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13 Reasons of Prohibition of Lying In Islam

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Lies is to say something that does not fit the reality or reduce and exaggerate it. Lies are generally done for wanting to gain personal advantage by fooling others. everybody must understand that lying is a dishonorable deed and not be done by anyone. Therefore it is always taught by parents to their children or a teacher to his students not to commit lies.


Lies are not the actions of believers and never exemplified by the Prophet, the Prophet even famous and recognized as the best human who has the most honest nature in the whole world. why lie is not allowed of course because it will cause harm or badness both to yourself and others, what are they? Let’s see the danger of lies in Islam in the following article:

1. The scholars reminded

Reminder of the lie to Allah and the Messenger of lies by carrying the name of Allah and His Messenger over the teachings of religion which he carries when he has no knowledge in them, and if he lies in the name of Allah and His Apostle the scholars agree that he will never be fortunate in marriage, befriended, in society, even in the hereafter, for God’s blessing is removed from him.

Allah Mention in the letter of An-Nahl verse 116:

“And say not unto what your false tongue speaks of” this is lawful and it is forbidden “, to invent a lie against Allah: for those who invent a lie against Allah are not fortunate.” (An-Nahl: 116)

The scholars also interpret in the hadith the liars of those who lie on the Day of Resurrection their faces will be blackened by the burning of hell on their face, and in hell there is a place for the arrogant, for the trick of lying gives birth to the throne.

2. The lie to make people laugh

Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said in the report of Abu Daud: “It is an accident, destruction, destruction, humiliation, and valley of hell for them (lying for making people laugh.) In other Hadith narrated the Prophet said: in the midst of heaven for those who leave a lie even if they are just joking. Read more about Benefits of Listening Holy Qur’an

3. Lies in buying and selling

God also forbids this form of lie because it can damage the value of the product, and forbid the results of what they sell. some scholars of hadith say lies and lies to make the product will be damaged and do not benefit from it as lie lifted the blessing on someone .

4. Lying out of a trap

We may have met someone who is lying for his salvation, this may save his life in the world, but not for the afterlife, because God hates those who lie or lie. Read more about  Importance of Waiting Praying Time in Islam

5. Lie to the child

We often do to motivate the child either to be in school, or in other things, whereas lies and lies are wrong and bad in the eyes of god. in the hadith of Bukhori history: The Prophet once saw a father calling his son by saying, “come here son, I will give this to you, then the apostle of Allah said whether you will give it to him or you will belong to the people who lie.

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6. Causes of Hell

“And in fact the lie will show to the injustice, and the injustice will lead to hell”. (Bukhari Muslim).

The danger of falsehood in Islam is to go to hell like the word of God, lie is a despicable act of deceiving others and risking misunderstandings until the argument is a lie not to be done. lie is indeed a major sin in Islam.

7. Not Interceding Messenger of Allah SWT

“After me there will be leaders who do oppressors and lie, who justifies his lies and helps his tyranny is not among the group of my people and I am not included from him and he will not come to the lake (which is in heaven).” (HR Nasa’i).

The Messenger of Allah has never lied in his life, so in the future he will not intercede for those who lie. the danger of lying and its laws in Islam is to be understood.

8. Not Able to Pass Exam

“We have indeed tested before them so that Allah may know the upright and know the lie.” (Surat al-Ankabut: 3).

Every servant of God must always be tested to know the level of their faith. The person who, when tested, is not able to hold fast to the Islamic Shari’a and lie his mark he becomes a person who is unable to pass the test of God and has a lowly degree. faith in Islam will keep man from lying. Read more about Virtues of Childbirth in Islam

9. Sustenance Not Blessing

Seeking sustenance with a lie will not be blessed, for example, is a job related to deceiving others or dishonest merchants who lie by exaggerating their merchandise to make the buyer deceived with the intention of making a profit for himself. “The income of the best is from his hand” (Muslim). how to be a successful person is certainly not a way of lying.

10. Prohibited Rasulullah SAW

“Do not lie for who is lying will go to hell” (Narrated by Al Bukhari).

The Prophet forbade his people to lie and always advise to do anything and always be honest under any circumstances, if there is a person who is a Muslim but often commits a falsehood is certainly a sign that his faith is very weak and does not want to follow the apostle’s command so that later he was put into hell. Honest benefits in Islam must be understood in order to avoid lies.

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11. The act of Adultery

“They are the ones who love to hear false news and eat the haram” (Sura Al Maidah: 42).

It is obvious that a lie is a sinful act that inflicts great sin because it is the thrill of treason against the other’s misdeeds. people who lie just like doing a sinful deed and deceive many people, generally such people will be difficult to pursue belief if to front lies revealed. Read more about  Sunnah in Rajab Month

12. Bringing on Hypocrisy

Narrated by Malik of Sofwan bin Sulaim in the book of Al Muwatha:

“Asked to the Messenger of Allah: Will a believer be a coward? He answered yes. Then he asked again, whether a believer isa being a hunks? He answered yes. Then asked again whether a believer can be a liar? He said no! “

It is clear from these hadiths that a Muslim might be mistaken by being a coward, being grab or stingy, but not with a lie. The one who is clothed is not one of the believers as the previous pagans who always spread lies to harm the Muslims.

13. Making doubts and confused

“And indeed lie will lead to doubt or confusion.” (HR At Tirmidhi no 2518).

People who lie will often look confused and hesitant because of their own lies. for example is today lying about an affair and tomorrow when asked he will be confused and possibly reveal another story with a different story because confused about the lie that he has issued.

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