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17 Rights of Siblings in Islam – Obligations

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Sibling is something that we can have in this world and will accompany us when we are living in it. Sibling in Islam doesn’t mean our blood relative but it can have a different meaning such as our close friends, fellow Muslim and other else.


Islam is a religion that regulates the ethics of human association. In Islamic ethics and teachings, it has taught the rights and obligations of sibling whether he is a member of the family, a member of society, or even as a Muslim society. This is different from some of the rules in this world, whether rules in a religion or a non-religious rule such as the concept of human rights or known as human rights.

The rules in Islam are more detailed and pay attention to the nature of a society in terms of goodness that will be achieved by practicing the ethics.

Here is presented some rights of siblings in Islam.

1. Say greetings

Saying greeting (Assalamu’alaikum = may you be in salvation) is a highly recommended Sunnah because it is the cause of the growing love and closeness among the Muslims especially siblings as can be witnessed and as taught by the Prophet. Rasulullah Saw always start greeting to whomever he met and even he greets the children if they meet them. The Sunnah is a greeting by the younger one to the old one, the one who drives to greet the pedestrian, but if the main is not also greeting then the other who should greet the sunnah is not lost.

“By Allah will not go to heaven until you have faith and do not believe until you love each other. I will tell you something that if you do will foster a sense of love among you ?, Spread greetings among you” (HR Muslim)


And when you are greeted with a greeting, then greet with better than it or return it. Indeed, Allah is of every thing an Accountant. (An-Nisa 4:86)

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2. Give advise

If our siblings come to ask us for advice on a matter then counsel it because it belongs to religion. If they come to us not to seek counsel, but in them, there is a danger or sinful deed they will do, then it is the right for us to advise them even if the act is not directed to them because it includes eliminating danger and evil from the Muslims.

If there is no danger in him and no sin to him and he sees that other things (other than counsel) are more useful, then there is no need to advise him unless he asks for counsel to him then it is obligatory for him to advise him.

“Religion is counsel: To Allah, His Book, His Apostle and to the leaders of the Muslims and the people in general.” (HR Muslim)

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3. Visit the siblings when sick

This is the right of the sick and the duty of the siblings in faith. The way to visit depends on the sick person and his illness.

Sometimes the condition demands to be frequent, so the main thing is to pay attention to the situation. It is desirable for those who visit the sick to question his situation, pray for him, comfort and give him hope because it is the greatest cause of healing and health. It’s also worth reminding him of repentance in a way that does not frighten him.

“Surely the pain that you are suffering now is good because illness can function to take away sins and wrongs and in conditions that can not go anywhere you can achieve a great reward, by reciting dhikr, istighfar and praying.”

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4. Deliver the corpse

It is also the right of a Muslim over his siblings because it shows our care and tribute to them for the last time. In addition, there is a great reward for us like two great mountains that is told in a hadith below.

“Who delivered the corpse to the point of worship, then to him the reward of one qhirath, and who delivered it to be buried, for him the reward of two qhirath”, he asked: “What is qhirath?”, He replied: “Like two great mountains.” (HR Bukhari and Muslim)

5. Accept invitation from siblings

For example, the siblings invite us to eat or other, then fill and accept the invitation is a right and sunnah mu’akkadah and it can attract the hearts of siblings who invite and bring a sense of love and affection. Excluded from this is a wedding invitation because fulfilling a wedding invitation is mandatory on terms that have been known.

“And who does not fulfill (his invitation) then he has immoral to Allah and His Messenger.” (HR Bukhari and Muslim)


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6. Make peace after fighting

It is the right of siblings to make peace after fighting. It is because we are a sibling that is created by Allah to live together until the end of life.

Only the believers (are) brothers, so make peace between your brothers and fear Allah so that you may receive mercy. (Al-Hujurat 49:10)


And hold firmly to (the) rope (of) Allah all together and (do) not be divided. And remember (the) Favor (of) Allah on you when you were enemies then He made friendship between your hearts then you became by His Favor brothers. And you were on (the) brink (of) pit of the Fire then He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes clear for you His Verses so that you may (be) guided. (Al-Imran 3:103)

7. Help each other

As siblings, we must help each other and never leave our siblings alone. It is the benefits of having siblings that we share the same problem and can make it easier by doing it together.

And help one another in [the] righteousness and [the] piety, but (do) not help one another in [the] sin and [the] transgression. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah (is) severe (in) [the] punishment. (Al-Maidah 5:2)

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8. Love each other

It is the right of siblings to love each other because there are some siblings who can’t get along. However, they still love and care each other in their ways.

“The faithfulness of the believers in their mutual love and mutual love as one body. When one limb is sick, all members of the body feel, unable to sleep and have a fever.” (HR Muslim)

9. Do good deeds

We should do good deeds to our siblings to show that we actually love and care to them. By doing good deeds, our relationship can become closer and we can’t be separated from them.

And worship Allah And (do) not associate with Him anything, and to the (do) good, and with the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy and the neighbor (who is) near, and the neighbor (who is) farther away, and the companion by your side and the traveler and what possess[ed] your right hands. Indeed, Allah (does) not love (the one) who is [a] proud (and) [a] boastful. (An-Nisa 4:36)

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10. Keep in contact and visit each other

Allah has told that we should never cut off our relationship with someone, especially siblings. We should keep in contact and visit them because they are our siblings.

Then would you perhaps, if you are given that you cause corruption in the earth and cut off your ties of kinship. Those, (are) the ones Allah has cursed them, so He made them deaf and blinded their vision. (Muhammad 47:22-23)

11. Respect each other

We should know that when we have siblings, there are the differences of age that can obstruct our relationship. In order to overcome this, we must respect each other, both young and old so we can get closer without worrying this.

“It is not one of us [1] the one who disrespects the elder [2], and does not love the smaller [3], nor the one who does not rule on the good and prevents the evil deeds”. (HR Ahmad, at-Tirmidzi, and Ibnu Hibban)

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12. Forgive each other

Siblings always can make a mistake and sin. We must be patient and forgive them because if we still keep them in heart, our relationship with the siblings will be ruined.

“There are three things that if a man possesses, he will get the providence of Allah, and will be filled with His mercy, and Allah will always put it into the circle of servants who got His love: someone who is always grateful when Allah gives pleasure, someone who is capable of (blowing his anger) but he apologizes for the mistakes of people, and someone who when angry, he stopped his anger. “ (HR Hakim)

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More Rights of Siblings in Islam

Here is presented more rights of siblings in Islam.

  • Get the same treatment
  • Get equal distribution of inheritance
  • Have own privacy
  • Have own religion and living
  • Hang out together

That’s all rights of siblings in Islam. Hope we know this and can practice it to our siblings in our life.

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