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17 Misconceptions about Islam

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Many things in this world that has much topic, much way, much thinking and many more. We have to know, not all of that thinking way is true or false before we found the clarification. But for many people is not really easy to get the thing. So there is a statement that have to correction and telling the truth.


            Some way for person to take the thinking way with an experience or happened to them before make them easily regard something true or false like what they want to choose. We can’t to tell them if what they think, what they say and what they regard is false for some. So, how to giving them the right information  after all of the thing that they through ?. this is 17 Misconceptions about Islam that will be explaining below.

1.      Islam is Terrorist

It is surely big fault, unfairly that giving from citizens and stereotyping picture from media. Has anyone else noticed something when some communities attack a person or some people is called as “hate crime”, but when a moslem open for everyone that called as “terrorist”. Read more about Virtues of Praying Dhuha in Ramadhan

Lots of people in politic, governments, extremists communities that used name of Islam to be a strategy for collect person to follow them and then many of them against the right ways in Islam.

Media is also like commanded to share about someone who follow Islam and to be a moslem will be a terrorist, this is like something that planning. But, lots of The Qur’an verses against terrorism ideas. There is not in Islam, in The Qur’an or teachings of The Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu alaihi wa sallam, that support killing innocent people.

2.      Women Have No Rights

In Islam has the rules for the every women of moslem to keep their aurat and honor. To realize that command, the moslem women wear hijab or khimar and robe for covering their parts of body. In Islam commands moslem women for covering their whole  body except face and hand (bottom part). Besides that, moslem women have to keep their shame. The goal is to make them safe.

3.      Islamic Jihad

The real meaning of jihad is struggle. Here in is the type and variety of Islamic jihad in the way of Allah according to the teachings of Islam based on the prophetic tradition of the Prophet and the proposition of Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. Kinds and types of jihad in the teachings of Islam include the following:

  • Jihad property.

The first type of jihad is “jihad of possessions”: it is the type of jihad by spending (spending it) to elevate God’s sentence. And this kind of jihad is a sensitive vein for every jihad that Muslims do in their lives, whether tabligh jihad (delivering) or jihad of teaching, politics or war.Several verses of the Qur’an that assert about one kind of jihad treasures and objects include the following:

“Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and possessions by giving them a paradise for them” (Q.S. 9: 111)

“Depart ye both in lightness and in greatness, and strive with your wealth and yourselves in the way of Allah” (Q.S. 9: 41) 

  • Jihad Tabligh

The second type or type of jihad is Jihad (tabligh). Jihad tabligh is by conveying Islam by saying, arguing that Islamic da’wah is the right to people who need like hypocrites, people who come out of Islam and the deviant. The Qur’anic proof of jihad tabligh includes:

“And those who believe, men and women, some of them are helpful to others. They enjoin the deeds, prevent them from evil, establish prayers, pay zakat, and they obey Allah and His Messenger. They will be given mercy by Allah, Allah is Mighty, Wise.” (Q.S. 9: 71)

“. . . Those who deliver the message of God, they fear Him and they are not afraid of anyone except Allah. And enough is Allah as the Maker of Calculation.” (Q.S. 33: 39)

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The arguments of the hadeeth of the Prophet concerning one kind of Islamic jihad is jihad tabligh

Messenger of Allah. said in the hadith narrated by At-Tirmidhi, Ahmad, and Ibn Jaban:

نضر الله امرء اسمع مني شيئا فبلغه كماسمعه فرب مبلغ أوعى من سامع

“Allah affirms the appearance of someone who hears something from me and conveys it as he hears, often the recipient receives and memorizes it from the one who just listens.”

  • Jihad teaches

“The third type of jihad is Jihad teaching: Jihad teaches is to exert effort in shaping Islamic society from the intellectual, cultural and mental aspect, and gives a true picture of Islamic ideology. Overall, about the universe, life and humans. The Qur’anic and Hadith Theories of jihad teach It is not fitting for the believers to go all (into war). Why not go from each class of them some to deepen their knowledge of religion and to warn their people when they have returned to him.” (Q.S. 9: 122) 

Ath-Thabrani narrated from Ibn Abbas ra. from the Messenger of Allah, he said: 

تنا صحوا فى العلم فإن خيانة أحدكم فى العلمه أشد من خيانته فى ماله, وان الله مسائلكم

“Mutual counsel advises in knowledge, for the treacherous of one of you in his knowledge is more severe than treachery in treasure, and verily Allah will ask for your account”.

