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17 Powerful Dua for Rizq for Allah’s Blessings

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Praying is one of the signs that we believe in Allah SWT. Praying with khusyu will make our prayers easy to grasp. Rizq comes only from Allah and it is always unexpected. As strong and hard as we work, if Allah only wants for us a little rizq, we will get with that amount even we already do the hard work and many works. If Allah already willing, people who just relax and sit down at home can also get a lot of rizq. So, in addition to hard work, we must also pray to Allah. It is contained in the Qur’an, as follows:


So We responded to him, and We bestowed on him Yahya, and We cured for him his wife. Indeed, they used (to) hasten in good deeds, and they supplicate (in) hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive. ( Surah Al Anbiya : 90 )

Here are the powerful dua for rizq that we need to do to get His blessing after doing work. On the other hand, for reciting all these powerful Dua to get a rizq, you can recite after doing prayer, when rain falls, time between Ashar prayer and Maghrib prayer, and other time that recognized as best time to recite dua. Here information about 17 powerful dua for rizq you can recite every day, as follows:

1. Allaahumma rabbanaa anzil ‘alaynaa maa-idatan mina alssamaa-i takuunu lanaa ‘iidan li-awwalinaa waaakhirinaa waaayatan minka waurzuqnaa wa-anta khayru alrraaziqiina

“O Allah, our Lord, send down to us a table spread from the heaven to be for us a festival for first of us and last of us and a sign from You. And provide us, and You (are) best (of) the providers.”

We need to do this dua and pray for the rizq that Allah will give. We can’t choose because Allah is the one know which is the best for us.

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2. Allahumakfini bihalaalika ‘an kharaamika wa aghnini bifadhlika ‘amman siwaaka.

“O Allah, grant me sufficiency with the sustenance of the lawful, so that I do not need the haram, and give me wealth in Your gift so that I do not need the help of others besides Yourself. ”

With this dua, we can be more strong because we will have the power to avoid haram rizq. In addition, we can be more honest when it comes to the rizq.

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3. Allaahumma innii as-aluka an tarzuqonii rizqon halaalan waasi’an thoyyiban min ghairi ta’abin wala masyaqqatin walaa dloirin walaa nashabin innaka ‘a-laa kulli syai-in qodiir.

“O Allah, I ask that You will give me a lawful, wide-ranging, good and unhurried and without poverty and without real objection, You are power over all things.”

Allah will not give His people poverty. Behind all troubles and problems that come to us, there is always rizq that Allah gives.

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4. Robbanaa anzil-‘alainaa maa’idatam minas-samaa’i takuunu lanaa ’idal-li’awwalinaa, wa-aakhirinaa, wa-aayatam minka warzuqnaa wa-anta khoirur-rooziqin. 

“Our Lord, send us a feast from heaven, whose day of descent will be a great day for us, for those with us, or those who come after us, and a sign of Your power. Give us sustenance and You are the best provider of sustenance.”

Every day, the rizq will be different. So, we need to be grateful for every rizq that we get.

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5. Rabbighfirlii wahablii mulkan laa yanbaghii li-ahadin min ba’dii, innaka antalwahhaab. 

“Our Lord, forgive us for all our sins, grant us, a kingdom that no one else has after us, really only You are the Giver of All.”

Never pray or trust the rizq from other God. Only Allah is the one who will give us rizq.

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6. Al-hamdu lillaahil ladzii rozaqonii haadza min ghairi haulin minnii wa laa quwwatin, alloohumma baarik fiihi.

“Praise to Allah, Who has provided for me with no power and strength for me, O God Almighty You blessed on my sustenance.”

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7. Wayarzuqhu min haitsu laa yahtasibu waman yatawakkal ‘alallahi fahuwa hasbuhu innallaha baalighu amrihi qad ja’alalahu likulli syai-in qadran”.

“And He will provide for him from where not he thinks. And whoever puts his upon Allah, then He (is) sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah (will) accomplish His purpose. Indeed, Allah has set for every thing a measure.”

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8. Allaahummaftah alaina abwaabal khoiri wa abwaa bal barokati wa abwaaban ni’mati wa abwaabar rizki wa abwaabal Quwwati wa abwaabash shih haati wa abwaabas salaamati wa abwaabal jannah. Allaahumma aafinaa mingkulli balaa’id dunyaa wa adzaabil aakhirah. Wash rif annaa bihaQQil Qur’anil adhiim wa nabiyyikal kariim syarraddunyaa wa syarral aakhiroh. Ghofarollaahu lanaa wa lahum birahmaatika yaa arhamar raahimiin.

