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14 Tips Fasting While Working (Works!)

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Ramadan is coming soon and as Muslims, we are very happy to welcome it. Ramadan fasting is an obligation fasting that must be done by Muslims. Fasting is also a sign that we are believing in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and obey His commands.


Ramadan fasting is different with sunnah fasting in law, but it has a same way. Same as sunnah fasting such as Monday Thursday fasting, Arafah fasting, Daud fasting or Rajab fasting, Ramadan fasting is done from the rising of the sun until the setting of the sun at dusk.

Ramadan fasting is done for a whole full month and it does not be left without an excuse or an unclear cause.

Fasting must be done without disturbing daily activities including work. As Muslims, we should know that working is also a worship which if it is done , it can bring rewards especially in Ramadan.

Then how to keep us healthy and launch our fasting while working? To know it, let see tips fasting while working below.

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  1. Fix Intention

Something can happen if it is attempted sincerely. If you still want to fast while working, then the main power that you must have before you start fasting is an intention. Do not make fasting as a reason to be lazy or otherwise working is used as a reason to do not fasting.

We should remember that the Prophet Muhammad SAW still did activities, worked, and even warred while doing Ramadan fasting. Fasting will strengthen ourselves to worship and work to get the happiness of the world and the hereafter.

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  1. Get up early

If you still fast and you have to work in the next day, then you should get up early and consume more food. This thing can provide your nutrition during fasting and keep the energy supply in the body.

After sahur, you are recommended to do not continue sleeping because it may be that you can miss Subuh prayer.

  1. Multiply Vegetables and Fruits

Fasting often make our body weak and lose energy but we often underestimate to consume vegetables and fruits. Consuming vegetables and fruits are very important during fasting. Fruits and vegetables contain fibers that are slow to be digested and we feel full longer.

Besides that, vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that are needed in the process of energy metabolism, so the body will stay fit during fasting. Because of that, remember to consume fruits and vegetables during sahur and break the fast.

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  1. Avoid Temptations

When in the office, you may meet many temptations such as food that is sold or a colleague that is not fasting and he still eat his food while working.

This can be anticipated with staying focus on the work and avoid temptations. Do not save food in your desk drawer because it can be a heavy temptation during fasting while working.

  1. Avoid Batil Talks

Fasting is not only enduring hunger, but it avoids us from bad things such as talking about other people, angry or other things that can break the fast.

Commonly when working or at the office, we often do activities that can break the fast such as gossiping. Gossiping is a bad thing and it can break someone’s fast.

  1. Multiply reading Quran

Spend time to read Quran during breaking times because you do not need to go to cafeteria during breaking times in Ramadan.

Spend your free time with something more useful. After Zuhr prayer, you can read Quran for a while and release your fatigue.  You have to believe that you will feel more freshness after pray and read Quran and more focus to continue your work.

Currently, you can read Quran easily anywhere for example through gadget or you can also listen verses of Quran from the application of song player.

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  1. Multiply Dhikr

Besides doing Fardh prayer, one sign of believers is always remembering Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. As Muslims, we should always remember Allah SWT and dhikr during fasting while working because there are many virtues of dhikr.

The heart who always dhikr will be quieter and this thing can make fasting lighter. Dhikr can be done whenever with reciting istighfar, tahmid and other dhikr in the heart.

  1. Be Patient

When working, there are many things that make us angry or emotional. Co-workers, leaders or a lot of jobs can cause stress and annoyance.

Nevertheless, fasting also exercises our patience and solve all of stresses in work because istighfar and patience during fasting can make heart and mind quieter.

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  1. Do Exercises

If you work and fast in the same time, and you have free times after working or holiday in weekend, do exercises because it can increase your stamina and do not make you tired quickly.

  1. Rest for a moment

While working, maybe you will feel tired and ached. Stretch your muscles and relax for a moment while working and fasting. Do not force yourself to work too hard, rest for a moment when you feel tired.

  1. Sleep Early

Enough rest and sleep can help you to restore your vitality during working. If you regularly work every dah then go to bed early and get up early too especially at sahur, this can help you to restore your stamina that decreases after working.

  1. Eat a balanced menu at sahur and break fast

The meal menu during fasting also determines energy levels and vitality. Choose menu that contains enough carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that are needed by body.

These nutritional are useful to take care the condition of body, so you do not get sick easily and it can also increase your stamina. You can consume sweet food or takjil when breaking and you are recommended to consume milk, fruits or vegetables juices in a larger portion.

  1. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can be consumed while working to avoid sleepiness. This thing will be heavier especially while fasting because it is impossible for you to drink coffee while working during the day. Avoid caffeine at sahur and break fast because it can cause dehydration or stomach problems.

Not only coffee, caffeine can be found in soft drink that is usually drunk when breaking the fast. Be wise when choosing food and beverages to keep your body healthy and fit during fasting while working.

  1. Multiply Worship

Instead of spending your free time at the office by gossiping or chatting with colleagues, it would be better if you spend your time with multiplying worship such as doing types of sunnah prayer.

Spending your time for a moment to do Dhuha prayer at the office will make you quiter and focus. It is not only that, you can also invite your colleagues to Dzuhr prayer or Ashar prayer together in the office.

Thus this article about some tips fasting while working. Hopefully, our Ramadan fasting can be accepted by Allah SWT and it does not disturb our work, but it can increase our faith to Allah SWT. Amen.

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