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12 Practices to Do When Giving Birth According to Islam

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Every pregnant woman wants her birth/childbirth process to be easy, smooth, and safe. There are many ways to make childbirth easy, smooth, and safe. Among them are healthy lifestyles during pregnancy, frequent moves or activities during pregnancy, and no less important is to pray during childbirth.


As a human being, we must try and pray in achieving something in the right way because trying is not enough as well as praying without effort. Here are 12 practices to do when giving birth according to Islam.

1. Prayer during Pregnancy

To get ahead of normal, unhindered labor with tips on giving birth in Islam, during pregnancy you can read the prayer in your free time. The following pregnant mother’s prayers are also useful to ask Him that you be blessed with good, pious children, and those who are devoted to their parents.

Not only you, but the husband also should read the prayer before labor or during this pregnancy, especially shortly after performing the prayer as the way the Prophet glorified his wife. “Robbanaa hab lanaa min azwaajinaa wa dzurriyyatinaa qurrota a’yun”.

Meaning: “O Allah, give to us, offspring of descendants who can be tranquilizers and make us priests to those who fear.”

Al Fatihah is the surah revealed in Mecca consisting of 7 verses. This surah if practiced by a pregnant mother to avoid divorce law for a pregnant woman.

In Surah Al Fatihah, there is a verse which means: “Only you are our worshipers, and only to You we ask for help.” (Al-Fatihah verse 5) In this verse, it is clear that only Allah is the place to ask for help, so if a mother wants her child to always be helped by Allah, it is advisable to practice the Surah Al-Fatihah during pregnancy.

Judging from the story of Mary who contains children without having a husband and never carries out a husband and wife relationship, of course, it is not easy to live it. At that time, Mary who was in seclusion because of being reviled by the people chose to ask for help only with Allah.

Maryam asked that when she gave birth she would get ease and give birth to a child who is pious if she is male and shahah if she is a woman. With Allah’s permission, the birth of Jesus became a prophet and apostle. This story can inspire us that if you want to get ease during childbirth and get pious children, you should read Surah Maryam during pregnancy.

2. Prayer Towards Childbirth

When you begin to feel the sign of labor is near, you should often recite the prayer before the next labor. Not only you, but the people next to you should also help you by reciting this prayer.

“Hannaa Waladat Maryama, Wa Maryama Waladat Iisaa, Ukhruj Ayyuhal Mauluudu Biqudrotil Malikil Ma’buudi.” Meaning: “Hannah gave birth to Mary, while Mary had given birth to Isa. Then, come out my son, for the power of Allah is worshiped.”

3. Reading Verses in the Qur’an

Allah knows everything that happens to each of his servants and God has determined everything according to its size. It is not why a pregnant woman is preoccupied with reading the Koran and listening to it because there is research in the field of medicine which states the sound from outside can affect the fetus. If the sound that is heard is the voice of the person who reads the Koran, it is expected that blessing and kindness will affect the fetus without specifying and limiting the type of blessing and kindness.

In (Surah Ar-Rad verse 8), Allah says: “Allah knows what is conceived by every woman, what is less perfect, and what increases in the womb. And everything has a measure beside Him. ”

By always reading the verses of the Qur’an, God willing, God will facilitate the birth process of that person.

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4. Istighfar

Istighfar is begging forgiveness of Allah SWT. There are many virtues in istighfar which can be beneficial for those who do it. And someone who is giving birth, by extending the rest of God willing, will simplify the process of birth because one of the virtues of istighfar is to simplify the problem at hand.

In a hadith, Rasulullah SAW. Saying: “He who accustoms himself to istighfar, Allah will give a way out for him from every difficulty, will give happiness from every difficulty, and will give sustenance from unexpected directions.” (Narrated by Abu Dauddan Ibn Majah)

5. Undergo the Pregnancy Process as A Worship Service

People who go through the pregnancy process and consider their pregnancy as worship, then God willing, Allah will always give mercy and help to that person.


6. Do Not Whine Often

When giving birth, complaining is not a useful thing to do, and it is better to rest because complaining does not provide calm.

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7. Listening to the Verses of Al Qu’ran

Before the birth process, listen to the verses of the Qur’an for the peace of heart and mind.

8. Positive Thinking

When the pregnancy and when the time of giving birth, always think positively so that the mind and heart become calmer.

When feeling sick, sometimes a woman who is giving birth unconsciously says a harsh word. It is better not to do it because saying rude does not contain any kindness and it is better to say istighfar.

9. Follow the Doctor’s Advice

During the birth process, you should follow the instructions given by the doctor who handles it, because the doctor knows more about it.

10. Give yourself up

When giving birth, it would be nice to surrender to Allah SWT because He is the Almighty over all that is in this world and only to Him will we return.

11. Devote to Both Parents

Parents certainly have an important role in the lives of their children. Giving birth is a way of becoming parents. If you are good and devoted to parents, then parents will pray for the best and God also provides convenience.

If you are not filial to parents, you can only feel sorry when giving birth after realizing the difficulty and pain of a labor process or being reminded by God to understand the struggle to be a parent so that they can do a good deed to their parents.

Doing well to both parents is to associate them well, humble themselves before both of them, carry out their orders, pray for them to be forgiven of their sins when they died, and connect with people they love.

Devoting to both parents will eliminate difficulties. In a saheeh hadith narrated by Abdullah, he said, I asked the Prophet, “What is the most beloved deed by Allah Almighty?” He replied, “Prayer in time.” He asked again, “Then what?” He replied, “Devote to both parents.” He asked again, “Then what?” He replied, “Jihad fi sabilillah.”

12. Good for Others

Do not forget all the creatures of God, even animals, for example when you see a pregnant cat then do not hurt it. It is much better to love it such as feeding it if the cat is starving or letting it around the house when the cat is confused.

Muslims are highly recommended to maintain, feed, and give drink to animals such as cats, especially when the animal is hungry and thirsty because it will become sinful if you make the animal suffer. By maintaining the cat, then it has been made alms for the person.

“Alms to a creature that has a heart and is alive will get a reward of goodness. A Muslim who plants crops or grows plants which are then eaten by birds, humans, or animals, so for him, it is considered as alms.” (Bukhori, Muslim)

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