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12 Useful Tips for Muslim to Get Socialize in Non-Muslim Environment

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For a Muslim who lives in a Muslim majority country, daily life will be easier for them. Things would be different when a Muslim lives in a non-Muslim country, such as in Europe or America. The difference in culture, customs, and rules in daily life makes us harder to adjust.


But as a social being, we can’t live on our own and don’t care about our surrounding. We still have to mingle with others even when our belief is not the same. Islam has set rule to socialize with others which has to be upon right intention with good motivation. What if we, Muslims, live in a non-Muslim environment?

We can follow some tips for Muslim to get socialize in non-Muslim environment. Insya Allah this could help.

  1. Be Good to Others

Wherever you live, Islam encourages Muslims to be good to their neighbors and all people they live with. You must apply it when you live among the non-Muslims as well. If you are studying abroad and your roommate is a non-Muslim, be kind to them. If you moved house and your next door is also non-Muslim, be kind to them. Kindness is Islamic identity that must be shown to others. Also read Importance of Community in Islam

  1. Introduce Yourself When You Move

When you move all by yourself or together with your family, introduce yourself to the old residents. Or when a new neighbors is moving in, you should also introduce yourself. If you show good intentions right from the start, it will help eradicate any wrong perceptions about Islam. Don’t forget to say hello when you see them and don’t separate without a goodbye.

  1. Take a Good Care of Them

Don’t treat them differently just because they are not Muslims. As we know Islam has been misunderstood in most of non-Muslims countries, so it’s our task to change it. As a good Muslim, you have to take a good care of them, especially when they’re in need. Offer your sincere help to them and don’t hesitate to do anything necessary. Also read Ways To Earn Good Deeds In Islam

  1. Deal with Them According to Sharia Law

Upon dealing with neighbor and other people in a non-Muslim environment, you indeed have to be good but we must not abandon the Sharia law. You should rather deal with same sex neighbor, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t interact with opposite sex in workplace or school. But remember to keep it minimal as the evil whisper of Shaytan is always around.

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  1. Limit Your Tolerance

Islam is a high tolerant religion, so a Muslim should show tolerance to others as well. You may share your thoughts and ideas, but never give up your Islamic values and principles. For example, non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol but Muslims are not. so when you are asked to join on an outing that involved alcoholic drink, let them know your restrictions but stay respect to them. Also read Importance of Good Relations in Islam

  1. You May Share Kindness to Them

Not only sharing thoughts and ideas, you can exchange dish and foods with your non-Muslim neighbors and friends. You can give them foods and receive theirs in return, but make sure that they know Islamic dietary restriction so that they won’t give you haram food.

  1. Interact in a Constructive Way with Each Other

Human interactions can’t be limited to religion. There are many things that can be shared with each other without having to touch the religious area. Interaction should be done in interactive ways. If a discussion unexpectedly lured into religion, you better turn it around into another direction. Religion remains a sensitive matters and there will be no end to a discussion regarding this matter. Also read Importance of Kinship in Islam

  1. Present Your Islamic Value in the Interaction

Don’t be afraid to show your Islamic value while interacting with non-Muslims. But non-Muslims often ask unexpected questions regarding Islam, and as Muslims you don’t know the exact answer regarding the matters. If something like that happen, suggest them to go to a scholar whose Islamic knowledge is deeper than you so that they won’t get any misconception about Islam.

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  1. Respect Their Customs and Regulations

Living in a non-Muslim country means you have to be ready for countless difference you might encounter. They surely have a completely different customs and regulations regarding way of living and basic values. You don’t have a right to against them or changing them. Pay respect for the difference instead. Don’t scratch your religion by ungrateful act. Also read Importance of Moral Values in Islam

  1. Do Everything with Allah SWT in Mind

You will not live in a non-Muslim community unless Allah SWT has planned it for you. Everything you are going through right now is by the permission of Allah SWT and be sure that there will be tremendous rewards awaiting for you later. All you have to do is showing kindness to others.

  1. Be Sincere with Them

Upon interacting with your non-Muslims surrounding, remember that you have to be sincere with them. Don’t differentiate the way you take care your Muslim brothers with them. Allah SWT still gives you the equal rewards if you help a non-Muslims. Kindness is all that matters, no matter to whoever to show it. Also read Things not to Delay in Islam

  1. Don’t Alienate Yourself from the Surrounding

Don’t feel minor when you live in a non-Muslim environment. Socialize with them just like how you socialize with other people. Don’t lock yourself up in the home and not going out just because you are the only Muslim in a non-Muslim environment.

There are still plenty tips for Muslim to get socialize in non-Muslim environment. You can always adjust it with the environment you live in. If you happen to live in a non-Muslim environment, keep in mind that it’s a blessing from Allah SWT and there must be bigger plan for you in the future. Truly, Allah knows best.

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