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25 Easy Ways to Do Sabr in Islam

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There are many ways to do Sabr in Islam. Sabr is mean being patience, how is being patience in Islam. Below here is the 25 ways to do Sabr in Islam.


1. Intention of your heart

The intention, the main thing to make us patient. Make sure the intention that we say sincerely from the heart. With the intention of lilahi ta’ala, inshallah we will always be the patient person. Below is the word of Rasulullah SAW about this.Rasulullah Saw. said,

” The charity is dependent on his intentions, and a person just gets according to his intentions. Whoever goes to Allah and His Messenger, then goes to Allah and His Messenger, and whoever goes because of the world or because of the woman he wants to marry, then it goes where it goes. “

(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

2. Take your Wudhu

If you have trouble and make you angry. So the thing that is recommended by the Messenger of Allah to us, as the Muslims is to take ablution water. With the water of ablution, the anger that is in us will be extinguished. Below are the words of the Prophet Muhammad in his hadith. Read more about Importance of Zuhr Prayer

The Messenger of Allah said, “The anger is from the devil, while the devil is created from fire, the fire can only be extinguished with water. So if you are angry, take the wudhu.” (Abu Dawud).

3. Do Dhikr

Remembering God’s greatness with dhikr is one of the most powerful ways to get us to be patient. Praise every morning and evening. Inshallah, all our affairs will always be given a way out by God. Dzikir can be done anywhere, every time you have trouble taking a bit of your time to dhikr. Here is a Quranic verse that calls us to always dhikr. You may want to read about Benefits of Asr Prayer

“O ye who believe! dhikr you to Allah as much and glorify Him in the morning and the evening.” (Al Ahzab 33: 41-42)

4. Perform prayer

Praying, performing obligatory prayers is what Allah has commanded to Prophet Muhammad SAW. The command of prayer is not only made for the reward of God but also to shape the human person, especially the Muslims to be better one of them is patient. You can also see the importance of prayer in Islam, here. Here Allah ta’ala says in the Quran.

“It is unto You that we worship, and only unto You are we asking for help. “(Al-Fatihah 1:5).

5. Do Fasting Sunnah

By fasting Sunna, like fasting Monday and Thursday, will shape our personality into a more patient person. This is an effective way to improve our patients as Muslims. You can also read How to Make Ramadhan fasting easier. Here is the word of Allah in the hadith.

“Allah says,” Every human practice is for him except fasting. The practice of fasting is for Me “.
(H.R. Bukhari)

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6. Being silent

If you have a big problem, that makes you feel emotional. Rasulullah SAW teaches us to be silent. Silence here is not to not care about the problem. Silence here is a way to control emotions, so we can become more patient. This suggestion is written in the following hadith. read more about Benefits of Taking Less in Islam

“Teach (others), make it easy, do not complicate the problem, if you are angry then be silent.” (HR Ahmad).

7. Think positive

It would be nice if we always think positively about everything that happens. This is the best way to improve our patients as a Muslim. With positive thinking, inshallah all the trials that we face there is the best way out. You may want to read about Dua to Increase Memory in Islam.

“Whoever guards his honor, Allah will also keep his honor. Whoever asks for sufficient, Allah will also give him sufficiently. Whoever tries to be patient, Allah will also give him patience. No one is given a better and broader gift than patience.” (HR. Malik)

8. Always Be Positive

Thinking and being positive is one way to improve our patients as well. Control our emotions, think and see from the positive side. Could be, this is the best way of Allah ta’ala for us. As mentioned in the hadith below.

“It is a marvelous thing that the person is a believer because all his affairs are good for him. Such will not exist except only to the believer; when he gets happiness he is grateful, then it is good for him. And when it struck him he was patient, it was good for him.” (Muslim)

9. Allah SWT’s promise to those who are patient

The promise of the man, may not be held forever. However, it is different from God’s promise. God’s promise will promise rewards and help you if you are one of those who is patient. Below is the promise of Allah ta’ala in the Quran for every patient believer. Read more about  Benefits of Kindness in Islam.

“Yes enough, if you have patience and alertness and they come to attack you immediately, Allah will help you with five thousand angels with signs.” ( Ali Imran 3: 125)

10. Recite the Qur’an

Spend a little of your free time to recite the Quranic verses, after Shubuh or Asr prayers. By reading the holy verses of the Qur’an, God will give us something unexpected. In addition to making us more patient, we will get reward and grace by Allah SWT. As described in one of the verses of the Quran below. You may want to read Benefits of Completing Reciting Quran in Islam

“Those who read God’s Book regularly and establish prayer and spend out of the sustenance We bestow upon them secretly and openly, they expect a business that will not lose money.” “That God may perfect them their reward and add to them of His bounty. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. “(Fathir 35: 29-30).


