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12 Ways on How to Attract Husband Sexually in Islam

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Sometimes, the sexual desire of men who get reduction are asked. It is normal for every men. It is not a disease or symptom, but it should have happened to a man. You should not come to the doctor and do not be worry about it. It is a step from the processes of life.


Commonly, it is causeect it, too. Because of that, men should take care their body well.

As a Moslem, we should say dua before doing intercourse as it is taught by Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, which reads :

“Bismillahi, allahuma jannibnasyaithana, wa jannibissyaithana maa razaqtanaa.”

The meaning is “In the namd by some factors. The age factor has a big affect to the sexual desire of men. Stress or depression also effect the reduction of sexual desire. Besides that, having a chronic disease, lack of rest and exercises can effe of Allah, O Allah please put Satan off from us, and put Satan off from thing that You gives to us.”

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As a part of humanity’s nature, Islam never muzzles the sexual desire. Islam gives a complete guide about sex. So it can be still enjoyed a Moslem without losing the rhythm of his worship. Here are some ways on how to attract husband sexually in Islam.

  1. Take wudu

Before do intercourse with your husband, you should take wudu first. Because wudu can make you more fresh, you will be not crumpled and dull. So, your husband will be happy to look at you.

  1. Use fragrance

After clean yourself, you should use fragrance. Because it can rise the sex desire. You can use it on your neck and your breast. So, he will be more spirit to do intercourse. Besides that, you should also brush your teeth and use mouthwash to make your mouth more fresh.

  1. Use a sexy shirt

When you are only alone in your house, you can try to use a sexy shirt like a lingerie or a towel. Walking along his side, as if you are busy in front of him and show the curve of your body. The style of sensual walking can be also practiced when you attract his sexually.

  1. Give him a praise

It is the same with a woman, a man will be happy if there is someone who praise him. Do you like his neck? His chest? Or anything else? Say it to him. The praise will make him realize that he is wanted by his wife. Seduce him until he wants you more.

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  1. Touch him in his sensitive area

If you want to attract your husband sexually, you can touch him in his sensitive area such as ears, back knee, foot  fingers, inner thigh, lip and neck. You should do it naturally and show him that you want him very much. So that, he will realize that you really love him.

  1. Mula’abah

Islam is advised his people to do mula’abah first before doing intercourse. Mula’abah is fore playing or making out.  So that, it will cause a romantic situation and a beautiful intercourse between husband and his wife.

  1. Massage him

You can massage him and use aromatherapy to make his body warm. Massage his back, his hip, his bottom and his crotch. You should do it softly, especially when you massage his inner thigh. He will shock and enjoy a seductive sensation from it.

  1. Kiss and seduce him

The foreplay before doing jima’ is also commanded by Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. He said,

“Do not one of you amalgamate your wife like an animal. You should give prelims first, it is a kiss  and sweet talks.” (Narrated by At-Tirmidzi)

A kiss in hadith above is in the real meaning. Even, Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was told by Sunan Abu Dawud, he kissed the lip of Aisha and suck her lip. Those two hadith gives a position for a kissing between a wife and her husband as a sunnah before doing jima’.

  1. Steal a chance to tease him

For example, when there is a guest and your husband enters his room to take his files, you can follow him. Then kiss him for a while. Or you can steal a chance when your children are playing. You can take your husband to the corner and give him a hot kiss. It will attract your husband sexually.

  1. Reduce him through telephone or message

When you are not together, you can send a hot SMS (Short Message Service). You should not be shy to send a naughty message. For example, you can invite him to do intercourse or give him a hot praise about his sex technique last night. So that, he will miss you so much and he want to go back home fast.

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  1. Praise your husband in front of others

Although your husband is not a perfect husband or sometimes he makes you annoyed, but you should praise him in front of others. Show your proud of him. A man really needs to be upheld his honor. The honor is one of things that can be got in front of others. If you praise him show your pride of him in front of others, he will love you more and he wants to do intercourse with you fast.

  1. Let him see your body

Syaikh Nashirudin Al-Albani, quoted the word of Ibn Urwah Al-Hanbali in his book that still form a manuscript, Al-Kawaku Ad-Durari,

“It is allowed for a couple to see and touch the curvature of your partner, including genitals. Because genitals is a part of body that may be enjoyed in petting, of course, it may be also looked and touched. It is taken from the view of Imam Malik and another Ulama.”

Thanks to the Greatness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, every parts of human body has sensitiveness and different feelings when they are touched or looked. Then, if you want to add the quality if jima’, you may also take off your shirt. From Aisha radhiyallahu anhu, he told, “I has taken a bath with Rasulullah in one vessel.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Thus the article about 12 how to attract husband sexually in Islam. Hopefully, your relation with your husband will always be romantic all the time and your family always be in the way of Allah Subahnahu Wa Ta’ala. Amen.

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