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25 Blessing Prayers for Having a Child

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Having a descent is the dream of every married couple. The child is a deposit and sustenance which Allah ta’ala has given us. However, some couples who have been married for a long time never get a child. How to pray to get children? In this discussion, we will discuss 25 Prayer for having a child in Islam.


1. Do Al-Hajat Prayer

Prayer can be done in the midnight, after performing Tahajud prayer or can also be done in the morning. It is advisable after performing the prayer, you should also recite the dua as written below.

“There is no god but Allah Almighty and Most Virtuous. Glory be to Allah the Merciful of the Highest. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the night. It is to You that I ask for something that obliges Your mercy and benefits on each sin. Do not allow sin from me, but you forgive and have no interest, but you give way out, and not the things that You will deserve, but You grant. O All-Merciful and Merciful God.”

2. Do Tahajudd Prayer

Prayer Tahajud is a prayer that has the same great benefits as the Hajat prayer. By performing Tahajud prayer, may all our prayers can be granted by Allah SWT. After performing the Tahajud’s prayer, prostrate and recite istighfar 71 times, as in the following hadith. Read more about Dua for Hardship in Islam.

Imam Ali b. Abi Talib (sa) said: “If you want to have offspring, perform ablution perfectly, then do two rak’ah prayers well. After praying prostrate while recite Istighfar 71 times, then recite the following prayer: “O Allah, grant me a descendant, that I may name it by the name of Your Prophet Muhammad SAW.”

3. Do Dhuha Prayer

Children are one of the sustenance that Allah entrusts to us. You can perform Dhuha prayer at 07.00 – 10.00 in your local time. After praying dhuha as much as 2 rak’ah you should also recite the dua after Dhuha’s prayer as below.

“O Allah, verily when dhuha is your dhuha, greatness is your greatness, beauty is your beauty, that power is your strength, that power is your strength”, and the guard is your guardian.”O Allah, if my sustenance is still in the sky then come down, if there is on earth then let go, if it is difficult then it is easy, if it is haram, then clean up, if it is so close.” For the truth of your dhuha, your majesty, your beauty, your strength and your power, give me as you give your righteous servant. “

4. Do this after Isha Prayer

Do your prayers when you prostrate after you pray Isha, and then please reciting the dua below while you prostrate. The following dua is one of the Prophet’s advice to us in one of the following hadiths. You may want to read about Dua to Make Someone Love Us.

“Ya Rabbi, give me a good descent from Your side, verily the Hearing of prayer. Ya Rabbi, do not let me be alone without heredity, while You are the best inheritance.”“And this prayer should be recited in the last rak’ah of Isha prayer ‘. Then connect with your wife that night. “Harith bin Mughirah said: I did so to have Ali and Hussein’s children.” (Mustadrak Al-Wasail 2: 616)

5. Recite Al-Fatihah

Before reading any prayer, it is best to begin with the reading of the Al-Fatihah letter first. With the reciting of the Al-Fatihah at the beginning of the prayer, may our prayers be heard and altered by Allah ta’ala. Here is the Surah of Al-Fatihah.

“In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever merciful. All Praise Be to Allah, Lord of all the words. Most beneficent,ever-Merciful. King of the Day of Judgement. You alone we worship. And to You alone turn for help. Guide us (O Lord) to the path that is straight. The path of those You have blessed, Not of those who have earned Your anger, nor those who have gone astray.” (Al-Faatiha 1:1-7)

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6. Begin praying with praise to Allah and repent to the Prophet (PBUH)

After reading surahs like Al-Faatiha, it should be balanced by reading praise to Allah and repent to the Prophet (PBUH). After that, pray with confidence about everything you ask. Inshaallah whatever your dua will be granted by Allah ta’ala. Read more about Dua for the Dead Person in Islam.

“If one of you is praying then should start by praising Allah ta’ala and worshiping Him, then should read Salawat on the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam, then after that, he may pray about whatever he wants.” (Narrated by Abu Daud and At -Tirmidhi)

7. Recite Al-Ikhlas

Surahs Al Ikhlas has many secrets in it, the person reciting the Al-Ikhlas can simplify all the difficulties in the world. Including in not having children, this prayer can be practiced every morning and evening, please recite it as much as we can. The following is a hadith that encourages us to recite the Al-Ikhlas.