11. Listen to the Quran verses

If you do not have time to read, you can listen to the Holy Quran. By listening to the holy verses of the Qur’an, insha’Allah in our lives is lost, and we can think clearly again to overcome some of the problems we face. Here is the word of Allah in one of the verses of the Qur’an below.

“Allah has sent down the best sayings of the same Quran (the quality of the verses) over and over again, trembling the skins of those who fear their Lord, then become the calmness of their skin and hearts in the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah, with the book He points to whom He will, and whosoever is led astray by Allah, there shall be no leader. “(Az Zumar 39: 23).

12. Referring to emotions

The key to our patients must be to control emotions. Controlling the emotions here in the sense that we must guard and manage our emotions both as well as the deeds we will do. One of them is by reading ta’awudz, A’-uudzu billahi minas syaithanir rajiim. Inshallah, you will still be able to control your emotions As you in trouble. As in the following hadith. Read more about Ways to Control Anger in Islam.

“Really I know there is one sentence, if this recites by this person, his anger will disappear. If he reads ta’awudz: A’-uudzu billahi minas syaithanir rajiim, his anger will disappear.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

13. Practice being patience

Being patient is not easy. We need to try our patience at the time and are in all sorts of problems we face. Well, the problem is small or big. We must be patient because this is an exercise to make us become more patient. You may want to read about  Anger Management in Islam

“… whoever harms his self (the effort to be patient), then Allah will make him a patient person …” (Bukhari)

14. Befriend the people of Allah SWT

Choosing a very friend in our lives. Befriend you with pious people, then you will benefit. Being friends with pious people, not only makes us feel better. However, we can also learn how to be patient in the view of the Islamic religion. Below is the parable described in the hadith. Read more about Importance of Friendship in Islam

“The parable of a good friend with a bad one is like a perfume seller and a blacksmith, making friends with a perfume seller will make you fragrant because you can buy perfume from him or at least the odor of his fragrance, while making friends with the blacksmith will feel the body and your shirt or you will just not smell nice. ” (Bukhari & Muslim)

15. Be aware of the power of Allah SWT

Told in a story of Prophet Ibrahim AS likes Allah SWT to revive the dead. From this story that can be picked is, as human beings we can not face each other with our own Lord who has created us. Verily, Allah is Lord Almighty, Wise. We as human beings, especially mankind must be sure of the power of God because the power of God is unlimited and unexpected. Below her is the verse Quran that explains.

“And remember when Abraham said: ‘O my Lord, show me how to live the dead’ Allah says” Not sure you? “Ibrahim replied ‘I have believed it will be easy to keep my heart calm’ Allah says’ take four birds then chop and place on top of each hill one part of those parts then call them inevitably they come quickly ‘And know to Allah Almighty and Wise.” (Verse Al-Baqarah 2:260)

16. Pray confidently

Praying is one way to improve our patients. Pray with confidence, do not rush. Indeed, with a prayer that is full of confidence, Allah ta’ala will grant every prayer we do. The following is written in hadith.

“Pray you to God with confidence to be granted, and know that God does not grant prayers from a careless heart.” (HR. Tirmidzi and Syaikh Al-Albani)

17. Be assured of God’s help

In addition to praying with confidence, as described in the previous points. We must also be assured of  Lord’s help. Lord’s help can happen sooner or later, unpredictable. It could be that Lord gives us unexpected help. For that, be patient and continue to believe that Lord will always be our side wherever we are. Here Allah ta’ala says it in one of the surahs in the Quran.

“Do you think you will find your way to the Heaven even though you have not known what the others before you have gone through? They had suffered affliction and loss, and were shaken and tossed about so that even the Apostle had to cry out with his followers: ‘When will the help of Allah arrive?’ Remember, the help of Allah is ever at hand.” (Al-Baqarah  2:214)

18. Just hope Allah SWT’s Ridha

Be patient to seek the pleasure of Allah, one of them by spending some of your fortunes to the people who can not afford. Whether it is done overtly or in secret. This is one way to make us become more patient. As in the explanation of the Quranic verse below.

“And those who patiently seek the good pleasure of their Lord, establish prayers, and spend some of the Provision that We give them, secretly or openly and reject evil with good; these are the ones that have the place of the end (the good).”  (Ar-Ra’du 13: 22).

