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10 Useful Tips for Glowing Skin in Islam

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All human being is agreeing that physical appearance is important, especially for women who tend to be afraid to look ugly into others. In this era, getting good looking and beautiful appearance is very easy.  We do not have to confused and difficult to be beautiful, we just need to go the aesthetic doctor or beautician clinic to get beautician treatment. The standard of beauty in this modern era is no longer just a beautiful face; it also has to have a bright and white skin. Therefore, many men and women go to beautician clinic for having white injection in order to get a bright and white skin.


Islam is mentioned that there is a natural way that can enlighten face and how to get beautiful in Islam. In essence, for women, beautiful women in Islam are not based on her bright face, white skin or good physical perfect appearance. The beauty of women in Islam is not dependent based on her physical, it seen from the heart and the level of her faith to Allah SWT.

Thus, is there a way to enlighten skin in Islam?

Ways to enlighten faces in Islam

In this modern era, the beauty standardization is growing very fast in a significant movement. Today, the standardization of beautiful can be assumed as those who have ideal body height, beautiful face and white skin. In order to get the basic standardization of beautiful concept, there are many people change themselves by doing plastic surgery.

Nevertheless, the law of plastic surgery in Islam for which is aims to aesthetics is forbidden. Meaning that we are change of His creation and we are not grateful and thankful to Allah SWT.

As Allah SWT commandment (QS. An-Nisa119),

And I will misguided them, and I will give them fake dreams, and I will ask them to cut the ears of the cattle, (and they are really cut the ears), and I will ask them to change Allah SWT creation, (and they are really changed it). Those who let satans guide them to be their guardians aside Allah SWT, indeed, he will get a real suffered loss.”

Islam is allowed us to make our self beauty as long as we are not changed the whole appearance since it is forbidden to Allah SWT. Here are ways to enlighten the face based on Islam :

1. Prayer

Prayer is an obligation for Muslim because it is the pillar of our region. There are many benefits of doing prayer, like to maintain and prevent our self from evil deed and it also can enlighten our face. People who pray diligently, especially those who are diligent in doing Tahajjud (night prayer), her face will be bright beautifully. As Rasulullah said on his hadith,

To whom likes doing night prayer, then his face will shown his handsome or beautiful in a day.” (HR. Ibnu Majah).

2. Erase of jealousy and envy

Jealous and envy in Islam are considered as disgraceful morally because it can erase all the good deeds from people. Those who like to be jealousy and envy, her face will always looks dark, wrinkled and pallid. It is caused of he is rarely to get calm and peace in his heart.

3. Lots of smile

People who like to smile a lot rather than morose, he will be seen brighter from those who saw him in his surroundings. And the best make up from most of all is a smile.

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4. Wudhu

All Muslim must know the meaning of Wudhu whereas in Islam, wudhu is been doing to erase mild filth. It caused of when we are wudhu, there is a movement to wash our face that can erase all the dirt on our face and so it can make our face clean and bright.

As Rasullah said on his hadith,

“I heard Rasullullah sallallahu’ alaihi wa sallam said, “Indeed, I call all of my ummat on the doomsday in the condition of ghurran muhajjirin (face and whole body) glowing because of his wudhu, then those who are able to extend ghurran, he shall do it.” (HR. Bukhari and Moeslim).

5. Reduce anger

Anger can also make our face looks like pallid and not bright. Everyone must have been angry and it is natural for us to be angry for something or to someone as long as it is not over the limit.

However, it would be better for us to reduce our anger because it is believe that it can make our face looks old than our age indeed. It caused of when we are angry, our face shows some unique expressions like frowning, wide-eye open and also sometimes open mouth widely.

Most of those unique expressions are will leave a wrinkled. When we are angry, stress hormone will increase the cortisol hormone in our body, while when the cortisol hormone is increasing, at the same time it will also decrease the collagen production in our body which is important for our skin.

6. Do treatment with olive oil

Olives is one of the blessed trees whereas the fact that many people are use the olive oil as one of the ingredient of the beauty treatment in ancient Roman. According to dermatologists, there are many vitamins inside olive oil, like fat, Vitamin E, Vitamin K also Zink. Vitamin E can be used to against the free radical which can make our face looks pallid and not bright.

7. Always forgive

Islam mention that forgives other is a noble deed. Based on research, by forgiving each other, it can reduce people from stress hormonal and so it can make her face looks bright and shine.

8. Consume healthy and nutritious food

As we know, the food which is eaten will be digested and processed into energy and become vitamins for our organ body.  If we eat lot of vitamin and nutritious food, it can affect to our health, both of body and skin.

9. Do fasting regularly

There are many advantages for having fasting, such as it can clean our digest, decrease cholesterol and also reduce calories in our body. Decreasing cholesterol can be good for our skin health, because the location of the fat is straight on under our skin.

10. Mask treatment with natural ingredient

In order to make our face is beauty and bright, Islam is allowed Moslem to have a mask treatment or other beauty treatment as long as it is halal. There are many natural ingredients can be use to make our face more bright like bengkoang, avocado, papayas etc.

In summary, in order to get our face is beauty and bright skin in Islam, we don’t need to change what was given by Allah SWT. Please be remainder, beautiful women in Islam is not seen from her physical appearance but it seen from her heart and her godly also her faith level to Allah SWT. As His ummat, we should be always being grateful for all His gifts, because everything He gave to us is always perfect. In essence, God has created mankind as a kind and perfect human being.

Hope this article can increase our knowledge.

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