“Indeed the Messenger of Allaah. to hear someone say: “O Allah, verily I ask You, that I testify that You are God with no god who is worshiped except the One, the One who depends on You, childless and not also desirable, and no one is equal to Him, “then Rasulullah Saw. said: “Surely you have asked Allah by His name, which if He asks with it (will surely) give, and if He is diseur with it, (will surely) grant it.”
(Narrated by Abu Daud)

8. Surah Ali Imran verse 38

The following dua which is one of the verses of the Quran is the dua of the prophet Zackariah AS who begs Allah SWT to be blessed with children. Hopefully, by reading this prayer any Muslim who reads it will be blessed with a child. Aminn ya robbal alamiin. You may want to read about Dua for Newborn Baby in Islam

“Then prayed Zachariah to his Lord: ‘O Lord, bestow on me offspring, virtuous and good, for You answer all prayers.’” (Ali Imran 3:38)

9. Surah Al-Anbiya verse 89

In another surah in the Quran, it is also mentioned about the prayer of the prophet Zackariah who pleads with Allah that he be blessed with the child. In this prayer, the prophet Zachariah asked with great hope that Allah SWT gives him a son. This dua is also a powerful tool to live out for anyone as Muslim who wants to have children.

“(Remember) Zachariah when he called to his Lord: ‘Do not leave me alone (and childless), for you are the best of givers.” (Al-Anbiyaa 21:89)

10. Surah Al-Hud verse 71

The content of this surahs is to tell about the greatness of Allah SWT. That Allah SWT gives offspring to the prophet Abraham and his wife, in the old condition. Here is a verse from the Quran that explains this. Read more about Dua to Increase Memory in Islam

“His wife who stood near, laughed as We gave her the good news of Isaac, and after Isaac of Jacob. She said: Oh woe is me! Shall I bear a child when I am an old woman, and this my husband is an old man? Lo! this is a strange thing! Did they say: Wonderest thou at the commandment of Allah? The mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, O people of the house! Lo! He is Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory!” (Hud 11:71-73)


11. Surah Al-Ahqaf verse 15

The content of this surahs is as human beings we have to do good to our mothers and fathers. If we want to have children, we should treat our parents well. With the prayer and blessings of the parents inshallah our prayers will be answered to get the child.

“And We have commended unto man kindness toward parents. His mother beareth him with reluctance, and bringeth him forth with reluctance, and the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty months, till, when he attaineth full strength and reacheth forty years, he saith: My Lord! Arouse me that I may give thanks for the favour wherewith Thou hast favoured me and my parents and that I may do right acceptable unto Thee. And be gracious unto me in the matter of my seed. Lo! I have turned unto Thee repentant, and lo! I am of those who surrender (unto Thee).” (Al Ahqaf 46:15)

12. Surah As-Shaffat verse 100

Narrated in this verse Prophet Ibrahim pleaded with Allah to be blessed with a righteous son and can help him in delivering dakwah and accompany in the journey and become friends in loneliness. Then, Allah granted the child to the Prophet Ibrahim AS. The message that can be taken from this verse is, as human beings we should not despair and rest assured Lord’s greatness that Allah is Almighty Lord, and the provision of Allah is unpredictable. You may want to read about Dua for Conception in Islam.

“(And he prayed:) ‘O Lord, grant me a righteous son.’” (As-Saaffaat 37:100)

13. Surah Al-Furqan verse 74

In order to get a child, it’s good to rid yourself of bad charities. This method is done by some righteous Muslims to make children of their wives and grandchildren obedient to Allah ta’ala. Below is the dua.

“And those who say: ‘O, Lord, give us comfort in our spouses and children, and make us paragons of those who follow the straight path.’” (Al-Furqaan 25:74)

14. Surah Maryam

Surahs Maryam is believed some people who recite it will quickly be blessed with a child. Recite the surahs of Maryam in the first verse through the sixth. Hopefully by reading this verse in the Quran Allah will grant our duas.

“Kaf. Ha. Ya. ‘Ain Sad. A mention of the mercy of thy Lord unto His servant Zachariah.When he cried unto his Lord a cry in secret, Saying: My Lord! Lo! the bones of me wax feeble and my head is shining with grey hair, and I have never been unblest in prayer to Thee, my Lord. Lo! I fear my kinsfolk after me since my wife is barren. Oh, give me from Thy presence a successor. Who shall inherit of me and inherit (also) of the house of Jacob?  And make him, my Lord, acceptable (unto Thee).” (Maryam 19:1-6)

15. Surah Al-Baqarah

Breaking the surahs Al Baqarah in the last 2 verses at night is believed to make life more spacious and Allah SWT will provide sufficient needs, including in terms of having children. Below are the last two verses of Al-Baqarah along with the hadiths that are well. You may want to read about Quranic Dua for Diseases.

