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15 Benefits of Niqab in Islam

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The face veil or niqab has become a major debate whether it is trully required to wear or not. Many people think that niqab is a form of oppression and limitation for being unable to show their face. But similar to hijab, wearing niqab is supposed to be a personal choice without any pressure from family, husband, or other parties. This is because niqab is simply a way to strengthen the faith without seeing other women who do not cover their face as less modest or less Islamic. Below are some benefits of Niqab that you should know.


1. Sense of Islamic identity

Wearing niqab means to cover neck, head, hands, face, and feet. With this piece of clothes, there is no way women will be mistakenly seen as not Muslim. Many people think that wearing niqab for the first time can feel heavy because people will automatically recognize as Muslim. Thus, it is obligatory to set the best example of Muslim women in everyday activity.

2. Respect for parents

Parents and other family members will be very proud when their daughter wearing niqab as physical proof of Islamic identity. They will have nothing to worry that their women’s family member will fall into mischief.

3. The example of Muslims

As niqab is one of many ways which carry the identity as a Muslim, it is clear that wearing niqab should be the example of leading generation of Muslim. All the wives and daughters of the prophet wore the veil and completely covered their body. They are basically the best example of how Muslim women should behave and dressed.

4. Treated as who you are

People these days tend to treat other people from the appearance, skin color, and the like. Even though racism no longer exists but in reality there are still people treat another from appearance. When wearing niqab, people will not treat you from your skin color nor will they see you as exploitable object. They will only listen to what you are saying instead of busy judging how you look and missing out the conversation.

5. Eliminate race issue

Niqab covers the entire parts of the body except the eyes. On this condition, no one knows the color of the skin, hair, and body size. This piece of clothing protects women from racist treatment and remark that still prevalent in some places in the world. Learn more about racism and Islam.

6. Sense of privacy

In these modern days, some women may find it difficult to find privacy from prying eyes. It is indeed uncomfortable to have prying eyes looking everywhere you are going. Niqab indeed helps protect your privacy without worrying other people think of you.

7. Showing modesty

Niqab promotes modesty, piety, and chastity. It is not a way to prevents women from fitting her important role as an individual in society or makes her inferior. Chastity and modesty are very important ideologies in Islam. It should be applied in everyday behavior including the way of dressing. Learn more about modesty and how to be patience in Islam.

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8. Protect women’s beauty

Every woman is beautiful but it does not mean that the beauty should become public consumption. It prevents women for being portrayed as sex symbols or object to please. When a woman wears niqab, she will be noticed for her intellect, personality, and faith rather than from her physical appearance. Further, wearing revealing clothes is also considered as downgrading of pride in Islam.

9. It is an overall protection for women

Looking for protection against prying eyes and even from sunrays and pollution? Niqab gives it all. Muslims believe that when a woman wears revealing clothes and display her beauty to everybody, she degrades herself by becoming sexual objects. Niqab, however, protects them from being the object of sexual harassment. Find out more about women’s role in Islam.

10. Limit attention of men’s stares

Sexual assaults start from men’s attention to women’s body. When a women wears revealing clothes, no wonder if she receives filthy men’s stares. The purpose of wearing niqab is not to bring attention to a woman’s body. Covering the entire body parts grants women the aura of respect and forces the society to see her in high esteem.

11. Help hide emotions

Other hidden benefits of niqab are it allows women to hide their emotions. Showing emotions sometimes are not a good thing because other people may take advantage of it. No one should know whether you confuse, afraid, or anxious.

12. Prevent from abusive act

Abusive acts, including sexual harassment happen most everyday. But covering the entire body with niqab lowers the chance of sexual harassment. This is because no man will see her as sexual object. Niqab should be seen as a potential way to stop abusive acts and sexual harassment.

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13. Preservation for husband

Let’s face it. Men are jealous in nature. They mostly do not want other people looking at their wife. Niqab is a way to preserve a wife’s beauty from other gaze and only share it with husband. On the other hand, for those who still singe and want to get married early, learn more about powerful dua to get married.

14. Ambassador of Islam

A woman wearing niqab is definitely a Moslem. Niqab is way more than just a piece of clothing. It is an identity that muslim women carry. When a woman wearing niqab, she becomes an ambassador of Islam and she has the responsibility to convey the best example of Moslem. Learn more about signs of strong iman and how it related to niqab.

15. It is a form of freedom

For many people wearing niqab is a kind of limitation for not being able to do things. The truth is niqab gives women freedom for any kinds for example recite prayers and dua without worrying about others.

Whether niqab has more benefits or disadvantages is still an ongoing debate. Some people see it as women’s liberation while some others see it constraints women. However, when a woman decides to wear niqab, it should be based on Allah only without any pressure of other people.

Finally, those are complete explanation about how many benefits of Niqab in Islam especially for women to protect them from danger.

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