from Isyraq prayer is that the angel will shalawat and ask to Allah to love and mercy for those who done the Isyraq prayer. You may want to read about Seven Heavens in Islam

“The angels will always shalawat to one of you as long as he stays in a mosque and done a prayer, which is his wudhu null [1]. (The prophet said), “Dear God, please forgive and love him.” [Imam Ahmad from Abu Hurairah Radhiyatullahu anhu].

4. Over the world’s privilege

Sunnah Isyraq prayer, the previlege of rawathib sunnah and some of others sunnah prayers are also have its own previlage over the world’s privilege.

“Two rakaat fajr (The Subuh Qalbiyah prayer) is better than the whole world.” (HR. Muslim 725).

“Two rakaat sunnah fajr will be loved more than the whole world.” (HR. Muslim 725)

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5. To cover mandatory prayer

When doomsday comes, the first thing calculated is its prayer, and for those who abandon done his mandatory prayer but he has other charity like Isyraq prayer, then it will be completed. Read more about How to Pray Salatul Layl

“In fact, the first thing charity calculated on the Islam doomsday for all human is his prayers.  Allah ‘azza wa jalla sait to His Angels and He is the one who knows better, “Look at my bondsman’s prayer, does he has a perfect prayer or not? If does, he will record as a perfect charity, but if he has lackness in his prayers, Allah said,” Look at my bondsman’s sunnah. If he has other sunnah charities, Allah said make his charities complete with his sunnah to cover his mandatory prayer.” Others charities will have the same treatments.” [ HR. Abu Daud 846, Ibnu Majah 1426, Ahmad 2:425. Syaikh Al Abani mentioned that this hadist is shahih].

6. Upgrade quality

Prostration to Allah SWT will ease all the sins and at also upgrade the standard of his quality, which is prostration when we done prayer.

“You shall increase your prostration (increase prayer) to Allah SWT, because when you increase your prostration due to Allah SWT, He will upgrade your quality and also ease all your sins.” Ma’dan said, “I’ve met Abu Darda’ and he asked the same question. Then Abu Darba’s friend responds as answered by Tsauban.” [HR. Muslim 488].

7. Closer with Rasulullah SAW in heaven

Rasulullah SAW said if people wish to have closer to heaven to Prophet Muhammad SAW, he can realized it by doing a lot sunnah prayer. You may want to read about Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad SAW

“Once, I stayed overnight with Prophet Muhammad SAW and brought his wudhu water and for his intentions, he said,” Please request to me.” I said,” I just want to be your best friends in heaven.” Rasulullah ask me,” Is there other request?” I said, “No, it’s enough.” Then Rasulullah said, “Please help me to make it happened by doing lot of prostration (sunnah prayer).” [HR. Muslim 489].

8. Do good prayers

The most importance charity is prayers and istiqmah though it is not perfect.

“Please done your Istiqamah even it’s not complete. Please noted that the most importance charity is prayers. No one can keep his wudhu aside he is a moslem.” [HR. Ibnu Majah 277, Ahmad 5:276. Syaikh Al Albani said it is shahih].

9. As God’s special guardian

Someone who is persistent always doing kind of various sunnah prayers, like sunnah prayer, Allah SWT will make him as His special guardian. It means like in Yunus letter: “Remember, for all special guardians, there’s no need to worry about them and being sad, (which is) those who believe and always fear to Allah.” [QS. Yunus 62-63].

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10. Guidance by Allah SWT

Allah SWT asks to all his mankind to always get closer to him by doing many sunnah charities because he loves it. Doing his sunnah, means that Allah promises to give guidance like hearing, seeing, hands, legs also granted protection.

Allah Ta’alla said, “Those who fight against my special guardian (my love), I will fight back. All my ummat will always getting closer by doing the charities I love. Please get closer with me by doing as many as sunnah charities so I love you more. By loving me more, I will give you a good hearing, a guide for seeing, hands for hold, legs to walk. If he request for protection, I shall give him granted.” [HR Bukhari 2506].


  • Spread all mighty : Two sunnah rakaat like Isyraq prayer is a good thing that Allah SWT loves because He spreads all his mighty.
  • All demand fulfilled and provided solution: The other privilege of Isyraq prayer is he will be sufficient needs and also solution for problems as it mentioned by Allah SWT in Quran.
  • Erase all the sins: Isyraq prayer can also ease all sins  for what we done in the world, as it is said in big sin in Islam.

Hope this article can open our knowledge about Islam.

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