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Lesson of Peace, Learn from Islamic Value

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Statistically speaking, we are currently now living in the most peaceful period in modern human history. There are no major open wars between countries. And yet everyday we still hear news about people dying due to conflicts and hatred whether it is local or international conflicts. Even though we’re in relative peace, humans still don’t understand the meaning of true peace. Islam, as Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin, has its own idea on what a true peace is and perhaps in order to achieve a conflicts-free world we have to learn from Islamic value.


Leaning the Lesson of Peace from Islamic Value

Nowadays, the news about the rise of Islamic extremism all around the world the seem to eclipse the fact that Islam is actually a religion which actively teaches peace. Those extremist people, even though they read the Nobel Quran, they don’t understand the meaning of what they’ve read and it leads to violence. It is very important for us to understand Quran as a whole, not only picking verses that can justify our twisted interests.

There are several reasons why Islam is being considered as religion of peace. The proves of how Islam always urges peace is explained by The Words of Allah and the example which was shown by our prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him and his family and followers.

  • First of all, one of Allah’s other beautiful names, or Asma ul khusna, is AS Salaam. This is an Arabic for The Giver of Peace. Allah SWT gives peace to all human through Islam.
  • Secondly, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, the last prophet in Islam, had set a lot of examples on many occasions on how to be peaceful.
  • Thirdly, peace is a measurement of the height of human civilization. In addition, in fact the word Islam itself means submission to Allah and peace. Therefore, peace is actually the core of Islam and social relations. Refusing to accept religion is an attitude that can be categorized as rejecting the essence of peace and humanity.

In the Holy Quran, the meaning of peace has been clearly explained by Allah SWT. Our Lord strongly advocates a peaceful, harmonious and dynamic life among humankind regardless of their religion, language and race. In Surah Al Mumtahanah, verse 8 and 9, it’s clearly stated that Allah SWT does not forbid us to be good to people with different religion. We are also urged to be fair to those who do not fight us even though they have not embrace Islam. The verses also stated that Allah loves those who are just. In order to achieve peace, we have to be just on how we make our decision, because being injustice will bring conflict in our life.

Prophet Mohammad also ordered not to commit wrongdoing to non-Muslims who enter into agreements with Muslims. In this case the Prophet. said that those of us who kills non-Muslims who are bound by an agreement with Muslims, then we will not be able to smell the fragrance of heaven even though the fragrance can be smelled from a distance of forty trips. (H.R Ahmad, al-Bukhari, al-Tirmidhi, al-Nasa’I, and Ibn Majah).

In its implementation, the Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, throughout his life got along well with non-Muslim people. The Prophet never hesitate to interact with them. For example, one of the non Muslim he interacted with was a Jew named Abu Syahm. Prophet Mohammad pawned his armor to Abu Syahm for 30 bags of wheat. This interaction, while it seems insignificant at first glance, is actually a powerful example set by our prophet that it is okay to do business, which are not related to our religion matter, with non Muslims and Islam can co-exist with them peacefully.

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Learning from Islamic Value

In order to learn the lesson of peace, learn from Islamic value we have to learn from Islamic value. Here are some of the Islamic teachings which are oriented towards the formation of peace among humanity, so that they can live in prosperity and harmony:

  • Islam prohibit committing tyranny or injustice activities.

Islam as a religion which carries the mission of peace, forbids humanity from committing arbitrary, whimsical and hazardous actions, anytime and anywhere.  Allah SWT says in Quran Surah Al Furqan, verse 19 that whoever among us do wrong doings or injustice, Allah SWT will deliver a great punishment to us.  In addition, the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammad, said: “O my people, in fact I have forbidden myself to do wrongdoing and I also forbid it among you, do not commit wrongdoing”. Injustice is a source of disaster that can damage the stability of world peace. The oppression, torture, vandalism, expulsion, and modern imperialism are often occurs in Muslim countries, look at the state of current Middle East now. These depraved actions will create a condition where peace becomes increasingly difficult to materialize. So every human being should be aware that tyranny or injustice, is the culprit. Thus if you want a peaceful life then the act of tyranny must be avoided by following the teachings of Islamic Value

  • Islam teaches us that humans are equal

Equality between humans is one of the things that is emphasized in Islam. There is no difference between one group and another group, all have the same rights and obligations. Rich, poor, officials, employees, skin colors, ethnicity and languages are not grounds for giving certain group more previlege over the other groups. Allah says in Surah Al Hujurat verse 13 that Allah SWT creates us from a man and a woman and He creates various nations and tribes for us so that we might know one another. The only thing that matter is how righteous we are in the eye of Allah, not another humans. Rasulullah SAW als said that Allah does not look at our form or wealth, but Allah looks at inside our heart and deeds. Islamic teaching about quality will  minimize the emergence of seeds of hatred and enmity between humans, so that all can live in harmony and peace.

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  • Islam teaches us about freedom.

Islam is a religion which highly upholds freedom. As evidenced, Islam does not coerce anyone to accept this religion. Everyone is free to make his choice. Allah SWT says in Surah Al Baqrah ayah 256 that there is no compulsion to join the religion of Islam because right path is clearer than the wrong path and it is obvious which one should people follow, the path of Islam. In another verse, Surah Yunus ayah 99, Allah says that if He wills it, those on earth would have believed – all of them entirely. Then it’s no place for human force the people to become believers.

In conclusion, there are many more Lesson of Peace, Learn from Islamic Value that we can take the lesson from in order to achieve peace. However those three points give us the big picture, the three elements which we can apply in our life so that we can create a peaceful world. The acts of terrorism that often occur lately in  various part of the world have created a fear that haunts everyone, conjuring a misguided view that Islam is not peaceful. It creates  anxiety, mutual suspicion and even false accusations which sparks conflict. In fact, turn out that there are many lessons we can learn from Islamic value and Islam as a religion of love that upholds peace, condemns the act of terrorism. Therefore it is very naive if Islam is accused of as the source of these barbaric acts which have claimed many lives. Keep in mind that peace is a gift that must be maintained by every Muslim and as we have already discussed.

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