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13 Lovely Ways How to Make Husband Romantic in Islam

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Marriage is valued really highly in Islam. It’s a sacred bond between a man and a woman, tying up the knot under the name of Allah. It could not be more sacred as the name of the man and the woman are written in the Lauhul Mahfudz, the book where the fate of every human being had written before they were born.


Thus Allah SWT hates divorce so much, as it’s just the same violating the promise you had to Allah. That is why husband and wife have to do their best to make their marriage work and last long. As for women, they wish that their husband could be romantic everyday. But sadly not every men are born romantic, so wives should know the ways how to make husband romantic in Islam.

It is not hard at all, and all women would feel the very benefit.

1. Treat Him Nicely

When a woman is married by a man, she has to be ready to serve and dedicate her life to her husband. To treat her husband nicely is a must, not only to make her husband romantis but it brings benefits for woman as well. Allah loves women who always serve their husband well.

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2. Make Him Miss You

Someone could be a very romantic person when they miss their loved ones. So make your husband to miss you. You can do a simple tricks at time, such as making excuse to visit your parents. Don’t go for too long, just for 1 night and 2 days stay. Without your presence, he would feel empty space and become missing you.

3. Remind Him of Allah SWT

It’s a dream for every Muslim couple to be united in Jannah. You may get married in the world but no one guarantee you and your husband could meet again in the afterlife. Be a good wife by reminding your husband of Allah constantly. With Allah’s permission, your husband would be a very romantic person. Who won’t be falling in love to a woman who always get him close to Allah.

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4. Be Romantic First

If you want to be treated romantically, then be a romantic person to your husband first. Shower him with lots of love. There are many ways to be romantic, not only by giving him gifts and surprise. Prepare his favorite breakfast everyday as well as his uniform to work.

Even a single thing could be considered romantic when it comes from our loved ones.

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5. Let Him Go Out with His Friends

Marriage is not a cage that concealed your husband from the outer world. When Islamic law said that a woman better stay at home, doesn’t mean you have to imprison him as well. Let him socialize with his friends and spending some time hanging out with them.

If it’s only occasionally, just let him be. He will be appreciating you more and become a more romantic person for you.

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6. Spend Quality Time with Him

Married couple with kids often has a little time together. They are no longer going on a date or dinner, though it’s very important to keep their love for each other. Spend some quality time only with him. You don’t have to go on dinner, especially when your kids are still little. Just have a talk with him at night after sending the kids to the bed.

7. Kiss Him Alot

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) loved to show his affection toward his wife, Aisha. He loved to kiss Aisha many times. This kind of affection is surely allowed in Islam, because making a wife happy would gained the husband blessing from Allah SWT. As both of you are Mahram, you may kiss your husband a lot. Do it during times like sending him off to work, when he get back to work, and before go to sleep.

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8. Give Him a Special Nickname

You must be know the special nickname the Prophet (SAW) got for his wife, right? Giving him nickname and calling him using those name is a form of romantic action in Islam. If you call him with a special nickname, he will make you one and call you with that nickname too. It may seems simple but it’s romantic and meaningful.

9. Serve Him Well in Bed

To make your husband a romantic person, do well on bed when you serve him. Keep your body always fit and healthy, so you can always serve him right and well whenever he ask for.

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10. Make Dua for Him

Dua from a wife is always granted by Allah SWT. Make a lot of dua to your husband, including when you want him to be a romantic person. Nothing is difficult for Allah SWT, and He can make your husband become a romantic person in a blink of an eye.

More Ways How to Make You Husband Romantic

  1. Always have a meal together. Breakfast before he goes to the office and dinner after he get back from work. It may seems difficult to have lunch together, so you don’t need to force it.
  2. It’s always romantic when a wife waiting for his husband getting off from work. You husband will treat you romantically if you do romantic things to him as well. Waiting for him until he comes home is also your way to appreciate his hard work.
  3. All the hard work your husband did is for his family. He would be very happy if you show your gratitude to him. Not only through words, but also by actions like giving him a light massage after work.

So those are the ways how to make husband romantic in Islam. Even while doing those tips, women could feel that they and their husband become closer to each other and love each other even deeper than before. But one thing all Muslim women should remember is, the most important thing is not to make the husband romantic in the world, but to make a husband as their partner until Jannah. May we all could have that blessing. Amiin.

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