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17 Islamic Rules for Second Marriage You Must Know

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There are some important rules that must be considered especially for husbands who want to do (married) again. In Islam, the second marriage has some rules to watch out for. In some of the following hadith, it is stated.


Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘aythmeen said, “… A man if he can afford his wealth, his body and his law (just), then it is more (for him) to marry (two) to four (women) if he can because he is energetic, (so) he can fulfill the privileges of his wives (worthy) to his wives And he can marry (with more than one woman) The more women (the married) it is even more important.” (Atsar that the authentic narration of Imam al-Bukhari (no. 4787)).

Below here are the following hadith and Quran that shows 17 Islamic rules for second marriage.

1. Married more than one

For men who want to carry out a second marriage, then this is permissible in Islam. However, if the man wants to marry after the second, Islam limits in it. A man in Islam should only marry no more and no less than 4 wives only. As described in one of the verses of the Quran below.

“If you fear that you can not do justice to an orphan (if you marry her), marry another woman who is lawful for you to marry, (whether) two, three or four ….” (Verse 4: 3)

2. Be fair

The second rule if you want to do a second marriage in Islam, make sure you as a man can do justice. You, as men should be fair to the first wife and the second wife you will marry later. Below is one of the hadith narrated.

“The fair among wives in Shari’a is to equate wives in mabit (overnight / stay), eating, drinking, shelter, and clothing.” (Raddul Mukhtar, Ibn ‘Abidin, 3/378)

3. Do not incline the more beloved wife

Being fair is not easy. Expected for men who make a second marriage. Please, do not incline the wife you love more.Do the justice to your two wives that you marry. You may want to read about Sincere Islamic Ways to Treat Your Wife

Below is one of the verses of the Quran that explains this.

“You will not be able to do justice between wives, even if you are anxious to do justice. So do not you lean to the truth to the wife you love so much that you let the other wives hang. ”
(Verse 4: 129)

4. The way the Prophet did fair to his wives

Rasulullah SAW, we know that Rasulullah SAW has more than one wife. Narrated that the Prophet SAW always tried to be fair to his wives. As in one of the hadith below is one of the stories how the Prophet SAW fair to his wives. You may want to read about 50 Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Narrated from ‘Aisha Radhiyallahu anhuma,

“If the Prophet Sallallahu’ alaihi wa Sallam is about to travel, then he draws among his wives; whichever of them is his part, he goes out with him. And he rationed for each of the night and day. “ (Imam al-Bukhari )

5. Fair in splitting heart

Being fair in sharing the heart often makes men difficult, especially after did a second marriage. Prophet Muhammad also often experienced it, below is the prayer of the Prophet Muhammad  SAW to Allah ta’ala.

“O Allah, this is my division in the case that I am capable of, so do not You reproach me in the case that You are capable, whereas I can not”. Abu Dawud said: “What he means is the heart”. (Abu Dawud)

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6. Worrying cannot be fair

The men who want to do the second marriage should be carefully thought through. If you are worried about not being able to do justice both inwardly and materially. So do not do this. This commandment is written in the same verse in Surah An-Nisa.

“However, if you are afraid that you can not be fair (between wives if you have more than one wife) marry one wife or provide with the slave girl you have …” (Verse 4 : 3)

7. The threat of a husband who can not be fair

Men who already have two wives, then he should be able to support them fairly. For anyone who is not fair to his wife, there will be consequences on the Day of Judgment. Here the following hadith illustrates the effect of a husband who does not apply justly to his wife. You may want to read about Rights of Bride in Islam

“Who has two wives then leans to one of the two (unfairly) then he will come on the Day of Judgment in a state next to his side.” (Abu Dawud)

8. Material ability

A man that has an ability of material things and he can be fair to his wives. In Islam, this is allowed in the second marriage. Here are the hadith that explain this

“O youth, who among you who have ba’ah then should he marry …” (Narrated by al-Bukhari)

9. An obligation to support the wife’s life needs

Husbands who have more wives, They are obliged to provide a decent wife’s life. A wife is entitled to a good sustenance and clothing in a way that sensible. Here is the complete explanation of hadith below.

