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15 Rights of Wives in Islamic Households

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The Messenger of Allah has a way to glorify his wife. He is able to act the best in any condition; as a servant who was given the mandate to spread the source of Islamic Shari’a, he carried it out with enthusiasm, patience, and firm determination for the religion of God.


On the battlefield when fighting to defend Islam and carry out the law to defend rights in Islam, he became a leader who mastered strategy and was able to defeat the enemy in a straight way without cheating. In the middle of the community, he became a figure of a friend and authoritative teacher.

And even at home, the Prophet became a merciful and head of a household who was fair and able to provide security and happiness for his wife, for example, whatever the attitude of Aisyah was, the Prophet was always patient. It is not wrong if he is used as an example for all Muslims.

As believers who follow the teachings of the Apostle and carry out the civilized law with the Prophet, we should follow the example of the Prophet in loving his wife, how the Prophet always pleased his wife and how the Prophet always said softly and treated his wife well. The Prophet became a role model for husbands as well as all men who would later become a husband.

  1. Get Romantic Treatment

The first way the Prophet did to love his wife was that he always treated his wife with a romantic gesture in order to spoil his wife. The Prophet often kissed his wife. “The Prophet often kissed Ayesha and it did not cancel the fast.” (HR Nasai) The explanation of the hadith is that the Prophet kissed his wife for wanting to give pleasure and happiness, not because of lust.

  1. Get Soothing Words

The Messenger of God expresses affection in a simple and modest way. He once said, “I was given sustenance in the form of love for you, O my wife.” (Muslim) The sentence is simple without containing an excessive sentence of praise, but it is deeply memorable isn’t it? A wife will certainly be happy if she hears the sentence from her husband.

  1. Called Beautiful

The Prophet always called his wife with a beautiful name. Aisha was called, “Yes, Humaira.” (O woman whose cheeks are red).

  1. Get Pampered

From Anas, he said: “Then we went to Medina. I saw the Prophet provide a soft seat from the fabric behind him for Shafiyyah (one of the wives of the Prophet) then he sat beside his camel while straightening his knees and Shafiyyah put his feet on his knees so he could ride the camel.” (HR Bukhari) The hadith recounts that the Prophet spoiled his wife by giving service and comfort to his wife.

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  1. Get a gift

As a desire to make his wife happy, the Prophet once gave his wife a present. “The Prophet gave each of his wives a bottle of Kasturi oil.” (Ahmad) The gift is not something that aims to overdo or create an inheritance, but a simple thing that is useful and liked by his wife.

  1. Get A Chance to Eat Together

The Messenger of Allah often behaves sweetly by eating or drinking together with his wife, he does not show disgust or the like and instead does it with a happy attitude because he accepts his wife as he is.

From Ayesha, “I used to eat porridge with the Messenger of Allah in the same container, I drank water with glass and he put his mouth in the glass and he drank.” (HR Abdurrozaq and Said bin Manshur)

  1. Softly Coaxed When Angry

In domestic life, of course, you have experienced a dispute, either because of the problem of misunderstanding in saying words, factors of busyness, jealousy, or between one another feeling less attention.

When the Prophet’s wife was angry or felt uncomfortable in his heart, the Prophet did not respond with harsh sentences or stiffness to his wife but cooled his wife’s heart in a sweet and gentle way. “The Prophet massaged Aisha’s nose if she was angry and said: Yes Humaira, read prayer: O my Lord, forgive my sins, remove the hardness of my heart, and protect me from misleading slander.” (Ibn Sunni)

Wife’s rights in Islam should not be scolded as the Prophet did not respond to his wife’s anger with anger, especially by hitting his wife narrated by Aisha, “The Prophet never hit his wife.” (Muslim)

  1. Kissed When You Want to Travel or Just Go Home

From Ayesha: “The Messenger of Allah always kissed his wife before going out to pray, then went out to pray without performing ablution first.” (Ahmad) This is a very meaningful thing for the wife. The Prophet tried to give peace to his wife as long as he traveled by kissing him first so as not to cause bad prejudices on the wife’s heart because the husband had asked permission and said goodbye.

  1. Treated Gently

It aims to show that his wife is needed and loved by the Prophet; he leaned on his wife’s lap with the aim of loving each other. “He (the Prophet approached him (Aisha) and he was in her room, then he combed her, even though she was menstruating.” (Muslim)

  1. Conducting Joint Household Activities

In history, the Prophet bathed with Ayesha in one bathroom with the same tub “I (Ayesha) once bathed from jinabat with the Prophet with one place of water, our hands always took turns taking water, and our hands touched.” (HR Mutafaqun ‘Alaih)

Bathing with a wife is not a disgraceful act or something that is prohibited in Islam, a husband and wife have full rights in love and service for one another. The Prophet did this to serve and give his wife joy.

  1. Listen to Complaints

When he heard complaints from his wife, the Prophet heard the complaints of his wife patiently and responded well. He did this to give his wife the right that one of the duties of a husband was to be a leader and decision maker when his wife was struck by confusion. From Ayesha, “The Messenger of Allah is the gentlest person and often accompanies his wife who is complaining or ill.” (HR Bukhari)

  1. Travel

Ayesha said: “The Messenger of Allah if he was going to travel, he did a lottery among the wives, whoever came out, then she was the one who went with him.” (HR Bukhari)

  1. Assisted in Domestic Work

This was stated by Aisha when someone asked her about any affairs that were usually done by the Prophet when she was at home, Aisyah replied: “The Prophet helped carry out family work.” (Bukhari)

When asked by Ayesha “O Messenger of God, have you not guaranteed heaven? Why are you still struggling like this? He replied, “Yes, Humaira, can I not be a grateful servant?” (HR Bukhari)

The hadith stated that the Prophet was willing to help with household chores even if he was tired or heavy to do as a form of gratitude to Allah for being given a wife and a real manifestation of gratefulness by treating his wife very well.

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  1. Caressing

The Prophet gave love to his wife by routinely caressing and fulfilling the inner livelihood which is his wife’s right, “Every day the Prophet caressed all his wives one by one. He approached and stroked without interfering until he stopped at his wife’s place which he shifted and then spent the night in her place.” (Ahmad)

  1. Not Burdened

In a story narrated that Ayesha waited for the Prophet because she had not returned until midnight. Aisha waited for him to go home until she fell asleep near the door of the house. When Rasulullah arrived home and realized it was late at night, he wanted to knock on the door but was worried that he would disturb Ayesha who might have fallen asleep.

He then held a turban before the door and slept on it. Even though he was tired, he did not want to disturb or burden his wife. And that night, without knowing each other, they fell asleep at the door.

In the morning, when Aisha opened the door she was shocked to see Rasulullah sleeping outside and the Prophet said “I came home late at night. For fear of disturbing your sleep, I cannot bear to knock on the door. That is why I sleep at the door.” (Muslim) The story happened because of the high sense of love between the two.

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Indeed, as ordinary human beings, we will not be fully able to emulate the Prophet because he is indeed the most perfect figure among all humans, but it is better that we always do and imitate the example of the Prophet with the best and best we can so that affection and domestic life arise beautifully.

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