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The Majority of the Month of Prophet Muhammad SAW

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The moon of Maulid or in Arabic is called the month of Rabiul Awal. It has a great deal of virtue among the other moons in Islam. The moon of  Maulid has much  correlation with the Prophet Muhammad SAW.


Therefore, the month which is originally called Rabiul Awwal is better known as the Mawlid with the meaning of Mawlid (birthday) Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Now, what makes this Mawlid moon as a major? Let’s take a look at the details of the virtues of the following moon :

The Birth of Prophet Muhammad

The birth of Prophet Muhammad happened on 12 Rabiul Awwal 571M or called Elephant Year. (In the Qur’an , the explanation of  elephant’s year  is in Al-Fiil surah which tells of Abrahah’s plan to destroy Makkah). That year, the Prophet Muhammad was born. It is said that when the night of the Prophet Muhammad was born, the sky was so bright and calm. Read more about Tips Fasting Ramadhan by Prophet Muhammad

The birth of the Prophet Muhammad has been  mentioned  in earlier books like the gospel and in Taurat  that there will be a last  prophet who born with various traits and signs. Thus, the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is something awaited by the faithful peoples within Jahiliyah times. Prophet Muhammad seemed to be a light in the darkness of the time of Jahiliyah. Read more about Punishment for Insulting the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Imam Ahmad narrates a hadith from Al ‘Irbadh bin Sariyah As Sulami, from the Prophet SAW; he said:

I am with Allah in Ummul Kitab, the last prophet, and Adam is still in the form of the land, and I will explain to you his takwil:” I am his prayer my father Ibrahim, Isa’s glad news to his people, my mother’s dreams where she saw the light out of  it and it illuminates the palace of Sham, and  the mothers of the Prophets also see the same event. “” It is narrated from Al Hakim and he says Shahih Isnad.

According to most of the scholars’, Prophet Muhammad was appointed Prophet and apostle when he was 40 years old. And Muhammad’s appointment as Prophet and apostle is a greater blessing of the creation of the heavens and the Earth, the Sun, the moon, the day, the night, the plants, and so on.

That is why the month of Rabiul-Awwal or the month of  Maulid becomes a moon which has its own virtue than any other months in Islam. Read more about  Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad  SAW

The Death of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad died on 12 of  Rabiul Awwal. The death of Prophet Muhammad became the saddest day in the minds of the Muslims and the Companions. The death of Prophet Muhammad reminds us of our belief that Prophet Muhammad is a human being who will return to God. Allah says to His Prophet:

“Indeed, you are to die, and indeed  they are to die” (Q. S. Az Zumar: 30)


“And We did not grant to any man before you eternity [on earth]; so if you die – would they be eternal? Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial ; and to Us you will be returned.” (Q. S. AL-Anbiya’ : 34-35)

Remembering the death of Prophet Muhammad also remind us on the death. Like Prophet Muhammad who is lovers of God must feel the death to return to God, and what about us?

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Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad ordered his people to remember the death. He said:

Please often to remember the destroyer of delicacy, that is death.” (In Musnad Imam Ahmad: shahih)

The three major events in the history of Islam  that are already mentioned earlier also make the month of Rabi ul-Awwal or Maulid a more important month than any other months. Read more about Character of Prophet Muhammad SAW

The three events are also directly related to the Prophet Muhammad. So it is not a surprise if many Muslims have a tradition of celebrating the Prophet’s Maulid in the month of Mawlid with thanksgiving.

In the teachings of Islam there is actually no suggestion to perform certain deeds or commemoration  in the month of Maulid. Related to the law of Mawlid Prophet Muhammad commemoration until now there are differences of opinion among theologian’.

There is an opinion that the commemoration of the Prophet’s Mawlid is an act of heresy that can be misleading because it was never practiced by the Prophet. While other opinions say that the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Mawlid is mubah (permissible) because every act that there is no prohibition in Al Quran and Hadith may be done. Read more about  Best Dua of Prophet Muhammad

Regardless of the above differences, it is perfectly legitimate to perform the Prophet Muhammad’s Maulid when the execution contains a benefit that can excite a person in worship. So that increasing the quality of faith and piety to God. For example, do recitation, Dzikir, and helping the poor and orphans.

Therefore, the memorial of the Prophet’s Mawlid is not permitted when the warning contains a very big mudharat for the survival of the religious community.

Moreover, to be misleading and distanced themselves from Allah SWT. Such as: throwing offerings to places that are considered sacred, such as rivers, seas, intersections, large trees, and others. In addition, large-scale commemoration without paying attention to capability to pay cost is better not to be done because it can remove the charity of our worship as well.

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Basically, commemorating the Mawlid of the Prophet is a means to appreciate our love for the Prophet Muhammad. However, do not forget how to love the true Prophet Muhammad. Such as: believe that the Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Read more about List of Important Days in Islam

Following the sunnah which is exemplified and done by him. Justify the news that are submitted by him. Defend and magnify the Prophet Muhammad. Love the people he loves. Saying or reading solawat greetings to the Prophet Muhammad because the fadhilah of sholawat  is so extraordinary.

Following his teachings. Imitate the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (siddiq / honest, amanah / trustworthy, tabligh / convey the teachings of God, and fathonah / smart). Obey the command and stay away from his prohibition. And so forth.

For that, Mawlid is a month that can increase our faith and remind us of the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah has arranged everything like the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad’s Prophet hood, and the death of the Prophet Muhammad in the same month to make the month of  Maulid becomes the main month.

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