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13 Blessing Virtues of Umrah In Islam

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One of the obligations of Muslims as mentioned in the pillars of Islam is to perform Hajj if able. But we know that to perform the pilgrimage is limited only certain time. Namely at 8-12 Dhu al-Hijjah.


For the people of Indonesia itself, the queue time to go to Hajj is also quite long due to quota limitations. Usually to register to go pilgrimage takes 5-10 years can just go. Hence, the porch waiting for the pilgrimage schedule, it would not hurt us to carry out umroh. Read more about Law of Cutting Hair While Fasting in Islam

Umroh is a worship of the Islamic ummah sunnah and the procedure is almost similar to the pilgrimage, there is little difference in the pillar. For its place of operation in the Grand Mosque, Mecca. And umroh can be done anytime. Although umrah is classified as sunnah, but umroh has many benefits for those who do it. Well, here are some of the virtues of umroh worship.

  1. Jihad of women

Jihad is one of worship which is very big reward beside Allah SWT. Even Allah promises heaven for anyone who does jihad fi sabilillah. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“The principal issue is Islam, the pillar is prayer, while the peak is jihad.” (Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi)

If a man jihad by fighting to defend the religion of Islam, then what about the women who tend to be weak physically? No need to worry. Because women are given the opportunity of jihad through Umrah or performing Hajj. Read more about Virtues of Surah Al-Fatihah

From Abu Hurairah radhiallaahu anhu, from Rasulullah shalallaahu alaihi wasalam, he said:

“The jihad of the elderly, the weak and the women are the hajj and umrah.” (Narrated by An-Nasa’i)

Narrated by Ibn Khuzaimah, ‘A’ishah said:

“I said:’ O Messenger of Allah, is there any obligation of jihad for women? ‘He said:’ For women is jihad that has no war on him, ie Hajj and Umrah. , Dishahihkan by al-Albani)

  1. Eliminate his sins

Someone who has run umroh worship once. Then a few years, he did umroh back then his sins in the day range from the first umroh to the second umroh will be forgiven by Allah SWT. Read more about  Benefits of Listening Holy Qur’an

“An umroh to the other umroh is kafarrah (abolish sin) between the two and the haji that mabrur (accepted) it has no recompense for him other than heaven.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

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  1. Promised paradise

With regard to the first point, that umroh is the jihad of women. So Allah promises to anyone (male or female) who runs umroh with sincerity of heart then heaven for him. Hadith Sahih Bukhari also explains the same thing that the Umrah people will be given the privilege of the rewards of heaven. Read more about  Virtues of Feeding The Poor in Islam

  1. Away from poverty

Some people often delay doing umroh due to the high cost. Perhaps fear of saving money becomes exhausted or still hesitant. Keep in mind that one of the many virtues is to keep poverty away. Umrah does not make us fakir or poor. Precisely with perform umrah, insha Allah sustenance will multiply and flow smoothly. As the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam:

“Follow Umrah to the pilgrimage, as both eliminate poverty and sins as burning removes rust on iron, gold, and silver. While there is no reward for the hajj mabrur except heaven. “(Narrated by Tirmidhi, validated by Shaykh Al-Albani)

  1. Life becomes more blessed

If umroh worship is run with khusyu ‘and sincere, then the worship can be worth reward and become a mabrur worship. In the sense of being accepted by Allah SWT. If so, then insha Allah our life can be better, full of blessing and barokah.

The sustenance earned will be enough. And obviously, this condition will feel different from before we implement umrah. Read more about  Sunnah in Rajab Month

  1. Gain peace of mind

In addition to obtaining a wealth of sustenance and abundance barokah, a person who has performed his heart Umroh will be more calm and peaceful. As explained by Shaykh Abul ‘Ula Al-Mubarakfuri rahimahullah:

“Hajj and umrah eliminate piety, can be meaningful fakir in dzahir, with the realization of the adequacy of property. Can also mean the inner is the realization of wealth in the heart. “(Tuhfatul Ahwazi).

  1. Prayer of umroh congregation in the holy land will be granted

Furthermore, the granting of prayers. Anyone who runs umroh to the holy land of Mecca, then he prayed khusyu ‘there, then insha Allah his prayers will ijabah (granted) by Allah SWT.

