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17 Positive Ways How to Cure Loneliness in Islam

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Loneliness is a disease which sometimes hit us in many ways. We often feel sad and ask for happiness in our life. Be careful, it’s a sign of lonesomeness and we could be deserted, far away from Allah.


As a muslim, we should not isolated ourselves in the darkness. We should not feel lonely. Allah is always there, ready to listen all our problem. There are many ways to escape from the aloneness. Here we present 17 ways how to cure loneliness in Islam.

  1. Read dhikr continously

Dhikr is the right way to make our heart busy to always think about Allah. Step by step, dhikr will give peace and serenity in our heart. Allah said:

“Such are the ones who believe (in the message of the Prophet) and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah. Surely in Allah’s remembrance do hearts find rest.” (Ar-Ra’du: 28)

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  1. Read Al-Qur’an and it’s meaning

Al-Qur’an and hadith both are our compass to transit in this world. There are a lot of lesson, knowledge, law, and many more compacted inside Al-Qur’an. We should read Al-Qur’an in our spare time and absorb the meaning.

  1. Attend Islamic lecture

No doubt, attend Islamic lecture is a way to gain some knowledge in Islam. We could learn more information and study Islam deeper. There are a lot of insight told by the priest. We could also meet a lot of people and create some relation with them.

  1. Visit your family and spend time with them

If we have grew up, we could live separately with our parent. It could be a cause why we feel lonely and did not have some spirit in our daily. We could spare some time in the weekend to visit our parents in the hometown. This treatment will refresh our mind and cure the loneliness.

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  1. Do your hobby

In busy times, we sometimes forget about ourselves. We could not do a hobby we used to do before. If you have start to feel sullen, do your hobby. It will transfer your dizziness into some meaningful activity which brighten your day.

  1. Do more positive activities

Do not let your mind go deeper in the dark. Go out from your cave and do some activities. You can hang out with your family, read some books, and attend Islamic lecture regularly. Those activities will give some energy into your soul and cherish your daily day.

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  1. Approach Allah

Allah is always there. He always get ready to listen all of our grudge, complaint, and sadness. If you start to feel depression, it means you have been far from Allah. Try to get closer to Allah. As Allah said:

“He said: “I will address my sorrow and grief only to Allah, and I know from Allah what you do not know.”(Yusuf: 86)

  1. Always think positive

Thinking about positive aspect give a great effect to our body. If someone feel desolate, his mind is not far away from negativity. We should get rid the gloom, blues, and misery from our life. You are never alone and remember that Allah said:

Do not grieve. Allah is with us” (At-Taubah: 40)

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  1. Share your worries with some close friends

Sometimes stuffy mind comes from concerns which remain in our heart. If it has happened, we can tell Allah about the problem in our pray. We could also meet our best friends and ask for the solution. It will lighten our heart and cure the lonesomeness.

  1. Do tahajjud prayer

Tahajjud is sunnah prayer which loved by Allah. Tahajjud is the time when Allah is really close to us. After tahajjud we will feel more relax and peace in our heart. As our Prophet said

O God I ensconce to You from the hesitation and sadness..”(Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Do shalah seriously

Do shalah five times a day obsequious. Many of us do shalah but our mind is in somewhere else. We should attend our body and soul in every shalah we do. It will increase our faith and absorb the prayer in every motion.

  1. Avoid sinfulness

Have you wonder why is pub always full of people? The answer is because there are a lot of lonely people in this world. They escape to the pub to find the happiness. But as a muslim, we are forbidden to do so. It’s a big sin and Allah hate it. There are many ways above to cure the aloneness than doing sinfulness.

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  1. Be more thankful

Allah loves muslim who always be grateful for what they had. We breath some air, drink a pristine water, it’s all Allah blessing. We could not count the blessing but we could be more thankful to appreciate what we already had. Allah said:

“Also call to mind when your Lord proclaimed: “If you give thanks, I will certainly grant you more; but if you are ungrateful for My favours, My chastisement is terrible” (Ibrahim: 7)

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  1. Learning Islam deeper

Islam is rich with dua, dhikr, akhlaq, lesson, knowledge, etc. Many of us feel lazy and undetermined to learn about Islam. Instead there are a lot of insight in Islam we should know and learn. Try to learn Islam deeper step by step. After some time, it will enrich our knowledge and make us a better person.

  1. Do not daydreaming

We should avoid daydreaming because it is unmeaningful habit. Daydreaming will sharp the sorrow and waste our time. Instead of imagine things, we should transfer the energy into some activities which give positive benefit.

  1. Do not waste your time

Loneliness is a disease we should fight for. It will waste the time and made us idle as time goes by. We could do many projects and action instead remain silent in our comfort zone.

  1. Find some bustle

Lonely people didn’t know what to do in the mean time. If you feel bored, you could find some bustle and go out from your room. It will help you find some confidence and help you from the drowning in the loneliness.

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That’s all the way how to cure the loneliness in your life. Do not pretend you are okay when you are not. Reach some help by get closer to Allah. Meet your family and some old friends to brighten your day.

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