“The Messenger believeth in that which hath been revealed unto him from his Lord and (so do) believers. Each one believeth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers – We make no distinction between any of His messengers – and they say: We hear, and we obey. (Grant us) Thy forgiveness, our Lord. Unto Thee is the journeying.Allah tasketh not a soul beyond its scope. For it (is only) that which it hath earned, and against it (only) that which it hath deserved. Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget, or miss the mark! Our Lord! Lay not upon us such a burden as thou didst lay on those before us! Our Lord! Impose not on us that which we have not the strength to bear! Pardon us, absolve us and have mercy on us, Thou, our Protector, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk.” (Al-Baqarah 2:285-286)

From Abu Mas’ud Al Badri Ra. that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever reads the last two verses from the letter of Al Baqarah at night, then he will be given adequately.”
(Narrated by Bukhari Muslim)

16. Husband’s Dua

The husband’s prayer of wives also has an effect on getting a child. Below is an example of a husband’s prayer to a wife after the marriage contract process suggested by Rasulullah SAW.

“O Lord, give blessings to me and my wife and bless them for my sake. O Allah, give me rizq for them, and give rizq to them for me. O Allah put us together (together) in goodness and separate us (together) in goodness. “ (Narrated by Abdurrazzaq in Al- Mushannaf)

17. Dua of Many Treasures and Descends

The prayers below are requests for good rizq and descendants. This is the prayer in the narration of the hadith of HR.Bukhari and Muslim. Read more about How to Dua for Success

“O Allah, multiply the treasure and the child, and bless what you give to him.” (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

18. Dua of the Teachings of the Prophet Before the intercourse

In fact, there are certain ordinances in Islam before intercourse. One of the ways is reciting the following dua. This dua is also recited too by our Apostle SAW before intercourse with his wife.

“In the name of Allah, O Lord, remove me from Satan and keep the Satan out of the child whom You will grant us.”

19. Dua when the nutfah will come out

Read this prayer silently, when you are at the peak, may Allah will grant a righteous child to you. Below this is the dua when you are at the peak.

“O Allah make our nutfah become a good decent (shalih)”

20. Dua after the intercourse

After doing the Jima ‘ (intercourse) it turns out as for the dua that must be recited. This dua is intended for Allah ta’ala may make the nutfah as a good descendant, one day. You may want to read about Benefits of Blood Donating in Islam.

“Praise be to Allah who has made this nutfah into a man (descent).”

21. Istighfar

Make the effort to erase some of your sins, with reciting istighfar in the morning. With istighfar, may Allah forgive all your sins. And give a righteous son to you. Here is a hadith that suggests that we do the istighfar to get children.One said to Imam Ja’far Ash-Shadiq (sa): I have no children.

Then he said: “Recite Istighfar (100 times) early morning time if you forget Qadha (replace it in next time).” (Al-Wasail 15: 108).

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22. Dhikr

Do zikr after you perform the obligatory prayers, Allah will help and grant your wishes. As in the word of Allah ta’ala written in the Quran below.

“He said: My Lord! Appoint a token for me. (The angel) said: The token unto thee (shall be) that thou shalt not speak unto mankind three days except by signs. Remember thy Lord much, and praise (Him) in the early hours of night and morning.” (Ali Imran 3:41)

23. Give some charity

If only dua and pray are not enough to get a child, you can do charity. What is the relationship of charity by waiting for the baby? The importance of charity is as a shield or as a repellent of reinforcements. With charity can keep us from any problem and Allah ta’ala will give sustenance and doubled of reward. Below is one of the hadiths that explain this.

“Whoever wants his prayer is granted and freed from his troubles let him overcome (solve) the difficulties of others” (HR Ahmad)

24. Recite one of the asmaul husna

Recite one of the asmaul husna “Ya Mushawwir” 100 times after you do the daily prayer. Then it can balance with fasting for 7 days in a row, fasting is done by both wife and husband. Below is a Quranic verse that explains the benefits of Asmaul Husna. Read more about Benefits of Completing Reciting Quran in Islam

“Say:’Call Him Allah or call Him Ar-Rahman; whatever the name you call Him by, all His names are beautiful.’ Do not say your prayers too loudly or in too low a voice, but follow a middle course. And say:’All praise be to Allah who has neither begotten a son nor has a partner in His kingdom; nor has He need of anyone to protect Him from ignominy. So extol Him by extolling His majesty.’ (Al-Isra’17:110-111)

25. Be Patience

Patience waiting for the presence of the child is important. Surrender it all to Allah SWT and surely Allah will definitely answer your prayer. Do not despair in prayer or effort. Allah loves those who are patient. Here is one verse of the Qur’an that describes patience.

“O ye who believe! Seek help in steadfastness and prayer. Lo! Allah is with the steadfast.”

(Baqarah 2:153)

Married and having children is the wish of all married people. Hopefully with 25 prayers for having child above can help you get the children, someday. By dua, performing prayer, zikr, fasting Sunna and leaving some actions that are bad, insha’Allah Allah will grant our prayers to be immediately blessed with children.

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