From the ashes of huraira, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“The one who does the pilgrimage and the umroh is the guest of Allah, so if they ask him, it will be granted, and if they ask forgiveness they will forgive him.” (Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibban).

  1. Gain the reward of praying up to 1000-100.000 thousand fold

If shalat fardhu or sunnah alone we usually get a reward of 1, and when we get together we get 7. Unlike the shalat in the holy land during the haj or umrah, the reward doubled. Good reward of shalat in Nabawi mosque can be worth 1000 times. While in the Grand Mosque 100,000 fold. Read more about How To Reject Male Love In Islam

You can imagine how extraordinary the virtue of shalat in the holy land. Shalat for many years is difficult for us to collect so much reward.

From Jabir bin ‘Abdillah,

“Prayers in my mosque (Masjid Nabawi) are more than 1000 prayers in other mosques besides the Harom Mosque. Prayers at the Masjidil Harom are more important than the 100,000 prayers in other mosques. “(Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah, Dishahihkan by Shaykh Al Albani).

  1. Dead at Umrah, the reward is recorded until doomsday

Allah SWT records the actions of a person based on his intentions. If he has good intentions, but has not had time to realize the intention then Allah has recorded it as a reward. Likewise with people who died during Umrah. Although umrah may not have achieved all, but God has promised reward. Read more about  Virtues of Reciting Surah Al-Waqiah

As Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:

“Whoever goes out in the pilgrimage and dies, it will be recorded to him the reward of a pilgrim to the Day of Resurrection. Whoever goes out in performing Umrah and then dies, it shall be recorded for him the reward of one who performs the Umrah until the Day of Resurrection, and whoever goes out in war on the way of Allah then dies, it shall be recorded for him the reward of one who fights on the way of Allah till the Day of Resurrection. “

  1. Praying in Quba mosque, umroh reward doubled

Another virtue when someone is Umrah, and spend time visiting the Quba mosque in the Medina. Then he solah as much as 2 rak’ah, then for him the reward is equivalent to the reward umroh. This is explained in one of the hadiths, ie the Messenger of Allah shalallaahu alaihi wasalam said:

“Whoever has purified (wudhu) in His house. then went to the Quba mosque, then prayed in it two rak’ah, for him equal to the reward of Umrah. “(Sunan Ibn Majah).

  1. Be a special guest of Allah SWT

When a person visits the baitullah (house of Allah SWT) in the holy land, then he is considered a special guest by Allah SWT. Really pleased, is not it? Even according to the word of the apostle in a saheeh hadith, Allah Almighty will grant every prayer we ask, give forgiveness of sins and intercession for asking. Therefore, before leaving there, let us purify the heart first. That way we can be the best guest in Allah’s side Ta’ala. Read more about  Prayers to Get Your Hope Accepted

  1. The virtue of umroh during Ramadan is the same as Hajj

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

“If Ramadan comes, umrah then because umrah Ramadan worth the pilgrimage.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Another Hadith mentions:

“Indeed Umrah in the month of Ramadan is like a pilgrim with me” (Narrated by Bukhari).

The two hadiths above show the virtue of performing umrah in Ramadan. According to Imam Nawawi, the meaning of the hadith is the same in terms of reward. However, Hajj can not be replaced with umrah. Because the pilgrimage is obligatory for Muslims who are able to perform. Read more about How to Cure Panic in Islam

  1. Strengthening brotherhood among Muslims

If viewed from the social aspect, umrah worship can also bring benefits for us. Namely strengthening ukhuwah (brotherhood) among Muslims. We can get acquainted with the congregation who come from different cities in Indonesia. Even people from different countries, including the original inhabitants of Mecca. Read more about Law of Men Wearing Necklaces in Islam

This is certainly very valuable. Our insights can increase, friends also add, and we also mean to have God’s command to keep the fraternity of fellow Muslims.

“And hold fast with the ropes of Allah and do not all divide, and remember Allah’s blessings on you all when you are enemies then He (Allah) tame between your hearts and you become siblings.” (Surah Ali Imran : 103).

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