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Laws of Hit Cat Accidentally in Islam – Is It Bad Sign?

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When we are riding especially at night, sometimes the darkness is making our vision blur and lack of concentrate on the street.  It also sometimes makes the rider unfocused in the street and suddenly we are not notice when something is cross over like a cat until we hit the cat and it died in the same time.


What are the basis laws of Islam if someone hit cat accidentally until it died? Will it become a sin though he did it accidentally? Will it also be true for someone who hit the cat accidentally that it can affect to children and also pregnant women? Those questions are obviously cross in our mind recently in a common.  In addition, there is also a myth about someone who hit cat accidentally is believed that it can bring bad luck for him. In order to get the information is clearly, these articles will coverage you about laws of hit cat accidentally. Read more about Prohibition of Raising Dogs in Islam

Theologians are divided types of animals into three categories:

  • Animal commanded to be killed

As it stated in the source of Shari’a Islam, there are animals that must be killed because it is believed that those animals are dangerous and harm to human life. Those animals are like snakes, rats, scorpions and others.

“There are five kinds of animals can be assumed as dangerous and harm to be killed. It is allowed to kill those animals even in the holy land; they are Crows, vulture, dogs (which is assumed harm), scorpions and rats.” [HR Muslim 2924]. Read more about Dua in the Morning in Islam

  • Disturber animals

Islam is also allowed us to kill some animals which are assumed can be harm to human life though it is not directly mentioned on Shari’a Islam. The kinds of those animals are wild animals, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees and flies. Read more about

  • Friendly animals

Friendly animals are forbid to be killed. Once, Rasulullah SAW mentioned that there is a woman who gets punishment because she tortures the cat though it is a friendly animal and it will not harm human. Read more about Importance of Islam in Education

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘allaihi wa sallam said,

” There was a woman gets punishment because of cat. She cages the cat until it died and so it made her into hell. She is s not feeding the cat, not gave some food and gave water for its survival, and also time to eat freely outside the cage.” [HR. Bukhari 2365 and Muslim 5989].

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Laws of hit cat

If someone hit cat accidentally, then he will not be bearded any risk for all the causes happened, unless the cat belongs to someone which make him should gave kind of compensation to the owner.   

Allah SWT commandment,

“There will be no sin for accidentally deed, but (a sin) what is intended in inside your heart.” [QS. Al-Ahzab:5].

Commonly, it is become an obligation for someone who hit the cat accidentally until it died, to bury the corpse immediately. The purpose is to avoid the carrion disturbing other people and our surrounding. Read more about Ways of Acquiring Knowledge in Islam

Once, Doctor of Soleh Al Fauzan got lots of question about the impact of hit cat accidentally. He answered the question by saying that if someone hit the cat accidentally without stopped the car immediately, so there will be no punishment accused to him.


It will be a sin when you kill the animal intentionally and or without a good reason behind all of the actions. The reason is because those animals are also having their dignity and they will not harm you. Read more about Importance of Bismillah in Islam

Does it influence fetus?

Meanwhile, there is a myth related to the issue with pregnancy widely spread that also makes pregnant women are worried. However, basically, there is no postulate in law of hit cat accidentally in its relation to pregnancy.

As an example, we can see that there are many pregnant women in Idul Adha moment. In this occasion, most of men are slaughtering, if slaughtering is forbid for pregnant women and it is evidently shown that is influence fetus, then Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘allaihi wa sallam will certainly already get us warn. Read more about Importance of Faith in Islam

Does it a bad sign?

Moreover, there is no bad luck if someone hit cat accidentally aside as it is a considered as coincidence. In addition, believing something that caused of something happened into other thing which is believed has an impact without any correlation on it, both as sciences and as it stated on Shari’a Islam, therefore, it will be assumed as a small shirk.

Like other animals, cats also have soul and to kill or hit cat means sinful to those anyone who did it intentionally. The reason is because we are forbid to kill something which has soul.  Therefore, there is no sin if you hit cat accidentally.  In vice verse, believing a myth about to hit cat accidentally will become a sin since it is believed that it will bring a bad luck and not because to Allah SWT. Read more about Islamic Way to Find Peace

In summary, we can say that the punishment for people who do shirk in Islam is considered as major sin in Islam. It is also included as unforgettable sin in Islam. Believing about that there will bring a bad luck if hit cat accidentally will lead you into shirks or tahoyyour indirectly. This issued is happened among our surrounding where the people are less knowledge about it and so it made most of them are believed with the myth widespread and included them as shirk.

Meanwhile, the fact is if someone hit cat accidentally until he died, so there is no sin will be accused to him for the action happened unless the cat is belong to someone and so we must give a kind of compensation for the owner.  The reason is because the cat has its dignity and it also included as a friendly animals. It also become an obligation for someone to bury the corpse immediately so it is carrion will not disturb people and our surrounding. Read more about Dua for Hardship in Islam

Hope this review can give our knowledge about laws of hit cat accidentally and its relation to the myth which widespread among our surrounding.

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