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Laws of Sleep without Cloth in Islam – Is It Allowed?

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Everyone must need a sleep because sleeping is an activity to support health and recover our energy after full day activities. Naked sleep is believed as one of the healthier sleeps, it also being recommended from most of specialists to us so we can increase our quality of sleep. However, naked sleep is must be done with our spouse considering it has a close relation with genitals. If naked sleep is believed as one of the healthier sleep according to specialists, then Islam has its own review about its relation to the issue. Here are the full reviews related to naked sleep based on Islam’s view.



Sleeping in Islam is very importance activity to recover our energy to get fully charged after exhausted in doing some activities outside. The purpose is to increase the quality of sleep for people so we can have worship better to Allah SWT at night. In addition, when we are slept, a Moslem’s heart will be bonded in between Allah’s fingers. Read more about Law Women Going Night Islam

Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa’sallam declared,

“The fact is Allah forbids you to be naked, shame on you to your angels that always stays around, angel of Al- Kiraam, Al- Kaatibiin, who is not separated with you unless in 3 conditions; defecate, janabat and bath.” (HR. Al-Bazaar). [Abdurrahman Bin Kamal Jalaluddin as-suyuthi ’Ad- Dhurr Al-Mantsuur VIII/448].

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In Holy Quran :

“To all devout people, shall all your slaves (men and women), and those who has not baligh yet among you, ask three times permission to you (in a day), which is; before Subh prayer, when you change your cloth in the afternoon and after Isya’ prayer.  (It is) your genitals. There is no sin outside those times for you and some of you except that time. They serve you while some of you (needed) to others. Thus, Allah SWT explained all clauses for you. Allah is all Mighty and Allah is Wise.” [QS. An-Nur 58].

The three conditions mentioned above are have a close relation to ask adult permission to his family who has not his mahrom. It is about asking permission for someone to enter the room together with her relatives as it his mahrom. In another clause, Allah SWT gives his command to all devout people, all slaves and all children who have not baligh yet, to always ask adult permission in three conditions:

  • Before Subh prayer, which is while in the bed
  • Qoilulah (in the condition of undressed because he is still with his spouse)
  • After Isya’ prayer which is night prayer before to bed; means that it has to be done after we have a little slept at night. Read more about Dua for Missing Person in Islam

One of the clauses is obviously mentioned that a servant and underage child is not allowed to enter the room without an adult permission. It is also explained that a Moslem is allowed to take off his cloth when go to bed (courtesy of Sleep in Islam), especially when he is already in the room, with the circumstance that he is certainly sure his genitals is unseen from no one. Read more about Importance of Bismillah in Islam

If the condition is as like it mentioned, therefore, naked sleep is allowed to do. However, the importance thing that we should notice is that genital is forbid to be exposed to anyone; it can only seeing and doing by husband and wife only.

Take care of your genitals except to your wife or your slave (women).”[HR. Abu Daud No. 4017 and Tirmidzi No. 2794, Al-Hafizh Abu Thahir said it’s Hasan Hadih].


Once, when Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa’sallam stayed overnight at my house, he turned around and put off his ridha’ (take off his tops). He takes off his sandals next to his legs, roll out his sarong at the mattress and make he lay down. He did that because he did not notice that I am still awake. Thus, when he realize that I am not sleeping yet, he put on his ridha’ (his tops) again, continued to wear his sandals slowly in silence, then he open and close the door silences too to get outside smoothly. After that, I get up in hurry, I get dressed up fasten and hooded myself to follow Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa’sallam to a Baqi’ cemetery.” [HR Muslim No. 974].

Benefit of naked sleep in Islam

Naked sleep is allowed to do by the condition that we can take care of our genitals from forbid people. The reason is because naked sleep is considered as one of way of healthy living in Islam. In addition, it is also believed that there are some virtues and benefits of naked sleep in Islam. Read more about Importance of Respect in Islam

After whole day activities and our body are exhausted, we should be taken a sleep for certain time. Most of recommendation mentions that naked sleep is the best sleep that we should do when we go to bed. The other advantage of naked sleep is to increase our sleeping quality; the other advantage is mentioned that naked sleep can make our sleep soundly at night too.

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Sleeping while wearing clothes will make our body swelter especially in hot weather, and it is also can make our sleep awakened at night and we cannot have soundly sleep until morning. Here, it is clearly explained that there are many advantages about naked sleep. Another advantage from naked sleep is that by doing naked sleep, it is believed that naked sleep can also bring our body feels comfortable and coolest. Read more about Rewards for Helping Orpans in Islam

Researchers also said that naked sleep is a very good activity for men when they go to bed at night. The reason is because naked sleep is believed can increase the quality of sperms; especially while having sexual relation with their spouse.

Most of specialist is also mentioned that naked sleep is being the best sleeps recommendations for couple which is not only for newly married couple but also for other couple that has not been given descendant shortly. In other way, we can say that naked sleep is the best sleeps for couples can be done, especially to those who want to get descendant fasten.

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