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13 Causes of Not Getting Pregnant in Islam

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The goal of man’s creation is worshipping to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and passing on the descendant as His servants. As Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam said :


“Get married your loved woman and get a descendant (not barren), because in the hereafter I will praise your numbers.” (Narrated by Ahmad and it is validated as Saheeh hadith by Ibn Hibban)

For that, Islam advises to get married. The goal of married in Islam is creating sakinah mawaddah warahmah family which can learn children according to Sharia.

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But, not all of couple are easy to get descendants. Even, some of them need a lot of years to get descendants. There are some causes not getting pregnant in Islam, such as :

  1. Not Wudu before Having Sex

Wudu before having sex is one of doings in having sex. The benefit of wudu is not only to clean a little najis, but wudu also make couple to be stayed away from Satan who hinder or whisper a badness for the unborn baby. Accustom to wudu before sleeping, too because there are many virtues of wudu before sleeping.

  1. Has not Repented

A couple who has not repented from a big sin in Islam will be difficult to get descendants. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala will not entrust a child to them who do not want to repent.

For that, do Repent prayer, good deeds and istighfar. So, you can be given ease to get descendants.

As the word of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala :

“And said, ‘Ask forgiveness of Your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver. He will send [rain from] the sky upon you in [continuing] showers. And give you increase in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers.” (Q.S. Nuh : 10 – 12)

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  1. Stress

A stress woman will get difficulty to get pregnant. The founder of Fertility Awareness Counselling and Training Seminars (FACTS), Tony Wechsler said that stress can influence the function of hypothalamus, a part of brain that has function to arrange emotion, blood pressure, heartbeat and behaviour of consuming.

This part of brain also arrange hormone that commands ovary to release ovum. So that, do the ways of solving depression according to Islam.

  1. Too Many Eat Junk Food

Unhealthy life style will also  influence the condition of uterus. Eating unhealthy food or junk food causes a woman difficult to get pregnant.

The content of saturated fat in it increase the risk of ovulation disorder until 73%. If you want to get pregnant easily, you should the ways to do healthy lifestyle in Islam such as sleeping in the right position, eating halal food and do exercises regularly. 

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  1. Body Weight

The body weight that is too thin or fat can cause a woman difficult to get pregnant. A fat body will make fat to drape the wall of ovary, so ovum will be difficult to stick on the wall of ovary. While a thin body will decrease fat and save energy, so the ovulation process will be stopped.

  1. Postpone Pregnant

Some couple postpone pregnant because they want to tandem first, increase their career and financial. By using contraceptives, uterus will be dry and the body will be fulfilled by chemical from that contraceptives.

This case causes that ovum is difficult to be fertilized. Indeed, there are many virtues of pregnant women in Islam. Allah Subahanhu Wa Ta’ala also does not love people like this.

وَلْيَخْشَ ٱلَّذِينَ لَوْ تَرَكُوا۟ مِنْ خَلْفِهِمْ ذُرِّيَّةً ضِعَٰفًا خَافُوا۟ عَلَيْهِمْ فَلْيَتَّقُوا۟ ٱللَّهَ وَلْيَقُولُوا۟ قَوْلًا سَدِيدًا

“And let those [executors and guardians] fear [injustice] as if they [themselves] had left weak offspring behind and feared for them. So let them fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice.” (Q.S. An-Nisa : 9)

Do not be afraid about the rizq of children later, because Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has provided rizq for each His creatures.

وَمَا مِن دَآبَّةٍ فِى ٱلْأَرْضِ إِلَّا عَلَى ٱللَّهِ رِزْقُهَا وَيَعْلَمُ مُسْتَقَرَّهَا وَمُسْتَوْدَعَهَا ۚ كُلٌّ فِى كِتَٰبٍ مُّبِينٍ

“And there is no creature on earth but that upon Allah is its provision, and He know its place of dwelling and place of storage. All is in a clear register.” (Q.S. Hud : 6)

  1. Disease

Some disease will cause a women become difficult to get pregnant, such as diabetes, thyroid, cancer and another serious diseases. The body will get difficult to do ovulation because it is too weak.

  1. Medicines

Besides the factor of diseases, consuming some medicines will also complicate a woman to get pregnant. Those medicines are antibiotic, ulcer drugs, high blood drugs, an antispasmodic and medicines for cancer therapy.

  1. Too Much Exercises

The body who is forced to do heavy activities, such as extreme exercises will loss energy. So it cannot continue the process of ovulation. Fat in the body that is used as energy reserves will be less because there is too much burning.

  1. Curette

Doing curette many times will break the wall of uterus. Moreover, if that curette is not sterile, endometrium will close . Whereas it must be a hollow. Because of that, a woman will be difficult to get pregnant or she can be infertile.

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  1. Age

As we know, women have menopause period. It usually happens over 35 years of age. Menopause can decrease the production of ovum until it is not produced again.

  1. Liquor

Besides Liquor is including in haram beverages, it is not good to be consumed both men or women. The prohibition of liquor is released because it will give bad effects for reproduction system.

In women, it will disturb the production of progesterone and estrogens. It only increases the level of prolactin, so it hinders ovulation process. While in men, it will diminish the size of testis and it can reduce the volume of semen, mobility, morphology and the concentration of spermatozoa.

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  1. Abnormality

The abnormality of uterus will hinder the way of sperm to ovum, so it is difficult to do fertilization. Some abnormalities that can hinder pregnancy, such as the formation of ligaments (fibrosis) and the agglutination of tuba that disturb the function of fimbria, polyp or myoma, the problem of uterine contractions and the inflammation of endometrium.

Of course, every wives wants to get pregnant, but they should pray and tawakkal to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. So their wishes will be granted by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

As the word of Rasulullah saw :

“No one prays to Allah with a dua, except He grants, and he gets one of three things, they are accelerated to be granted for him in the world, saved for him until in the hereafter, or changed with preventing him from similar disasters.” (Narrated by Ath-Thabrani)

And do not fotget to always start dua by praising the name of Allah SWT (Asmaul Husna). “If one of you pray, the he should start by praising and blessing Allah, then he should read shalawat Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, then after that he may pray about anything as his wishes.” (Narrated by Abu Daud and At-Tirmidzi)

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