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Law of Men Use Marriage Ring in Islam

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Today, many men use marriage rings because this matter has become a tradition in our society. Whereas marriage rings or exchange rings is not an Islamic sharia and it is not a pillar, the terms of marriage or obligation that must be fulfilled.


Even some Ulama said that exchange rings is a tradition from westerners and it can be said that it is a tradition of unbelievers. So this Ulama forbid the event of exchange rings because it is considered that it duplicates unbelievers. As the word of the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam :

Whoever imitate a people, then he is a part of them.” (Narrated by Ahmad 2 : 50 and Abu Daud number 4031)

The Law of Men Use Marriage Rings in Islam

Today, there are many men who use gold rings, even marriage rings for Muslim men are different with rings that are used by women. If a man may use rings or jewelry from any materials. It is different with men because the law of men use gold is haram. The Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam said :

“Gold and silk are allowed for women from my people, but they are haram for men.” (Narrated by An-Nasai number 5148 and Ahmad 4/392)


“The Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam forbids gold rings (for men).” (Narrated by Bukhari number 5863 and Muslim number 2089)

Rasulullah also said through Abu Musa Radhiallahu ‘Anhu :

“Has been haram to use silk and gold for men from my people and those are allowed for women.” (Narrated by Turmuzi)

Even Ali bin Abu Thalib also said,

“I saw Rasulullah Shallalahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam held silk in the right hand and gold in the left hand while saying, ‘Both of them are haram for men from my people.” (Narrated by Abu Daud)

From some hadith above, we can take a conclusion that the law of men use gold rings is haram for any reasons including to the marriage business.

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The Law of Using Silver and Palladium

In the meantime, a Muslim men who use rings except from gold, the law is mubah or allowed. Even the Prophet Muhammad SAW used rings with his name that was made from silver.

The Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam said :

“Indeed I wear rings from silver and I painted on it  Muhammad Rasulullah, then  one man shall not carve like his carving.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

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In this case, a Muslim man may use marriage ring as long as it is not made from gold and if it is made from gold, then the law is haram.

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As a hadith that has been narrated by Imam Muslim, from Ibn Abbas Radhiallahu ‘Anhu that when Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam saw a man who used a gold ring in his finger, then at the same time Rasulullah released the ring from that man and thrown it. Then he said :

“Someone of you takes an ember intentionally from the fire of the hell and put it on his hand.” (Narrated by Muslim)

This means that a Muslim man may use a marriage ring, but with one note, that ring must be made from silver or palladium.

A good news from both materials is beside halal, the price of silver and palladium are cheaper than gold. So for Muslim men who want to get married, this thing can also save the cost of marriage.

There are different quality between silver and palladium as follows :

  • A palladium ring can be not oxidized by acid that blacken the ring easily. It means a palladium ring is more durable than a silver ring.
  • In term of price, a palladium ring is more expensive than a silver ring. But you must not get loss because the quality of palladium is harder and better.
  • In term of maintenance, the maintenance of palladium rings is easier than the maintenance of silver rings.
  • In term of color, palladium rings are not fade easily and very durable.

For a Muslim who want to get married, then he should take wise steps  about marriage rings, as follows :

  • A bride uses jewelry like a ring, while the bridegroom does not need to wear or buy it, so only a woman who has the ring.
  • The bride uses a gold ring, the bridegroom also buy it but he does not use it.
  • Both the bride and bridegroom use rings that are made from silver or palladium, the point is not made from gold.
  • The bride use a gold ring, while the bridegroom use a silver or palladium ring, the model may be same but the material are different.

There is a reason why a man is forbidden to use a gold ring. Even it is related with medical science. So, there is an atom in gold that can enter into our blood.

So, if a man use gold in a certain amount for a long time, the effect is very dangerous. The blood and urine of men will contain the atom of gold in a percentage that over limit (gold migration).

If this matter happens, then that man will get Alzheimer. What is Alzheimer> Alzheimer is a disease where someone loses all of his skill and make him as a little son. This disease is not a normal aging, but it is a forced aging.

Types of metal that are allowed

For more detail, please see explanations of some metal that are allowed to be alternative marriage rings  for Muslim men.

  • Silver

Silver is a metal that can be a jewelry for Muslim men. Besides that, the price of silver is relative cheap and very affordable. Because the price is affordable, the quality of silver is not good because silver can fade and scratch easily.

  • Tungsten Carbide

Some of us may be unfamiliar to hear the name of this metal. But in the jewelry world, this metal is a metal that has some advantages. It does not scratch easily and it is the best metal in maintaining form.

Because this metal is known as a metal that has a very high melting point, this metal can be an alternative as marriage rings because its quality is good and the price is relative cheap.

  • Platinum

Platinum is white metal that has many superiorities, such as it does not cause allergy to the skin of user, it does not rust easily, it has very interesting color, and it resists from fatigue. Because the quality of this metal is good, it becomes the most expensive metal.

  • Titanium

Titanium is lighter and its color is darker. The shortage of titanium is it can cause allergy for someone who have a sensitive skin.

  • Black Zirconium

Black zirconium has characteristic that is similar to titanium because its strengthen and weight. It is very resistant with scratching. Now, black zirconium is on the rise and its name is high in the market place.

  • Palladium

As the last alternative, it is palladium. The quality of palladium is similar to platinum and whit gold but its price is very affordable. It has some advantages such as, its weight is very light, the color is so interesting and not bleached easily, and it does not cause allergy for the skin of users.

From explanations above, we can get a conclusion that the law of men use marriage rings in Islam is allowed as long as the ring is not made from gold. Because a gold ring is haram for Muslim men. So, Muslim men who want to get married can use rings that are made from metals.

Thus the article about the law of men use marriage rings in Islam. Hopefully this article can be usefull for us. Amen.

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