  • Political jihad

The next type of jihad is a political Jihad: that is to expend the effort in establishing the Daulah Islamiyah based on Islamic principles, its general and comprehensive rules. Read more about Law of Treated with Haram Money in Islam

In summary, the government must apply the rules of God’s law alone. The al-Quran and the Prophet’s hadith about jihad in politics

“. . . and decide the matter between them according to what Allah has sent down, and do not follow their lusts. And be careful of some of what Allah has revealed to you. If they turn away (from the law Allah has revealed), then know that Allah willed them to blame them on account of some of their sins. And most of the people are ungodly men. What is the law of ignorance which they desire, and (the law) who is better than Allah’s law for those who believe?” (Q.S. 5: 49-50).

  • Jihad War

Jihad war is a kind of jihad by expending efforts to confront the thaghut that hinders the observance of God’s law, obstructing the propagation of his preaching on earth.

“And fight them, lest there be any slander and that religion is solely for Allah. If they cease (from disbelief), then surely Allah is Seer of what they do”(Q. 8:39)

“Fight those who disbelieve in Allah and not in the future, and they do not forbid what is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and do not believe in the true religion (religion of Allah), (ie people) who given the Book to them, until they pay the jizyah obediently while they are subject to submission”(Qur’an 9: 29)

And this is what Rib’iy bin ‘Amir mentioned in the meeting between the Muslims and Rustum, the leader of Persia:

“Verily, God has sent us to free men from the worship of the worshipers to the worship of God, from the harshness of the world to the spaciousness, from the persecution of religions, religion to Islamic justice “.

That is the kind and kind of jihad in the way of Allah which is the teaching of Islam for us to carry out together.

4.      Muslim Savages

Conversely, if it is necessary to fight there is a rule that every ten Muslim soldiers must obey:

  • Do not commit treason
  • Do not deviate from the road
  • Do not use corpses
  • Do not kill children
  • Do not kill a woman
  • Do not kill the old man
  • No harm or burning of trees
  • Do not destroy buildings
  • Do not destroy the enemy from the flock, unless you use it for food
  • If you pass people devoted to monastic life services, leave them alone

5.      Religious Intolerance

In the Quran it says

“Allah does not forbid you, in that those who fight you are not for religion and drive you out of your homes, from dealing with respect and justice with them, because God loves just people.”

6.      Children’s Right

Children, according to Islamic law, there are various rights. One of them is the right to properly bring upon, resurrected, and education. Islam encourages children to be brought up well because it is the responsibility of an adult to raise his child to morality and adult ethics. Read more about History of Prohibition of Alcohol in Islam

Children should also be treated equally. When giving a financial gift they all have to be the same and there is no choice between them. Even children are being allowed to take away from the wealth of their parents to defend themselves if their parents refuse to provide funds for a righteous life. Children, according to Islamic law, have various rights.

One of them is the right to properly bring upon, resurrected, and education. Islam encourages children to be brought up well because it is the responsibility of an adult to raise his child to morality and adult ethics. Children should also be treated equally.

When giving a financial gift they all have to be the same and there is no choice between them. Even children are being allowed to take away from the wealth of their parents to defend themselves if their parents refuse to provide funds for a righteous life. Read more about Law of Breaking Promises In Islam

7.      Moslems and Yesus

There is a misconception between moslems and yesus. Moslems regarded yesus as prophet. Its different like what cristians regarded yesus as God.

8.      Moslems are Arab

Not a little people called moslem as Arabian. Why ? its because black clothes? beard ?. It is especially false. There is some countries that has big moslem population. For example, Indonesia. Indonesia is moslem majority countries. In the present era, moslem clothes has many models of clothes.

9.      The Nation of Islam is a Muslim group

Islam and the so-called “Nation of ‘Islam” are two different religions. POB is more than a political organization because its members are not confined to a single faith. Muslims consider this group to be just one of many cults using the Islamic name for their own benefit.

The only common thing between them is the jargon, the language used by both. “Nation of Islam” is an irony, this religion should be called Farrakhanism, after the name of its propogator, Louis Farrakhan.

Islam and Farakhanism differ in fundamental ways. For example, Farakhan followers believe in racism and that ‘black people’ are genuine and therefore superior, whereas in Islam there is no racism and everyone is equal in the sight of God, who distinguishes only in one’s piety.

There are many other examples that show the theological teachings of the Nation have little to do with the true Islam. There are many groups in America who claim to represent Islam and call them Muslims. Read more about Law of Kissing Children When Sleeping In Islam

10.  All Muslim Men Marry Four Wives.

Religion of Islam is revealed to all societies and all the time and so very different that accommodate social requirements. The circumstances may require taking another wife, but the right is granted, according to the Quran, only on condition that the husband is meticulously fair.

No woman can be forced into this kind of marriage if they do not want it, and they also have the right to exclude in their marriage contract.

Polygamy is not mandatory, or encouraged, but only permitted. The image of the “shaykh with harem” is inconsistent with Islam, as a man is only allowed at most four wives only if he can meet the strict conditions of treating each one equitably and provide separate housing respectively with ETC Permission to practice unrelated polygamy with sheer satisfaction of passion.

