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15 Reason Why Prohibition of Fortune Telling In Islam

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In the days of ignorance when many people make certain procedures to determine the fate of using arrows. In the implementation of the draw in determining the fate is by using arrows that have not used feathers to determine whether they will do an act or not.


The trick is that they take three arrows that are not yet wearing fur. Each arrow was given the inscription “My Lord told me”, “My God forbade me”, while the third arrow was not written anything. Then the three arrows are placed in a place kept inside the Ka’aba.

If they will do any work or deed, they will ask the Ka’aba’s interpreter to take one of the arrows they have saved and each one written. This is the way they draw and decide the fate of doing or not doing a job or deed.

1. In accordance with the writing on the arrow that was taken by the interpreter of the Ka’ba.

If the arrows that are drawn are arrows that have no writing, then the draw is repeated once again or several more times.

2. Thus, the “commanded arrow” or “banning arrow” is issued.

How to draw a fate or determine the fate of doing or not doing the job by drawing arrows like this is haram ..

Allah says:

يأيها ٱلذين ءامنوا إنما ٱلخمر وٱلميسر وٱلأنصاب وٱلأزلم رجس من عمل ٱلشيطن فٱجتنبوه لعلكم تفلحون

O ye who believe, verily (drink), gamble, (sacrifice for) idols, draw fate with arrows, is a vile act including the deeds of Satan. So stay away from those deeds in order for you to have good fortune. (Q.S. 5:90)

3. In this day and age still exist in Islamic society such deeds.

An example is to throw pebbles, snail skin and open a place like a cup (glass), and other similar kinds. And these are all haram in Islam. Read more about  Prohibition of Lying In Islam

Ath-Thabrani with sanad jayyid narrated from the Messenger of Allah. that he said:

لاينال الدرجات العلى من تكهن أواستقسم )اي بالأزلام( أورجع من سفر تطيرا )اي تشاؤما( 0

“Will not get a high degree of people who berdukun or raffle with arrows, or home from a pessimistic journey”.

4. If Islam forbid to draw fate with arrows and make it as a shirk.

Then Islam, at the same time also teaches its followers: Shayat istikharah (ask for good choice) that disyari’atkannya. With the prayer, concentrate on the goal, or refrain from doing it.

اجتنبوا السبع الموبقات قالو: يارسول االله, وماهي? قال: الشرك باالله, والسحر, وقتل النفس التى حرم االله إلا بالحق, وأكل الربا, وأكل مال اليتيم, واتولى يوم الزحف, وقذف المحصنات الغفلات المؤمنات0

“Stay away from seven kinds of evil”. They asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what are the seven kinds of evil?” He said, “To unite God, to witch, to kill the soul that Allah forbade to kill him except for the right reason, to eat riba, to eat the orphan’s treasures, to turn to war, to accuse the good ladies, the unbelievers again.”

5. Religion of Islam prohibits all forms of evil whatsoever, all deeds that cause harm (sin) for self, others and environment.

6. Maysir literally means gaining something very easily without hard work or a profit without work.

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7. In Islam, maysir referred to here is anything that contains elements of gambling, betting, or risky games.

Maisyir is a transaction that is hung on an uncertain and lucky circumstance. Identical to the word maisyir is qimar. According to Muhammad ayyub, both maisyir and qimar are intended as a game of chance. Read more about Virtues of Surah Al-Fatihah

In other words, what is meant by is gambling. Another term used in the Qur’an is the word ‘azlam’ which means gambling.

8. Maysir or gambling in Islam is obviously forbidden

As well as the sin that resulted from doing the deeds is much greater. According to Allah’s word in the Qur’an:

They ask you about khamr and gambling. Say:

“In both of them there is a great sin and some benefit to man, but his second sin is greater than his benefit” (Al-Baqarah: 219).

In Al-qur’an mentioned:

“Truly, Shaytan intends to provoke animosity and hatred among you because of (drinking) the khamr and gambling, and deters you from remembrance of Allah and prayer; then stop you (from doing it) “(Al-Maidah: 91).

QS Al-Maidah: 90

O ye who believe, actually drink of khamr, gamble, sacrifice for idols, draw fate with arrows, is a vile act including the deeds of the devil. So keep those deeds to good luck (QS Al-Maidah: 90).

9. Gambling in all its forms is prohibited in the Islamic Shari’ah gradually.

The first stage, gambling is a crime that has mudharat (sin) greater than its benefits (Surah 2: 219).


10. The second stage, gambling and betting in all its forms are prohibited and considered as unjust and very hated (Surah 5: 90-91).

In addition to prohibiting clear forms of gambling and betting, Islamic law also forbids any business activity that contains the element of gambling (Shiddiqi, 1985). Read more about  Importance of Treating Guest in Islam

Gambling on the one hand is forbidden because it is a business of chance that is emphasized on the element of irrational, illogical and unfounded speculation. However, in terms of its impact on the economy, gambling is prohibited because it does not provide an impact of increased production that will increase the supply of agrerat goods and services in the real sector.

11. The reason for the prohibition of gambling is similar to the prohibition of hoarding of goods which will also have an impact on the reduced supply of agriculture from goods and services.

Gambling can be said to be a form of unproductive investment because it is not directly related to the real sector and does not have the effect of increasing the supply of agrarian goods and services. Because of this, gambling is prohibited in Islam (other than the reason for morality) Read more about Virtues of Good Manners in Islam

The perpetrators of criminal acts must be subject to sanctions or punishments in accordance with the applicable principles of justice.

12. Punishment in Islam has the purpose to create the tranquility of individuals and society and prevent actions that can cause harm to society, punishment is also determined to improve the individual, keeping society orderly society.

On the other hand the provision of a punishment is in accordance with the concept of the objective of Islamic Shari’a, namely to realize the benefit of the people and at the same time to uphold justice.

13. There is a case that belongs to maysir, namely the case of SDSB (Donation of Social Funds) and PORKAS.

At that time the government intends to raise funds from the public for the advancement of sports by withdrawing donations from the public, in order to attract the public to participate in donations so everyone who donates will be given a coupon, and the coupons will be drawn, for the lucky ones will get a reward with great value.

In this way the committee can raise a huge donation of funds, and a small portion of the donation will be awarded to some winners in prize form, while the majority will be used for sports progress. The problem that then arises is, whether the transaction includes gambling or not?

14. This case ended with the removal of SDSB coupons from circulation because it was considered gambling and unlawful.

Indeed here there is someone who likes to get a prize or win in the draw, but on the other side there are people who are harmed because each party equally provide funds. Read more about  Importance of Humble in Islam

15. Another case similar to this is in an MLM and Money Game industry.

Where in this industry when someone successfully recruited a member (downline) then he will get a bonus in the amount, the more recruits it will be more bonuses, while members who do not succeed recruit other members then he will not get a bonus.

For example, in a school event, in a soccer game, the requested participation fund from the participants should not be allocated, partially or wholly, for the purchase of trophies or champion bonuses. Read more about Virtues of Gaining Knowledge in Islam

To avoid the occurrence of maysir in a soccer game, the purchase of trophies or bonuses for the champions can be obtained from sponsorship who did not participate. Thus, no one feels aggrieved over the other’s victory. Giving bonuses or trophies in such a way in fiqih terms is called as a gift, and lawful lawful.

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