“Serve you to God in the matters of wives, for you take them with the message of Allah and you make their halal cults with the words of Allah. Your right to them is that they do not allow anyone you hate to step on your stretch. If they do what you hate, beat them with a hard blow and hurt. Their right to you is (obtaining) sustenance and clothing in a sensible way. “(Narrated by Muslim)


10. Give decent living needs

A husband needs to pay attention to this, especially if you have two or more wives. Do not punish, condemn, and boycott your wives. Give them a life of good and worth living. In the hadith of Abu Dawud below, it is narrated.

“You give her (your wife) to eat if you eat and give her clothes if you dress. Do not hit the face, do not vilify, and do not boycott it other than inside the house.” ( HR. Abu Dawud)

11. The condition of the wife is barren

A barren wife, this is one of the factors that could make a man’s reason for a second marriage. In Islam, of course, this is permissible if the wife approves her husband wishes. Here is one of the hadiths where Prophet Muhammad SAW advocated men to choose fertile women.

“From Ma’qil bin Yasar, he said: Somebody came to the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam and said:

I have a woman who has dignity and beauty, but she is barren. Can I marry her?

He replied:


Then he came to him a second time, and he forbade it. Then came the third time, and he said:

“Marry a good and fertile woman, for I am proud of your multitudes against the other peoples.” (HR Abu Dawud and Shaykh al-Albani)

12. The wife is sick

Another factor that allows a man to make a second marriage is due to an illness suffered by his wife. You may want to read about Quranic Dua for Diseases

Below is an explanation of the hadith.

“A woman sometimes experiences pain, menstruation, and childbirth. While a man is always ready to cause the rise of this ummah. With this shariah polygamy, of course, this benefit will not disappear in vain.”(Shaykh Muhammad Asy Syanqithi in Adhwaul Bayaan quoted from Jami ‘Ahkamin Nisaa)

13. Maintain the honor of women

A man who wants to do a second marriage, it means he keeps the woman’s honor. Actually, the purpose of Islam allows polygamy is to abstain from adultery. Below is an explanation of one of the verses of the Quran.

“O ye who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire whereof the fuel is men and stones, over which are set angels strong, severe, who resist not Allah in that which He commandeth them, but do that which they are commanded.”  (Verse 66: 6)

14. Must be wise in facing the jealousy of women.

Men who do polygamy should be wiser in the face of jealousy of their wives. If you can not afford it, you should marry only a woman. Below here is the following hadith that explain this.

“Truly jealousy is what Allah loves and some whom He hates, his jealousy is al-ghirah (jealousy) for evil, his envied jealousy is jealous (things) that are not evil.” (HR an-Nasa’i and Ibn Hibban)

15. Establishment of kinship among fellow human beings

With a marriage will create offspring and kinship ties. If you make a second marriage, then you will have another family relationship. This will add to your familial kinship relationship. Here is an explanation of the Quranic verse below.

“He created man from water (semen), then He made man has offspring and mushaharah (family relationships by marriage) and is the Lord of the Almighty” ( Verse 25: 54)

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16. Prohibited from marrying two sisters

The second marriage can be done as long as you do not marry two women at once. Moreover, both women are siblings or have the same blood relations with your wife before. This has been described in one verse in the Quran.

(Forbidden on you) collects (in marriage) two sisters, except what happened in the past: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Verse 4: 23)

17. Intention to marry to worship Allah SWT

Marriage should be accompanied by intent. Intention to worship and remember Allah ta’ala. If you are married only for treasure, then you are among the losers. You may want to read about Right Ways How to be Closer to Allah SWT

Here is an explanation of one verse of the Quran.

“O ye who believe! Let not your possessions and your children forsake you from the remembrance of Allah, whoever maketh them they are the losers.” (Verse 63: 9)

Here are some of the rules in Islam that must be taken seriously. If you (men) want to do a second marriage. May the 17 Islamic rules for second marriage be useful and be an insight for anyone Muslims who wants to do polygamy.

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