This is somewhat related to compassion for widows and orphans. It is a limited Quran and places conditions on the practice of polygamy among Arabs, who have as many as ten or more wives and consider them “property”.

It is both honest and accurate to say that it is Islam that regulated this limited practice, make it more humane, and institutionalize equal rights and status for all wives. What the Qur’an decrees numbered, taken together is the spirit of polygamy unless there is a need for it. It is also clear that the general rule in Islam is monogamy and not polygamy. Read more about Law of Polygamy Without Wife Permission in Islam

This is a very small percentage of Muslims that practice it all over the world. However, the permission to practice this limited polygamy is only consistent with a realistic view of Islamic nature of men and women and various social needs, issues and cultural variations.

The question is, however, much more than the inherent flexibility of Islam, but it is also an honest and direct approach of Islam in handling practical problems.

Rather than requiring hypocritical and superficial adherence, Islam digs deeper into the problems of individuals and society, and provides a much more useful and legitimate solution than would have happened if they had been neglected. There is no doubt that the second wife married formally and treated well is better than a mistress without legal rights or ex-permanence. Read more about Benefit of Talking Less in Islam

11.  Muslims are, The Barbarians Retreat.

Among the reasons for the rapid and peaceful deployment of Islam is the simplicity of its doctrine of Islam calling for the faith of only one God worthy of worship. It also repeatedly commands humans to use their powers of intelligence and observation.

In recent years, great civilizations and universities are fertile, because according to the Prophet (s), “seeking knowledge is a duty to every Muslim man and woman”.

Eastern synthesis and Western ideas and new thinking with old, bring great advances in medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, architecture, art, literature, and history.

Many important systems such as algebra, Arabic numerals, as well as the concept of zero (essential for the progress of mathematics), are transmitted to medieval Europe from Islam. Sophisticated instruments to enable European shipping invention were developed, including astrolabes, quadrants and good navigation maps.

12.  Muhammad is The Founder of Islam and Muslims Worship Him.

Muhammad (SAW) was born in Mecca in 570. Since his father died before his birth, and his mother shortly thereafter, he was raised by his uncle from a respected Quraish tribe. As he grows up, he becomes known, the mercy of honesty and sincerity, so he is sought for his ability to mediate disputes.

Historians describe him as calm and meditative. Muhammad (SAW) is very religious, and has long hated the decadence of his people.

It became a habit to meditate from time to time in the Cave of Hira near Mecca. At the age of 40, when engaged in a meditation retreat, Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation from God through the Angel Gabriel. This revelation, which lasted for 23 years is known as the Qur’an.

As soon as he began to utter the words he had heard from Gabriel, and preached the truth that God had revealed to him, he and a small group of his followers suffered bitter persecution, which grew so fiercely that in 622 God gave them the command to emigrate. Read more about Prohibition of Speculation in Islam

This event, the ‘migration’ of the Hijrah, where they left Mecca for the city of Medina, marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar. After several years, the Prophet and his followers were able to return to Mecca, where they forgave their enemies and established a definitive Islam.

Before the Prophet saw died at the age of 63, mostly Muslim Arabs, and within the centuries of his death Islam had spread to Spain in the West and East as far as China. He died with less than 5 treasures on his behalf.

While Muhammad (SAW) has been chosen to convey the message, he is not considered a “founder” of Islam, because Muslims regard Islam as the same divine guidance sent to all the people before. Muslims believe all prophets from Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus etc. are all sent with divine guidance for their society.

Every prophet was sent to his own people, but Muhammad (pbuh) was sent to all mankind. Muhammad is the last and final messenger sent to convey the message of Islam. Muslims respect and respect him (peace be upon him) for all he goes through and his dedication, but they do not worship him.

“O Prophet! Lo! We have sent you as witnesses and bearers of glad tidings and warner and as one who invites to God with His permission and as a lamp that illuminates.” (33: 45-6).

13.  Prophet Muhammad was a Pedophile

While it is true that he married a nine-year-old girl, he was not a pedophile. Historically, a girl’s age is considered to be ready to marry after puberty. This has happened in biblical times, and is still used today to determine the age of marriage in many parts of the world. This is part of the norm. Read more about Benefit of Sujood for Pregnancy

It is possible, in ancient times, the age of 9 years is age enough to do marriage. Compare it with today. Girls aged 9 years, 10 years ago certainly more mature than the age of 9 years now. So there is no reason why Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile.

14.  Islamic Criminal Law and Its Application

  • First,

non-Muslims who have antipathy towards Islam so always try to block the establishment of Islamic law (especially those with social and political dimensions). In their efforts, they do not hesitate to study Islam diligently to find the points of weakness to then make it as a weapon to attack Islam.

