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13 Dangers of Gossip in Islam Muslim Must Know

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Humans as social beings of course they need each other to create a social interaction. One form of social interaction is by chatting or talking. But currently a lot of people only talk for gossiping or ghibah (backbiting in term of Islam) about other people, especially women.


Nowadays we often encounter moms gossiping while shopping for vegetables in the vendors, other than that gossiping has become daily routine when social gathering or other associations. Even gossip can be said to as Indonesian citizens lifestyle. Gossip or ghibah in Islam is an activity to talk about other people whether it their behavior, lifestyle or other negative things. See also  How to have a pure heart in Islam

Beside its more frequent done by women, nowadays there are lot of television programs that discuss or talk about gossip like infotainment. The event discussed the latest gossip from various figures or celebrity in Indonesia so it is no wonder if gossip has become the lifestyle of Indonesian society.

Did you know that gossip is the most forbidden thing in Islam. We as Muslims must avoid or kept a distance from the habit of doing ghibah, since ghibah is a very disadvantageous and also a harmful action.

There is way in this discussion we talk about 13 danger of gossip in Islam. Let’s us see the below explanations :

1. It’s Faster on Destroying Religion

The danger of gossip first is it is faster on destroying a religion. It is already mentioned by al-Hasan, as follow :

“Ghibah, for the sake of Allah is faster to destroy one’s religion than the worms that eat the body of the dead”.

Therefore it is forbidden for a Muslim to commit gossip. Besides the meaning of surah Al Hujurat verse 12 which as a Muslim we should not be much prejudiced and also look for other’s fault, including gossip, since with prejudice will add our sin.

2. It’s Triggers the Emergence of Heart Disease

By gossiping it will arise various heart diseases according to Islam ranging from envy, arrogant, dismissive of others, negative thinking, etc.

By gossiping others you have felt that you are better than them so that so many heart diseases will arose. In addition, by gossiping it will make an honor being violated and also the tranquility of the heart becomes reduced.

Doing gossip is a great sin for people who talk about others and those who listen to the gossip itself. See also : how to be peaceful in Islam

3. It Will Eliminate the Reward

Surely when someone gossip or listen to it, it will eliminate their reward and add sin. Any behavior that is forbidden by religion will lead to loss of rewards and increased sin. By doing gossip then the reward already in you will move to other person you talk (rumored). For that avoid ourselves from gossip.

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4. Making a Person’s Mind is Always Negative

The fourth danger of gossip is to make someone mind always negative. The mind is the mental channel that is used to convey the message whether it is a positive message or a negative message.

When someone often do gossip or ghibah then indirectly it will result in a person’s mindset turned into a negative. When the person will interact with others it will always be prejudiced. Therefore do not gossip and listen to it, when there is a gossip then respond it with a positive thinking. See also how to avoid negative thought in Islam

5. It’s Restrain Self-Development 

When we commit gossip we often feel fun till forgetting time. That way you will be busy taking care of others, that certainly not very useful.

Doing gossip will spend a lot of time so without knowing it you will be stuck in the others affairs and ignore the important matters. That way you will complicate your self-development.

6. Gossip or Ghibah is Like Eating The Flesh of Your Dead Brother

Did you know that gossip is an act like eating your dead brother flesh. It is a parable since by doing gossip it will disturb the others honor which similiar like eating flesh. Ghibah is a very hated thing that implied in the phrase of “the flesh of his dead brother”.

The person who is being rumored called as the dead since the person who has died can not defend when a person does ghibah later the person being rumored will be powerless to defend. The parable is mentioned so that His servants are afraid and will stay away from the deeds of ghibah.

7. Allah SWT Will Reveal the Disgrace of People Who Like to Gossip

The seventh danger of gossip is that we do it then Allah will reveal the ugliness of people who like to gossip either directly or indirectly.

The disgrace we have is a lot and that will be a secret and only Allah knows everything, it won’t spread unless we reveal its by ourselves. With the power of Allah, He can open the water even though the person is trying to cover up his disgrace firmly. See also : how to deal with desires in Islam

8. Gossip or Ghibah is Harder than Adultery

When someone commit ghibah can you take back your words? Certainly not. When you commit ghibah to a friend it will make your friends tell it again to other people and even continue it over and over so that there is sin in congregation.

“Ghibah (its sin) is heavier than (the sin) of adultery. Asked (on Prophet): How is that possible? The Prophet replied: The man who commits adultery repents then Allah will accept his repentance. While the person commiting ghibah the sin will not be accepted unless he is forgiven by the person rumored. “(H.R. Tabrani).

9. Allah will Confined Them in The Mire of Hell Experts

According to HR.Ahmad, it is explained that when people do talk about things that untrue to a person then Allah will lock them in the mire of hell experts. Naudzubillah hopefully we are kept away from that disgusting thing. It is a great threat, only Allah knows the magnitude of the sins of the people who commit ghibah.

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10. Resulting in the Breaking of Ukhuwah (Brotherhood in Islam)

Dangers of gossip that greatly affect one’s social life is breaking ukhuwah. By talking about others deeds which we are not sure about the truth then people being rumored will feel upset even feel hurt that they might just decide to end up silaturahmi (relationship) with us.

Did you know that the virtue of connecting silaturahmi will be felt when we understand each other and help each other.

11. Became an Arrogant and Will Disparage Others

When someone talks about the ugliness of others that even it is not yet confirmed the truth then people who commit gossip must feel that he is the right and people being gossip is wrong. That way there will arise a sense of arrogance and an act that always look down on others. Naudzubillah. See also : how to cure arrogance in Islam

12. There will be a Sense of Revenge

Not everyone who is rumored will accept it with positive thinking and calm. There may be some people when they are being rumored feel grudge so that will emerge the behavior of revenge.

The danger of revenge in Islam is there will be an argument as well as the breaking of the bonds that have been established between the gossiped and the gossip.

13. Appears the Trait of Hasad (Destructive Envy)

Hasad is a bad trait. Hasad is a dislike of the favor that Allah already gave to others. When someone gossip and talk about the favors received by someone then it will trigger a sense of hasad.

Envy in Islam is strictly prohibited. Therefore do not ever do gossip or listen to it.

Gossip is a despicable trait and also harms ourselves and others a lot. Therefore avoid yourself from gossiping or listening to gossip. Keep positive thinking when there are people around us doing gossip. So many discussions about the 13 dangers of gossip in Islam. Hopefully this article will be useful.

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