“O Allah and prince of my Lord, do not open for the servant of the door of mercy, the door of blessing, the door of pleasure, the door of power, the door of rizq, the door of health, the door of salvation, and the door of the family, O my Lord God, keep away from me, verily your glorious Quran and prophet of the world and the evil of the Hereafter. may Allah forgive me all and they (Muslims / muslimat) by your merciful compassion.”

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9. Allahumma ak-tsir maalii wa waladii, wa baarik lii fiimaa a’thoitanii wa athil hayaatii ‘ala tho’atik wa ahsin ‘amalii wagh-fir lii.

“O Allah multiply my treasures and my son and bless the grace you give. Extend my life in obedience to You and make my deeds and forgive my sins.”

We must dua to get more strength to be always obedience to Allah. It is to get rizq from Allah.


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10. Allahumma Baarik Lanaa Fiema Rozaqtanaa wakhinaa Adzaabannaar” ( Surah Al-Adzkaar 20″).

“O Allah, grant us in what You have designed for us and keep us from the torment of hellfire.”

We need to dua for rizq. However, we must pray that the rizq will not clash with His prohibition that can lead us to the hellfire.

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11. Robbi inni limaa anzalta ilayya min khoirin ‘faqirun.

“O my Lord, I really need a good that You sent down to me.”

We must do this dua to get rizq. Anything that Allah gives, we need to accept it.

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12. Allahumma inni a’udzubika minal hammi wal hazari wa a’udzubika minal ajzi wal kasali wa a’uudubika minal jubni wal bukhli wa a’udzubika min gholabatid daini wa qohrir rijaai”.

“O Allah I seek your protection from the tribulation and the grief of the weak will of laziness, from the cowardly and guttive nature of the many debts and the sins of man”.

Laziness and lust are the problems of people to get rizq. We need Allah strength so we can overcome the laziness and lust.

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13. Bismillâhi ‘ala nafsî wa mâlî wa dînî. Allâhumma radhdhinî bi qadhâ’ika, wa bârik lî fîmâ quddira lî hattâ lâ uhibba ta‘jîla mâ akhkharta, wa lâ ta’khîra mâ ‘ajjalta.

“In the name of God who is self-controlled, treasure, and my religion. My Lord, condition my inner being willing to accept Your provisions. Bless me at all that is destined for me so that I am reluctant to hasten what You delayed and reluctant to delay what You have caused. ”

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14. Waqul rabbi anzilnii munzalan mubaarakan wa-anta khayru almunziliina.

“O God, place me in a blessed place, and You are the best giver of the place.”

We must always dua for the best place for the rizq. So, there are no problem people or work that will make our rizq haram.

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15. Qaala rabbi ighfir lii wahab lii mulkan laa yanbaghii li-ahadin min ba’dii innaka anta alwahhaabu.

“O my Lord! Forgive me and grant me a kingdom, not (will) belong to anyone after me. Indeed, You [You] (are) the Bestower.”

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16. Waqaala rabbi awzi’nii an asykura ni’mataka allatii an’amta ‘alayya wa’alaa waalidayya wa-an a’mala shaalihan tardaahu wa-adkhilnii birahmatika fii ‘ibaadika alshshaalihiina.

“My Lord! Grant me (the) power that I may thank You (for) Your Favor which You have bestowed on me and on my parents and that I may do righteous (deeds), that will please You. And admit me by Your Mercy among Your slaves righteous.”

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17. Allâhumma rabbas samâwâti wa rabbal ardhi wa rabbal ‘arsyl ‘azhîm, rabbanâ wa rabba kulli syai-in fâliqal habbi wan nawâ wa munzilat taurâta wal injîla wal furqân, a’ûdzu bika min syarri kulli syai-in anta âkhidzun binâshiyatih. Allâhumma antal awwâlu falaisa qablaka syai-un wa antazh zhâhiru falaisa fauqaka syai-un wa antal bâthinu falaisa dûnaka syai-un, iqdhi ‘annâd daini wa aghninâ minal faqr.

“O Allah, God for the seven layers of heaven, also the Lord of the great Throne. Our Lord and the Lord of all things. That decreases the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran. Which grows plants and produces fruits. I seek refuge with You rather than the evil of all evil that crowns in Your grasp. You are the beginning, nothing before You. You are the end, there is none after You. You are the zahir, there is none above You. You are the one who is inward, there is none under You. Fulfill my debt and give me riches of purity.”

In addition, in case you love to listening murattal of Quran, here video include audio of murattal that you can listening everyday.

That’s all the powerful dua for rizq. Hope this article will give you many benefits and stay at Allah side and will not forget or leave Him until the end of life.

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