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13 Greatest Things To Do of Jummah Friday for women

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In Islam and for Moslem, Friday is a very special day among the other days in the week. Holiday for Moslem falls on that day, Friday not Sunday. There are many sunnah and good deeds that can only be doing in that day, one can do everything at once as a series of way to worship Allah during that particular day. During that day, a lot of grace and blessing from Allah will be bestowed upon human and a chance for forgiveness for sins you have made also during that day, it is very unfortunate to pass this occasion.


Associated with all that Friday good deeds one really stood out is Friday Prayer, it is mandatory for men, but why not the woman? Isn’t Islam is about fair and virtue? That is why, for woman here are the good deeds that you need to know so you can practice it on Friday.

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1. A Lot Of Shalawat (Pray For Rasulullah)

When you chant it on a normal day it is already an act worthy of a lot of grace and protection from Rasulullah, in the afterlife, during the judgment. It will be a lot better when you do this activity on Friday because it is a special day.

Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam said this, “on Friday, every Friday, recite me more shalawat. Because my people shalawat will be shown to me every Friday. And those who pray for me, will be the one that stood closer to me, during the judgment day”. (Al-Baihaqi)

Rasulullah also said, “recite me more shalawat on Friday, and he will be watched, watched by the angels. And truth, not even once, one of you will not be placed near me if you recite the prayer for me. Your shalawat will be shown and appear to me until its over”. (Ibnu Majah)

“The truth is the most important day of the week for you is Friday. So pray for me more, because your shalawat will be sent to me”. (Abu Dawud, Ibnu Majah, An Nasa’i)

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2. Increase Your Dua

Wish good wishes on Friday and remember Allah like what already stated with Rasulullah when he speaks about Friday importance.

Rasulullah SAW stated, “on that particular day, there will be no Moslem that stood to wish and pray to Allah but their wish will not be granted. It will be granted”. (HR. Bukhari)

“On Friday, there is one time, that if a Moslem pray and wish for something in that time to Allah, that Moslem prayer will be granted.” And Rasulullah gives a gesture showing how small it is. (H.R. Bukhari dan Muslim)

By the last minutes in the Friday that counts is a few minutes before the sunset or Maghrib.

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3. More Dhikr and Istighfar or Dua for Forgiveness

Also on Friday, Allah will double every good deeds for those who did earn it, and that Rasulullah has never ever forgotten to pray for forgiveness.

Rasulullah SAW stated, “truth is my heart never forget to dhikr to Allah. I do istighfar for a hundred times a day“.

Beside istighfar also advised to recite tahlil, tahmid, and takbir, there is no limitation to how many times to do that, so Moslem woman can recite as much as they can.

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4. Read Abu Nawas Poetry

For Salaf, reciting the poem is a usual thing to do. It contains confession and repentance, asking for forgiveness. The poem goes like this:

O, Lord! I am not worthy of your heaven

But I cannot withstand the heat of hell’s flame

So please accept my forgiveness and lift all my sins

For you are the most forgiving and graceful lord

Imam Sayyid Bakri quotes Syekh Abdul Wahhab “those who recite this two lines of verses (two top) every Friday, Allah will take his soul in Islam condition no matter what”.

For some people in Jumhur Ulama, this verses recited five times every Friday.

5. Increase the Quality and Quantity of Islamic Practice

Woman should also increase their level of their Islamic practice more than usual. Example: increase the rakaat of Sunnah prayer, increase their charity, read Al Quran, Help another Moslem more than usual, and many more.

Imam Ja’Far Shadiq states, “Night and Friday have its right, so do not waste them, do not slack off, get closer to Allah with good deeds and leave everything that haram. Because inside that time, Allah doubles any act of good, cleanse sins, and lift your place. Friday and the night. If you can, live up the night and day with dua and prayer, because that time Allah sent Angels to the world to double the good and clear the sins, I swear Allah is the most gracious and forgiving“.

6. Clean Yourself and Brush Your Teeth Using Miswak

To clean yourself is not only for the men who will be doing Friday Prayer, but the woman also. Take a shower during this particular day is obligatory for those who have matured enough.

Beside taking shower on Friday, which is obligatory for every Moslem, even woman. Is brushing your teeth with miswak.(Bukhari dan Muslim)


7. Doing Zuhr Prayer Early

Even if the woman cannot do Friday prayer, its advised to do Duhr prayer earlier. It counts as Types of sunnah prayer also, to do it early and not delaying it.

8. Taking A Pilgrimage to Graveyard

It is especially good to go on a pilgrimage to the graveyard on Friday. Especially our parents’ graveyard. For the sake to wish for their well being in the afterlife, also to remember that we will die at some point.

9. Doing Tasbih Prayer

Tasbih prayer has a great importance whether its night or day, during Friday. It is a good way to ask for forgiveness. It will be better to do that on Friday because the day is special for Islamic practice.

10. Wear Your Best Outfit

Rasulullah stated, “It is important to you to buy two pieces of clothes for Friday, unless it is for work”. (Abu Dawud and Ibnu Majah, verdict as shahih by Al Albani)

In that statement, Rasulullah did not only emphasizing on men but woman also. It is advised for both men and woman to buy special clothes for Friday, a special day in Islam. It is advised also to put white clothes on.

“Wear white, for it is the best of all best clothes.” (Tirmidzi)

11. Use Perfume

Rasulullah states, “For those that shower and clean themselves in the Friday, use hair oil and perfume before going to Mosque. Not separates two men, and do prayer. When Imam starts the khutbah, he keeps silent and listens, he will be forgiven until the next Friday. (Bukhari dan Muslim)

In that hadeeth, even though woman is not mentioned in the Friday prayer, they still need to clean. Also, put perfume because Friday is special day for Moslem.

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12. Read Al Kahfi

For both men and woman everyone has the chance to read Al Kahfi on Friday. Time starts from Thursday after sunset until Friday sunset. This is according to the moon calendar used in Islam.

“Those who read Al Kahfi on Friday, there will be light between you until baitul Atiq.” (Al-Hakim and Al-Baihaqi)

13. Clip Your Nail

There are some of the sayings that clipping nails usually done on Friday.However, there is still no shahih verdict on this case. It is considered this way because Friday is a special day for Moslem.

That is some good deeds that you can do on Friday. Maybe you don’t agree with it but our purpose is to share good knowledge. It is up to you whether you do or not do these activities, nonetheless, Friday is a very special day for Moeslem. I Allah forgive us and blessed us with his grace.

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