19. Read the story of the Prophet Muhammad about how being a patience’s person

Try to read the story of Prophet Muhammad and the Companions of the Prophet (s) to improve our patients. Many hadiths or stories about his daily life which the Messenger of Allah persevered in living the trials of life. By studying the attitude and nature of the prophet, especially patience. Hopefully, we can become a better person again. Below is one of the hadiths Rasulullah SAW. Read more about Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad SAW

“Jubair ibn Mut’im recalled that when he was with the Prophet, suddenly the men intercepted him and asked him half-insistently that he was cornered into a thorn tree. Suddenly one of them took his coat. Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) paused and exclaimed, “Give me this coat! That’s to cover my nakedness. If I had many coats (more than one), I would have shared with you guys.”  (Narrated by Bukhari)

20. Good prejudice against Allah ta’ala

Never once we, as human beings, especially Muslims to prejudice God. Astaghfirullah! Prejudice good to Lord, because Allah is the best know the best for our lives. As in the Word of Allah ta’ala below.From Abu Hurairah radhiyatul ‘anhu, he said; Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam said:

“Allah says, “I am in accordance with the conjecture of my servant. I am with him as he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in him, then I will remember it in Me. If he remembers Me in a place, then I will remember him in a better place. If he drew near to me an inch, then I would come to him one cubit. If he comes near to me a cubit, then I draw near to him as fast. If he comes to me by walking, then I go to him by running.”


21. Istighfar

If you hear bad news, that shocks you. Try to keep you calm, patient and alive with God. In the name of Allah, there is a way out of the ordeal. Below is an explanation of the hadith about this. You may want to read Importance of Istighfar in Islam.

“Whoever reproduce istighfar, then Allah will make joy for every sadness, the way out for every trouble and rizqi from the direction of the unexpected.” (HR. Ahmad and Al-Hakim)

22. Be firm in doing good

Doing good may be easy to do, keeping good may be a little difficult to do. If you are a problem, make sure you stand firm in doing good. For example, you need funds for food expenses. At that time, there are relatives of you to deposit money for the mosque donations. You should remain to carry out the trust you give. Do not even use the money for your own needs. We must remain patient, who knows with you run the mandate, there will be sustenance that awaits in front of you. So please be patient. Then Read more about Importance of Good Manner in Islam

“Let not you be imma’ah, that is, You say: “If the man does good, we too will do good; if they do injustice, we too will do wrong “. However, be firm in your opinion. If humans do good, you also do good, if they do bad, then do not follow you to follow the injustice.” (HR Tirmidzi)

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23. Remember the reward of the patient

If you want to be patient, keep in mind the reward that God will give for us. Many kinds of rewards will Allah give to us, the Muslims. One of them is contained in the Quranic letters below.

“And verily We will reward those who are steadfast with a better reward than what they do.”
(An-Nahl 16: 96)

24. Always be grateful in every circumstance

Many people are sometimes not grateful for the blessings of God that we give to us. Yet with gratitude, will be able to improve our patients. Remember, that any favor given by Allah ta’ala is a gift. Whether the gift is good or bad, we must keep it up, because only Allah is the All-Giver and the Knower.

“Verily in that, there are indeed signs (the omnipotence of God) for everyone who is very patient and much grateful” (Luqmaan 31: 31).

25. Never complain

All human beings will surely experience the trials and test of life, pain is one of them. Never complain at all about the pain God gives you. Pray you and be patient, rest assured to Allah ta’ala if the pain you suffer will heal. Surely Allah loves those who are patient and spiritually recompensed.

“From Atha ‘bin Abu Rabbah, he said. “Ibn Abbas once told me. ‘Will I show you a lady in heaven?’. I answer. ‘Yes’. He (Ibn Abbas) said. “The black woman had come to the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam, saying:’ Surely I am sick and my aurat (open) is open. So pray for me. He said: ‘When you will, then you can be patient and for you is heaven. And, if you want to be able to pray to God himself until He gives you afiat ‘. Then the woman said. ‘I will be patient. The woman said again. ‘Verily (my aurat) is open. So pray to Allah for me (my aurat) not open ‘. So he prayed for the woman “  (Bukhari and Muslim)

Hopefully, this knowledge of 25 ways to do Sabr in Islam may help us as a Muslim being a better person. Being a patience person is not being we are to be weak. Otherwise, patiently we have a much better personality quality. Remember, Allah always be our side who the people are patient. You can read the other topics of ways in Islam here.

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