From this then came orientalisme (which in its development is more focused on Islamo-orientalisme or Semitic orientalisme) – although in its development also appeared studies of orientalisme with objectives that more scientific and objective. The first group is always trying to spread the bias (syubhat) about Islamic law into the middle of the Muslims, with the support of information and communication media are superior.

  • Secondly,

those who reject the application of Islamic law because it will harm his personal interests. This second group can come from both Muslims and non Muslims.

  • Third,

those who reject Islamic law because they have not understood it correctly. Presumably, the percentage of this third group is quite large in the body of Muslims, although this group is also found in some non-Muslims. What is worth noting is that the lack of understanding of this group has been greatly aggravated by the incessant public relations launched by the first group (and possibly also the second group).

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15.  Fiqhun Nisaa ‘, Muhammad Ra’fat Uthman

Kafaah in Arabic means equality or equality. The Messenger of Allah said, “The Muslims are the same or the equivalent of their blood to each other”, meaning that their blood is equal to each other in qishash and diyat matters. So there is no difference between the blood (life) of the privileged and the blood (life) of the unloved.

What is meant by the fuqaha with kafaah in the marriage matter is that a husband and wife should be equal or equal in certain aspects, which if it is not fulfilled then in general will cause disharmony in domestic life. Kafaah consideration in marriage is based on:

  • The story of Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him)

reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said to him: “Ali, do not end with three things: pray if the time comes, the body if it is present (to be taken care of and buried) who is ready to marry if you have got a sekufu with him “.

  • The story of Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with him)

reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: “Choose to spare your nuthfah (ie wife), and then marry off those who are sekufu”.

  • Atsar of Umar ibn Al-Khattab ra.

He said, “Really I forbid the permissibility of the women of his noble ladies, except with those who are sekufu”. [Fathul Qadiir J II p. 417]

16.  Jilbab and Muslimah Clothing

In the Al-quran, the veil is included in Al-Ahzab’s letter of verse 59.

“O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and the women of faith, that it is obligatory upon them to wear the veil. That is so that they are easily recognizable (as a faithful woman, who awakens his honor) so that they are not harmed (bullied). Allah is the Forgiver and the Merciful. “

The hijab is the khimar (headscarf) worn by the woman from the head stretched to cover the chest. (Lisan al-‘Arab by Ibn Manzhur). In the above verse there is’ illah for hijab that is so that the women believers easily recognizable, as a woman who always keep his honor and not a cheap woman who will invite people to disturb and seduce him.

Thus, the veil is an identity, the same as a crown for a king or a press card for a journalist. Regarding Muslim clothing, there are no detailed restrictions in the Qur’an. The Qur’an only states that the believers do not show their jewels to others except the ordinary jewelry (Surat al-Nur: 31).

The term “ordinary” here must refer to the situation and condition when this verse is derived. According to Ibn Mas’ud, the ordinary jewelry is clothing. Meanwhile, according to Ibn ‘Abbas, ordinary jewelry looks are the face and both palms.

Ibn ‘Abbas’s opinion is corroborated by a hadith which explains that the Prophet ordered Asma’ bint Abu Bakr when it was baligh to cover his whole body with clothes except his face and his palms. From here it can be concluded that the clothing is a Muslim clothes that cover the entire body except the face and both palms. Read more about Importance of Positive Thinking in Islam

17.  Differences of Opinions About Fardhu Prayer

  • Hadiths of opinion I:

The Hadiths of Isra ‘and Mi’raj: When the fardhu prayer is made five times then Moses said to Muhammad, “Return to your Lord, for your people will not be able to do it. The Prophet said, “Then I return to God”. So Allah Almighty says, “These five times have been lightened out of fifty times, and this provision shall not be changed.”

Hadith Arab Bedouin who asked the Prophet about Islam, then the Prophet said, “Pray five times during the day and night”. The Arab Bedouin then asked, “Is there any other obligation upon me?” The Prophet said, “Nothing, except the additional deeds (sunnah)”.

  • Hadiths of opinion II:

Hadith ‘Amr ibn Shu’aib, the Prophet said, “Allah has added a prayer to you, that is the witr prayer, so keep the prayer!”

Hadith Harithah ibn Hudzafah, he said, “The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) met us and said, ‘Allah has commanded you to perform a better prayer for you than the red camel, the witr prayer. He made the prayer between the ‘isya’ prayer until the dawn of the morning.

Hadith Buraidah Al-Aslamiy, Rasulullah said, “Witr is haq. Whoever does not pray witir then he is not included my class “.

  • Sayyid Sabiq’s opinion:

A stronger point is that the fardhu prayer is a five-hour prayer. And it is said that Abu Hanifah’s opinion about mandatory witr is a weak opinion.

Those are seventeen misconceptions about Islam all person in this world knows about the truth and fact.

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