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13 Positive Ways How to Become Positive in Islam

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Being positive in everyday life brings many advantages. When we surround ourselves with positive mind, we attract more positivity to come to us. And on the contrary, having negative thoughts only make your life worse, wasting our precious time and energy.


Here are the ways how to become positive in Islam:

  1. Have a Strong Will

If you have a big will to be more positive, then you have to really mean it. Allah will never change you unless you want to change yourself. Put some thought and effort to make difference. Once you have set, Allah SWT will give you a big help during the process.

  1. Make No More Excuses

Life is hard, but complaining won’t make it better. Don’t make any excuse when something bad happen to you. It’s not everyone fault. It’s just how it’s meant to be. Be grateful to Allah and think about the solution right away. Learn from your mistake and get up. If you blame others for what happen to you, then you are full of negativity. See also Importance of Sunnah in Muslim Life

  1. Hold Your Anger

A wise Muslim doesn’t let his take take over him. There are many things that cause you to blow up and the real challenge is how to hold it back. Life will not be better when you’re angry. Even if you feel so heated up, go take some wudu to calm your mind. Many people often end up in regret because they unable to contain their anger.

  1. Behave Properly

Your behavior defines who you are. If you want to become a positive person, mind it. Always be kind, spread happiness, and improve yourself for better. Know what is right and what is wrong, stay within the line and don’t do anything that Allah SWT forbid. Acknowledge you weakness so you know which part of you that you should improve. See also Virtues of Good Manners in Islam

  1. Start to Love Yourself

Loving yourself means accepting you and your life as a whole. Accept the fact that you are not perfect and things won’t go as you want. Take care of yourself, bodily and mentally. It may be little things, but it makes you appear brighter and happier. Positive person make everyone around him happy and he invites more positive energy to come nearer.

  1. Set Goals and Aim for It

Set goals for your life and you will never feel lost in everything you do. Aim for the goals everyday and make sure that you are one step closer to it. Goals are like enemy that you have to conquer, motivation to be a better person. Scatter you goals everywhere: notebooks, phone, journal, etc. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you will always be remembered of your goals. You have no room for negativity since all you can see is your ultimate goal. See also Virtues of Gratefulness in Islam

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  1. Be Grateful

Allah SWT has been so king to us that He showered us with blessings everyday. Be grateful for all of that. Even if you have a rough day and meet many unfortunate events, be grateful still. Instead of wishing something that you don’t have, it’s better to be grateful with everything you have. The grass on the other side always looks greener. The more you look at it, the more you will become ungrateful.

  1. Don’t be Jealous Toward Others

To be not jealous to others is very hard. Jealousy, along with anger, are two traits that every human possess. But if you want to know how to be positive in Islam is by not jealous to what others have. Anger and jealousy only bring you dissatisfies, making you unhappy and always complaining your life. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, look at what others don’t have. Thus, you will be more grateful to your life. See also How to Get Rid Yourself of Jealousy in Islam

  1. Listen More

Allah SWT gave us one mouth and two ears so that we listen more than we talk. By listening carefully, you will gain many benefits. More knowledge, new information, and even secrets can be gained through listening. But people are always in a rush when they do something that they barely have time to listen to others. Do things slowly, listen carefully and see what you will get.

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  1. Let Go of Grudges by Forgiving

We ask for Allah’s forgiveness everyday despite of repeating the same mistake. But Allah always forgive. You never know how hard it is to forgive until your turn arrive. Letting go of grudges, forgiving others, and even forgiving your own self is actually difficult. But it’s what makes you become more positive. See also The Importance Of Forgiveness In Islam

  1. Help Others

Do good and good will come to you. It’s a natural law that you have to do. Helping others in need is a way to do good. Many virtues can be gained through the generous action. You will feel satisfied after helping other people, know that you have done something meaningful to them, even when it smalls. You never know how little things means big to others until you do them a favor.

  1. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Loving what you do is more important in life than everything. You may a lot of money, but if you don’t love your work, you end up feeling stressful. Doing something with happiness and content radiates positive energy throughout you. You will no longer feel unhappy or empty. See also How to be Happy in Islam

  1. Give and Donate

Share with others and you will never short of anything. Doing charity, donating to those in needs give you happiness. More than that, Allah SWT records it as a good deed that may help you later in the Hereafter.

So those are all the ways to become positive in Islam. Remember that positivity attracts more positivity. Bear in mind that becoming someone positive require energy and strength, but the result is really worth it. You will find how your life is going to a good direction and you become happier and happier everyday, inspiring others to live a positive life as well.

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