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17 Importance of Thursday Night in Islam

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In Islam, there is one day that is called the best day than other. It is Friday, where many good deeds should be done on that day and Allah’s blessings are multiplied. However, it’s not only the day of Friday that is good, but the night before has many benefits and importance as well.


To welcome the holy day after that, the Thursday night should also be treated specially and differently than any other night. These are the importance of Thursday night in Islam for every Muslim:

1. The Night Where the Angels Reported to Allah SWT

Allah sends a pair of Angels to watch over us and writes all deeds (both positive and negative) to be reported to Allah SWT. The time when the Angels present all of your deeds is the Thursday night. This is why it’s important for you to make dua and prayer as many as possible, so it will be lighten the bad deeds you have committed.

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2. All the Sins Will be Forgiven

Friday is the best day to seek for Allah’s forgiveness, as well as the Thursday night. During the week, you must have committed countless sins. Whether you realized it or not, whether it’s major sins or the minor ones. All the sins that you have committed for the whole week instantly forgiven by all the good deeds that you do only in Thursday night.

3. All the Dua Will be Granted

Dubbed as the night where all the goodness are given to human, make dua on Thursday night. Allah will grant all dua that made during the time with no exception. All the goodness including Allah’s kindness and forgiveness are given out with no condition.

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4. A Very Good Night Before the Best Day

Thursday night is an auspicious night to welcome the best day ever in Islam. All the goodness in Friday will also be given on Thursday night. It makes Thursday night the best day to do a lot of good deeds, worshiping Allah, reciting Quran, as well as sending the blessing to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

5. The Night Where the Grave Punishment Stopped

Goodness not only come for those who live, but also for the deceased Muslim as well. Only in this night, the punishment for those who have died sinfully stopped. The punishment then lifted and postponed till the Day of Judgement. Also, the deceased is permitted to visit their living family and ask for their blessing and dua for them.

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6. A Good Day and Night to Start a Journey

As Thursday night is one of the best night in Islam, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) choose this particular night to travel. Those who opted to start journey on this night will gain goodness and getting Allah’s blessing in it. It’s a good night to start everything, including starting a journey.

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7. Time to Recite Surah Al Kahf

To recite Surah Al Kahf every Thursday night is very important because it’s very beneficial. Among the important benefit to be gained by reciting Al Kahf on Thursday night is, that person will be covered in light between him and the Ka’bah.

Then, seek forgiveness on this night, and you will be leveled up among the group of martyrs. Not only for Thursday night, recite again Surah Al Kahf the next day in Friday. Because whoever recite the Al Kahf in Friday, upon them will given a light between to Fridays.

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8. Time to Recite Surah Al Sad

Beside Al Kahf, Al Sad the 38th in the Quran is also important to be read on Thursday night. All will send many good things for your house and your family, the same goods that is only sent to the Prophet and high ranked Angels. The reward gained from reciting the Surah is equal to the ten times of the weight of a mountain that Allah made subservient to Prophet Dawud.

9. Time to Recite Surah Al Dukhan

If you want Allah to build you house in Jannah, don’t forget to recite Al Dukhan on Thursday night. The bigger reward is that each letter in this Surah that you recited is equal with freeing a thousand slaves.

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10. Time to Recite Surah Al Ahqaf

To avoid the hardship and difficulty in the world and the Day of Judgement, recite Surah Al Ahqaf on this night and other night as well. Also by reciting this Surah, all the reciter sins and evil deeds would also be erased. His ranked is elevate ten times higher. A woman who recite this Surah especially in Thursday night, he will be rewarded with much breast milk and the baby will be keep away from misfortune.

More Importance of Thursday Night in Islam

  • A Muslim who died on Thursday night or the day after (Friday) will not be given a hard punishment in the grave. The period of the punishment is only for a short time, and then it will be lifted until the Day of Judgement.
  • A Muslim who died on the Thursday night or the day after (Friday) will be freed from question in his or her grave.
  • A good night to remember Allah SWT. Spend the Thursday night with endless Dhikr in remembrance of Allah SWT.
  • Thursday night is a good night to send the blessing to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • Thursday night is the night where Allah SWT sends His angels directly to the Earth to brings up all the dua that human send.
  • Make many dua on Thursday night, especially at the time after Asr. During the time, Allah sends all His Angels to come down to the Earth to hear all your prayers.
  • Thursday night is very special because Allah opens the gate of Jannah widely on that night until Friday. Make as many good deeds, Sunnah prayers, and recite the Quran to get yourself close to the gate of Jannah.

After reading all the importance of Thursday night in Islam, now let’s all us Muslim do more good deeds on that night.

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