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8 Ways How The Prophet Sleep Muslim Should Know

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Allah SWT regulated human life in such a way by arrangin the coming of day and night. In conducting all the activities, humans adhere to the laws of nature and according to the nature of human beings have needs that must be fulfilled. This related to the commandment of Allah SWT, as follow :


“And of His signs is your sleep by night and day and your seeking of His bounty. Indeed in that are signs for a people who lister.” (Ar-Rum : 23)

The Importance of Sleep for Human Beings

One of the activities that must be done by human beings it to keep their body health is to rest or sleep. Sleep activity itself is an activity where the body is resting and in a unconciousmess state. During sleep the body improves it cells and the damage occured inside and improves all person’s mental or physical function.

Sleep also affects a child’s growth since hormone is also produced when they fell asleep. A person who lacks of sleep usually will not be able to do his activities as well as when they are working since sleep not only affects a person body but also on mental and spiritual health.

Ways How The Prophet Sleep

In Islam, the Apostle always gives an example to his people about how to do things right including the way of sleep. As for the way of sleep exemplified by the Prophet who lived long ago was scientifically proven as the correct way of sleep in this modern era. Then how was the way of sleep of Rasulullah SAW? To find out then refer to this following explanation :

1. Sleeping in the dark

Rasulullah SAW always sleep in the dark and turn off the lights. In ancient times of course people do not recognize the lights by using electricity as nowadays and only use lights with wick and etc. Therefore Rasulullah ordered to his people to turn off the lights before going to sleep to avoid the risk of fire. This is according to the following hadith :

“Turn off the lights when you are about to sleep, close the door, seal the vessel firmly, and cover up the food and drinks. (Hadith of Muttafaq ‘Alaih)

2. Perform Wudu (Ablution) Before Going to Sleep

Wudu  is an activity to purify themselves before the prayer (salah) but Rasulullah also encourage someone to alway take his wudu before going to sleep is one of the sleep ethics in Islam. As mentioned in the following hadith :

“If you want to go to bed (sleep), the you should first perform wudu (ablution) first as your wudu (ablution) to perform prayer.” (Hadith of Al Bukhari : 247 and Muslim : 2710)

3. Pray Before and After Wake Up (from your sleep)

Praying is an activity that can never be separated from a Muslim especially Rasulullah SAW. In performing each activity, the Apostle always prayed as when he woke up and awoken from his sleep. This is according to the following hadith :

“Before going to sleep Rasulullah SAW prayed, “Bismika Allahumma Amut wa Ahyaa” (With Your name O Allah i am dead and alive). When wake up he prayed, “Alhamdulillahillaji ahyana ba’da maa ama tanaa wa ilayhinnusur.” (Praise to Allah who raised us after we die, and only to Him we return).” (Hadith of Muslim)

4. Tilted to Right and Put Your Hand on the Cheeks

While sleeping, the position of Rasulullah always tilted to the right and also put his hand on the right cheek. According to what Rasulullah already did we should imitate his teachings. Some studies have shown that sleeping in the right direction may reduce the risk of cardiac disease and others. The Apostle’s sleeping position is related to what he said in the following :

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“From Al-Barra’ bin Azib, Rasulullah SAW once said, “When you go to sleep, then perform wudu (as perfectly) as you perform wudu for prayer, then lie on your right side of the body.”


“Rasulullah SAW when sleeping put his right hand under his right cheek.”


(Hadith of Abu Dawud : 5045, At-Tirmidzi : 3395, Ibn Majah : 3877 and Ibn Hibban : 2350)

5. Sleep Early in The Night

A lot of studies have proven that early sleep provides a lot of healthy benefits. Rasulullah SAW itself is someone who always sleep early in the night or after Isya prayer and wake up to revive the end of the night with Tahajud prayer and other worship like reading Al-Qur’an and recitation. As mentioned in the following hadith :

“He slept early in the night and revived the end of the night.”


(Hadith of Mutafaq ‘Alaih)


“That Rasulullah SAW hated sleep night before  (Isha prayer) and chatted (which was not useful) afterwards.”


(Hadith of Bukhari Muslim)

6. Do Not Sleep on Your Back and Stomach

Indeed the Apostle did not encourage his people to sleep in supine state moreover in a state of stomach. The position of sleeping on stomach is dislike by Allah SWT and the sleeping position of Satan. As mentioned in the following hadith :

“Indeed (sleeping position on your stomach) it is a sleeping position that is wrathful by Allah Azza Wa Jalla.” (Hadith of Abu Dawud)

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7. Wiping Face when Wakip Up

Another habit performed by Rasulullah SAW is wiping his face shortly after he woke up from his sleep. As mentioned in the following hadith :

“So Rasulullah Muhammad SAW wake up from his sleep and sat down, wiping his face with his hands.” (Hadith of Bukhari Muslim)

8. Perform Siwak and Clean Yourself

After waking up from his sleep Rasulullah SAW never forget to clean his mouth with siwak (a tool used to cleans teeth in ancient times) and gargle. As mentioned in the following hadith :

“When Rasulullah Muhammad SAW awaken at night he cleans his mouth with siwak.” (Hadith of Bukhari Muslim)

That is ways how the Prophet sleep and it has been scientifically proven that his way of sleep is the right way and beneficial to our health. So, it is good if we also imitate of the ways how the Prophet sleep every day.

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