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13 Clear Ways How to Deal With Desires in Islam

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Desire is a gift from Allah SWT to human being. Desire between men to women was created by Allah SWT. However, desire could also lead to big sin if a Muslim couldn’t handle it properly. Desire is close to beastly instinct, so Allah SWT gives human being a brain to deal with it. Allah has set up a way to control that desire through marriage.


But desire is not only for sexual thing, desire for wealth and power is also has to be controlled. As there are many desire that could endanger a Muslim, here are the ways how to deal with desires in Islam as listed below:

1. Always Remember Allah SWT

Keep Allah SWT close to our heart and let Him occupies our mind. There are many ways to keep ourselves remembering Allah. We must say ‘Bismillah’ whenever we are about to do something, and wet our tongue with Dhikr all the time. Shaytaan will never get closer to us as Allah SWT always protecting us.

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2. Get Married

To deal with sexual desires in particular, we should get married. The Prophet (SAW) even said that marriage is a Sunnah equals to half of the religion. When somebody can afford to, ready both mentally and physically, they should get married. Marriage is the strongest shield to protect the sexual desire.

3. Be Modest and Lower the Gaze

It is undeniable that the biggest desire someone has is the sexual desire. To control it, a Muslim must do their best to be modest and lower the gaze. Be modest means dressing ourselves according to the Sharia, and lowering the gaze to the opposite gender.

Sexual desire could be a dangerous thing, that is why Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told Muslims to lower their gaze.

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4. Don’t Stare at Anyone for Too Long

Lowering the gaze is a way to prevent someone to stare at someone for too long, especially for the opposite sex. Don’t look at another person person more than 3 seconds. Looking at someone more than 3 seconds could arise the sexual desire. Looking at another person with desire is a form of big sin.

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5. Avoid Going Too Close to the Source of Desire

As a Muslim, we must avoid going to the source of desire. Because there is no way someone’s not triggered when they get too close to a particular thing that could arise the desire.

This applied not only for sexual desire but also desire for wealth and power that could lead someone to commit crime and doing bad deeds.

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6. Do Many Fast

The best way to deal with sexual desire is by doing many fast, not only in the month of Ramadhan, but also Sunnah fast.

Fasting hold us from committing sins and ding bad deeds, including our sexual desires. During the time we fast, we can do many more religious activities and restraining ourselves from having bad desires.


As the Prophet said,

“O young men, whoever among you can afford to, let him get married, for it is more effective in lowering the gaze and in guarding one’s chastity. Whoever cannot afford it, then let him fast, for it will be a shield for him.”

7. Keep Busy with Positive Things

Do many positive activities to occupy the mind with many things but desires. Positive activities have many forms such as doing good deeds, charities, and remembering Allah SWT all the time. And while we live, it’s good to spend our time to study and seek many knowledge.

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8. Recite Quran Daily

The Holy Quran is a guide to all Muslim directly from Allah SWT that entrusted to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). By reciting the Quran daily, we could hold desire and at the same time learning about why we should deal with desires.

9. Think About the Trouble You May Caused

Every time the temptation come, think about what problem could arise from the desire. For example if we can’t control our sexual desire we might end up committing a crime like raping. Not only we have committed a big sin, but we also ruin our life and our future.

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10. Make Dua to Allah SWT

Who else can help us from bad things but Allah SWT? Whenever we feel like it’s hard to control our desires, go to Allah and seek for help from Him. Allah knows the deepest of our heart, even if don’t say it loudly. Fulfill all five obligatory prayers daily and do many Sunnah prayers for the better. The more we close to Allah, the more we will be away from negative things.

11. Occupy the Mind Positively

Let only positive thing entering your mind. Desire often arise because someone is having a blank mind and Shaytaan easily enter it. Instead of thinking about worldly matters, think more about Allah and show our gratitude to Him. Inshaa Allah, He will always by the side of the servant who always remember Him. Allah is the biggest of help we can get and to Him we shall return.

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12. Surround Yourself with Good Friends

In order to become a good person, we have to have a good friend. The Prophet (SAW) had said about the importance of having good friends around:

“A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend.” – Abu Dawud.

13. Don’t Stay in the Bathroom for Too Long

If there is one place which could become the house for Shaytaan, it’s the bathroom. Bathrooms are full of dirt, the ideal for Shaytaan to live in. Don’t stay too long in the bathroom and make your bathing time short. It’s to avoid Shaytaan from going near us.

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So those are the ways how to deal with desires in Islam. Human are the most perfect being Allah created, as they have both desire and intellectual. If we don’t use our brain to control the desires, we are no difference with animals. May all of us always under the protection of Allah SWT and walking on His path only.

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