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Prohibition of Dancing in Islam You Should Know

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Dancing is a movement of body that follows the rhythm in a special place and time. Commonly, It is followed by a music or song. Dancing in Islam is ar-raqshu. In the dictionary of Mu’jam Al Wasith, dancing is someone who moves his position and shakes his body according to the rhythm of music or song.


Commonly, dancing is done by women. Men do that, too. But women dancer is more numerous than men dancer because they are more interesting for the viewers. In this chance, this article will discuss about prohibition of dancing in Islam below:

  • Prohibition of dancing in Islam based on the verses of Al-Qur’an

Most of women dance as their entertainments that lead to the worldly pleasures, they often dance with clothes that do not cover their aurat, shaking their body and their hips to give a happiness for the viewers.

Allah SWT said, “And do not walk upon the earth exultantly. Indeed, you will never tear the earth [apart], and you will never reach the mountains in height.” (Q.S. Al-Isra : 37).

The explanation from that verse is Allah SWT forbids human to conduct excessively in the pursuit of worldly pleasures. Allah SWT and His Messenger never command or recommend their people to dance, moreover if that dancing is done by a woman who show their aurat because it can cause the lust of the viewers and sins for that woman.

  • Prohibition of dancing in Islam based on the Hadith

In the era of Rasulullah saw, there was a dancing show from people in the mosque (Exactly in the Eid al-Fitr). This hadith is narrated by Aisha (the wife of Rasulullah saw) “The people of Habasyah played with their war equipments, Rasulullah spread out a silk, so they did not show me (Aisha) while I watched them. I continued to do so until I was reluctant  to saw them again.” (Narrated by Bukhari number 5190), “They played spears in front of Rasulullah.” (Narrated by Muslim)

That hadith tells that there was a group of dancer who dance with playing war equipments. At that time, Aisha watched them with Rasulullah saw. That dancing was done by men (there was no women). That dancing was allowed because it did not contain lust, that dancing contained about war and there was no women dancer who showed their awra.

Dancing is allowed if it does not imitate disbelievers, for example, dancing with showing awra, shaking their hips, and other ways that cause lust. But if the dancing is done like modern dance that shows the awra of dancers and it causes lust, then the law is haram. It is narrated by the hadith below, “The law of dancing is makruh, but if it is done with imitating disbelievers, then it becomes haram.” (Liqaa Baabil Maftuh page 18)

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The Law of Dancing for Women

Women are not allowed to dance by movements that can cause lust, such as:

  1. Move breast and hip

“Order you wife to use clothes inside the outer garment, so she does not show her body.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud). That hadith is an advice of Rasulullah saw for women. They have to wear clothes as the cover of their body (underwear) before they wear outer garments, so they do not show their body. Moreover they shake their breast and hips, of course, it will cause lust for the viewers and it makes them as ignorance women.

  1. Soften the voice

“Do not be soft in speech [to men].” (Q.S Al-Ahzab : 32). A woman who soften her voice (singing) while dancing is forbidden in Islam. Because her voice is also awra. The law of dancing for women is haram because that dancing is looked like the dancing of disbelievers.

  1. Stomp feet

“Do not that woman stomp her feet when she walks to let others hear the sound of her anklet. That is as shown awra.”  (Narrated by Muslom)

  1. The Causes Why Islam forbids dancing

The law of dancing for women who dance like disbelievers is haram. Islam always has laws or the best Shari’a that have many benefits from our lives. Here are the causes why the law of dancing for women in Islam is haram :

  1. Do not keep their honor

Allah SWT said in Al-Qur’an surah An Nisa verse 25 “Good women in Islam are those who good in society, they can keep their selves and do not do something only for the worldly pleasures. While those are women who keep their selves, not adulterers and not also women who take men as their playmates.”.

  1. It is an adultery

There are many kinds of adulteries such as hand adultery, eyes adultery, mind adultery and behavior adultery. Dancing for women can cause lust and adultery. Now, many women dance as they want (free dancing). Because of that, men who are not their mahram can see their awra easily. This thing is one of reasons that women are forbidden to dance.

“But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors.” (Q.S. Al-Mu’minun : 7).  As the servant of Allah SWT, we should follow His commands, so that we can be avoided from bad deeds and behavior that beyond the boundary.

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Dancing That is Allowed in Islam

Allah the Merciful never makes His servant in difficultness; He always provides us how to make life easy in Islam. Allah SWT always gives good will as His loves. Every woman has had a body that is used to do her activities. Sometimes, she wants to move and dance to make them happy.

Here are the laws of dancing for women that is allowed in Islam:

  • Do not show your aurat in front of the opposite sex (Non-Mahram)

For example, gym and dancing are accompanied by music in an enclosed space. Women close their awra and there is no non-mahram who sees them. The dancing like that is allowed because their goal is keeping their healthiness.

  • In front of the husband

There is no prohibition about a woman dances in front of her husband, in any way and by any intentions, especially How to give pleasure to husband  as long as her husband allows her, the law of dancing like that is allowed.

“Dance a woman in front of her husband without anyone see, then it is no problem. Because sometimes it can arouse husband’s love to his wife. And all things that can arouse husband’s love to his wife are things that can be charged in Sharia as long as it is not haram deeds.” (Liqa Asy-Syahri page 19)

That hadith explains that women are free to dance in any ways as long as it is in front of her husband. Instead, it becomes rewards and worships for her.

“The dancing of a wife special for her husband, the law is halal in any ways.” (Fatawa Syaikh Masyhur Alu Salman number 49)

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Thus, the article about prohibition of dancing in Islam, hopefully, it can be useful for you. See you in the next chance and thank you. Moreover, you also should know about Prohibition of drugs in Islam, Prohibition of raising dogs in Islam, and Prohibition of fortune telling in Islam.

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