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Law of Wife Support Husband in Islam

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The obligation of a husband is giving livelihood to his wife and children. Today, there many wives are become back bone of her family due to many reasons.


In fact, this issue already exists since the Prophet of Muhammad SAW period, which is a wife of his relative named Zainab ats Tsaqafiyyah (a strong woman which is craftsmen business). Today, what is the law of a wife been giving a livelihood of her husband in Islam?

“Be godly to Allah SWT (fulfilled of his rights) to women because you already taken them with bless of Allah SWT and permitted their genitals in the name of Allah SWT. The obligations of a wife to a husband in Islam is your rugs are not allowed be placed to whom you are dislike. When they do, hit them with a soft jolt. Your obligation is giving your wives livelihood and clothes with a ma’ruf ways.” (HR. Muslim)

Honestly, the obligation of a husband is never changes and Allah Ta’ala commandment on surah An-Nisa:34,

“ The men are leader to the women, because Allah SWT has giving superiorities to some of them (men) beyond the other (women). It is caused that they (men) already give part of their livelihood to them.”

The above verse mentioned that the obligation in household in the matter of giving livelihood is a part of a man duties and it is his obligation to give all his effort in giving a good livelihood to his family.

Even it is a hard way to do, men as head of family must give all his best in getting a work in a proper way. In fact, it is considered as a big sin when a man is not working intentionally, especially when his wife is also a working woman. Read more about Prohibition of Swine in Islam

Rasulullah SAW said,

“It is sufficient when someone is being a sinner when he restrains meals (salary etc) to whom is being his dependants.” (HR. Muslim)


“It shall affordable people to give a livelihood suitable with his abilities. Those who have limited livelihood, they shall give wealth in Islam from Allah SWT to his dependants. Allah SWT will not give burden to someone except for his abilities. Allah SWT soon will give you leisure after the narrowness.” (QS. At-Talaq:7)

 The Status of Wife Income

The income of a wife owns by the wife fully. It is considered as handout and good deed when a wife is giving her income to her husband and children.

“When a muslim is giving his income to his family and expecting rewards from it, then it is considered as alms.” (HR. Bukhari).

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Islamic Fatwa is also confirmed,

In the term of salary from a working wife, it is entitled for her fully. Her husband is not allowed to take out her wife’s income even in a small portion except with his wife heartfelt.” (Islamic Fatwa no 126316).

Law of Working Women in Islam

Referring to a working woman, Syekh Yusuf Qaradhawi said the law is permitted and it can be sunnah or mandatory depends on the condition of the woman. It will be mandatory when the woman needs to work if she is a widow and no one will shoulder her family economic life. Read more about Prohibition of Swearing in Islam

It becomes sunnah when the condition of the woman is live well which means that her husband is having adequate income to fulfill their economic necessities.

In a family, sometimes we found the obligation of woman after marriage is required because the economic condition of the husband is not good to livelihood for the whole family. The two women answered,

We do not afford feeding our cattle before those shepherds lead them to their home while our father is an old man.” (Qashash:23).

There are requirements need to be fulfilled and must not violate the source of Shari’a Islam for working women in refers to give part of her income for her family. Working at the bar which is selling an alcohol drinks or prostitutions are types of work which are forbidden to do. Read more about Virtue of the Last Two Verses Surah Al-Baqarah

Women are recommended to find a proper work because she needs to maintain her dignity and her family dignity.

A working wife also needs her trustee (in this term is her husband) permission before she is entering the work world. A trustee is a woman kinsman who still has lineage from sababiyah side or a husband’s relative.

It needs to see from ulul arham side too which is a distant relative like a brother in law or mother in law, or uncle from the mother’s side. Another side is from the justice point of view whereas a judge has an equal decision with the other trustees.

In a matter of suitable outfit for working women, here, women are recommended to dress up in a proper ways (syar’i) which is covering whole her body except her palms hand and face. Women are advisable to wear thick clothes and do not transparent.

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She is also recommended to wear a loose-fitting clothes combined with soft colored and do not wear perfume except for her husband.

In addition, women also need to obey the courtesy of leaving a house by hold back her sight and do not wearing jewelry too much. The most important thing is a working woman is not permitted to ignore her primary obligation as a wife. Read more about  Benefit of Talking Less in Islam

It means that she is not abandoning her husband and children and the whole family because she is working. Working women should always priority her family rather than her work because she needs to make sure all her family needs is fulfilled.

In summary, the law of a woman supporting her husband livelihood in the family is permitted as long as she is not abandoning her obligation women in Islam and she is not violates the shari’a Islam. Still, it needs to be noticed that it is not a wife’s obligation for working to help her husband income (seeing from economical side). Read more about Importance of Positive Thinking in Islam

The back bone of the family is still in a husband hand, even finding a proper work is not easily as it seen, still, a husband should trying with all his best to give a proper livelihood for his family.

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