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Sleeping After Fajr Prayer in Islam – Prohibition

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Sleeping is one of the greatest gifts that we often overlooked. Especially when our body exhausted after doing a good hard work and other activity, lie down in our warm, soft, and comfortable bed has its own pleasure. Sleeping is also good for our body. Besides the fact that our body needs to rest at some point, there is some process in our body that only work at its best when we asleep. Which is why a good night sleep is necessary, so we can wake up feeling fresh, energized, and ready to do our activities.


As a mere human, it is natural to feel tired and sleepy, the only way to feeling better is by sleeping. But sadly, some of us sleeping at the wrong time. One of them is after subuh prayer. Praying in subuh may be the hardest because it is in the early morning, directly after waking up from good night sleep. Here the benefits of praying fajr in the mosque you must know.

We have to get up and go to the mosque, parting with our warm bed and blanket. That is why going back to sleep can be very temptating after subuh prayer. Usually, people who do that are the people who still tired after they wake up in that case sleeping during that time is prohibited in Islam. (See also: Benefits of Praying in The Mosque )


Some of this hadith and opinion from Islam theologian summarized below maybe can help to explain why sleeping after subuh prayer is unadvised.

1. The Best Time to Recieve A lot of Blessing is After Subuh

In one of the hadith, Rasulullah prayed to Allah so that Allah blessed the morning time for his people.

“O Allah, bless my people on their morning time.” (HR. Abu Daud no. 2606, Ibnu Majah no. 2236 and Tirmidzi no. 1212)

One of the theologians from Damascus, Ibnul Qayyim rahimullah, stated that one of the reasons that hold up the blessing and grace from Allah is sleeping in the morning.

“Among things that makruh (forbidden but without punishment) according to the scholar is sleeping after subuh prayer until sunrise, because that time is the best time to reap the ghonimah (bountiful grace and blessing).” ( Madarijus Salikin, 1: 369)

2. Sleeping in The Morning Enervate your body

Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah gave an analogy that morning is youth days and the end of the day is the old days. If we slack and being lazy at our young time, it will affect our old time, which we will also be slacking and lazing. Even more, sleeping after subuh prayer will hinder us and make us lazy to do productive activities and spend our time for nothing that day.

3. One of The Things that Salafush Sholih Dislike is Sleeping in The Morning

Because morning is the perfect time to reap ghonimah or bountiful grace and blessing so it’s advised to spend our time after subuh prayer for productive and beneficial activities. Furthermore, morning is the time when Allah give his blessing and rizq, doing Powerful Dua for Rizq  can be a good way to start your day.

4. Time for Doing Something Worthwhile

Instead of sleeping, we can spend our time to dhikr, dua, study, doing sports, and there is a lot of things better. Research shows that the best time to study is early in the morning. During this time our brain is still fresh, we also on our full energy and a lot of focus. We can memorize things better in the morning, which is why studying for our school subject or reading quran is recommended. (See also: Quran dua for Success)

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5. Too Much Sleeping Can Cause Some Illness

Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah stated the following:

“Too much sleeping cause laziness. Too much sleep is not only forbidden but also not good for our body because it causes dangers. Sleeping in the morning causes various illness and impotence.” (Zaadul Ma’ad, 4/222)

Allah gives us blessing in non-apparent and the most apparent way, often we do not see it and being ignorant. The most apparent one is the sun, the morning sun. Sunrise is very beautiful and a lot of people enjoyed that scenery, but that’s not the end of the blessing. Morning sun is good for our bones because it turns our provitamin D into vitamin D which is very good for our bone when old ages come. It is very good for our body, in the contrary a lot of exposure from the sun after 9 o’clock can give you sunburn and possibly skin cancer.

The Reasons Why Sleeping After Subh Prayer is Unadvised

Here are some of the Ibnul Qayyim statements that explained why sleeping after subuh prayer is unadvised :

“Between things that disliked by the Salaf, is sleeping after subuh prayer until sunrise. Because That is the perfect time to receive blessing and grace. Activities done during that time has special value. Even after people have been walking and traveling through late night, they are not allowed to take a rest during that time until sunrise. It is the beginning of the time and that is the key, the time when grace, abundance, and blessing bestowed upon us.

Besides, that time is when the day starts moving. Everything happened will depend on that part. So if you must sleep during that time, do it because it is in the emergency situation.”

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“Sleeping in the morning holding the upcoming grace to come. Because it’s the time to make a living. Morning is when bounties divided and distributed. Which is why unless its emergency, sleeping during that time is unadvised and it will affect your income.”

Sleeping in the morning is dangerous for the body, it made body weak, lazy, and ruins metabolism the body maintained. The consequences are you can experience shock, weakened, frail, and sluggish in your body. If that happened before you defecate, move around and do sports, and eating something, then it will cause a lot of disease and illness.

Therefore, that is some reason why we should not sleep after subuh prayer. It is important to know that in Islam, the best time to sleep is during the middle of the day and after we finish isya prayer. But unless it is absolutely necessary to sleep during morning time because of an emergency situation, for example, you are sick, you work at night so you need to sleep, or after working through the night, if that is the case to sleep in the morning is acceptable.

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